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Arrow Episode 100: Is Colin Donnell Back? Plus, Stephen Amell Reveals Who He Was Most Excited To Work With Again
Stephen Amell talks about whether or not Colin Donnell returns in Arrow Episode 100, and details his favorite returning cast member to act with again.

The upcoming 100th episode of Arrow brings back some favorites from times past, including Susanna Thompson (Moira), Katie Cassidy (Laurel), Jamey Sheridan (Robert Queen), John Barrowman (Malcolm), and even Deathstroke in some form… but many of us were wondering, beyond Raisa the maid*, will Oliver Queen’s best friend Tommy, as played by Colin Donnell, be back for Episode 100?

Sadly, according to Stephen Amell at the Arrow 100th episode green carpet, Colin is not back – but there is a “nice nod” to the character, which implies to us that he will be represented.

“There’s a nice nod to Colin, but he’s literally a series regular on another show,” Stephen told us. “We tried to make it work, but we couldn’t make it work.”

So of those who were able to return, was there one that brought Stephen particular joy to work with again?

“Susanna, for sure,” Stephen said. “She was always very maternal to me and to Willa, and to Colin and Katie — to everyone on the entire cast, she was always very maternal, and the show lost something when we lost her, and even for a very brief moment, it was really amazing to have her back.”


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