Headcanon: John Jameson likes Spider-Man not just because he saved his life in ASM #1 but because Spider-Man’s sense of humour (especially in the face of his father’s persecution of him) is something he respects and resonates with him.

This is because as a man who’s lived through war, the loss of his mother and growing up with Jonah appreciating a good joke (even when you aren’t the person cracking it) was how John coped. That’s why he likes Spidey.


And there we have it. Aunt may is venturing into 6 different ask blogs with each getting their own separate thread of funzies.

The list is so:

@ask-johnnystorm           LINK

@red-team-marvel-ask    LINK

@ask-thelittleheros      LINK

@ask-spiderpool          LINK

@askchibiteamred        LINK

@askjjonahjameson     LINK

I will leave links to their venture threads later here if needed.

I’ll probably be the only one drawing for these so don’t get yer hopes up if you wanna see a collab. I’m not that cool! But hey! Who knows right?