Here´s a list with the Cast and Crew of the Supernatural family with the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

Jared Padaleckiaka Sam Winchester: http://youtu.be/doRUnzzXjug

Ingrid Libera (SPN´s crew), with a the help of Jared and…. Jensen? xD: http://youtu.be/MPpk-7bJgRw

Misha Collins - aka Castielhttp://youtu.be/FUkKxPXB-Eg

Mark Sheppard - aka Crowley “The King of Hell”, take 1: http://youtu.be/pgklH2cDhNw and take 2: http://youtu.be/2irdPK-37C0

Osric Chau - aka Kevin Tranhttp://youtu.be/ojNfcg6rfNE

Jim Beaver - aka Bobby Singerhttp://youtu.be/Dcl1k7_JcdQ

Samantha Smith - aka Mary Winchesterhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152340806868367

Jeffrey Dean Morganaka John Winchester: http://twitpic.com/eapts5

James Patrick Stuartaka Dick Roman: http://youtu.be/8efCVz2Qbiw

Sebastian Rochéaka Balthazar: http://www.whosay.com/status/sebastianroche/971740?wsref=tw&code=gTm94xI

Chad Lindbergaka Ashhttp://youtu.be/LWho0-AWH1w

Traci Dinwiddieaka Pamela Barnes: http://youtu.be/zOUQYw5I88Y

Travis Westeraka Harry Spangler (Ghostfacers): http://youtu.be/IUAnbjjPQ9Q

A. J. Buckleyaka Ed Zeddmore (Ghostfacers): http://youtu.be/2kUtecETQq0

Jim Michaels - Co-executive producer

Amanda Tappingaka Naomi: http://telly.com/1N4141I

Adam WilliamsVisual effects coordinator: http://youtu.be/Mp4nIygFVMI

Theo DevaneyGavin MacLeod “Prince of Hell”: http://youtu.be/ybGuo_L3Bsw

Rob Benedictaka Chuck Shurley “God”: http://youtu.be/ESOtX4blY88

Felicia Dayaka Charlie Bradbury: http://youtu.be/8UZfMWyR-yw

If any company could push mobile payments to the mainstream, it’s Apple–but Touch ID will need to work perfectly every time.

“You have to start with the fact that Apple is Apple,” IDC research director James Wester tells Fast Company. “As an analyst you try not to jump on the bandwagon. In this case, they haven’t reinvented anything. They’re using technologies that have been used by Google Wallet and ISIS [recently renamed Softcard to avoid confusion with the terrorist group].”

The difference, though, lies in the user experience, which just so happens to be Apple’s forte. “You can’t underestimate how important user experience is, and that’s something Apple does really, really well–that very quick, very easy, very seamless experience they can provide.”

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