The Importance Of Being Spidey

Title: The Importance Of Being Spidey
Rating: Teen and Up
Summary: The Daily Bugle has some peculiar ideas about Clint Barton and a spandex bodysuit.
Notes: This was written in front of a live studio audience on LiveStream on November 23, 2015; @scifigrl47 and @copperbadge tag-teamed each other in a googledoc while fandom looked on and mocked. :D For reference, a Newspaper Hat is a real thing, and you can find folding instructions here; the Captain’s T-Shirt is also real, and you can find that story here.
Warnings: None.


“I’m not Spider-Man.”

“Right.” Tony reached for the nearest coffee cup.  It wasn’t the freshest coffee cup, but it was the closest, and that made it the best one automatically.  “I’ll, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Clint leaned over the workbench.  “No, seriously.  I’m not Spider-Man.”

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“These look like fucking selfies.”


All JJ wanted was photos of Spider-Man. Instead he got a harsh reality check. And some photos of Spider-Man. 

- Sketch From Superheroes