Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky released INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE directly from buy.indiegamethemovie.com, and crushed it out of the park. Read their tried-and-true wisdom, and find even more distro advice for 2014 here.

Regardless of your planned distribution strategy, offering your film on your film’s website allows for less obvious but, we’d argue, more important advantages:

YOU OWN THE LONG TAIL: Your film will have a long life well beyond your initial marketing and promotional push.  Once the marketing spend is done and sales chart momentum begins to wane, the vast majority of people will discover your film in much more organic, word-of-mouth ways – many of which end up with a Google search for your film.  And, if you’ve done things right, you should be at the top of that results page.  You want to be able to sell your film one click after that point. Roughly a third of all digital sales for INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE happened on indiegamethemovie.com.

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Filmmakers Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky call in to Film Courage five days before their film Indie Game: The Movie premieres at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. They tell how they heard the news, what life has been like since the Official Selection, the things they do to make themselves better filmmakers, and they give us their take on who has the better chance to sustain their careers, Indie Gamers or Indie Filmmakers.

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CB 121:  James Swirsky & Lisanne Pajot’s “Indie Game: The Movie,” 2012.

Interviewer:  What would happen to you personally if you couldn’t finish the game?

Phil Fish:  I would kill myself.  I will kill myself.  That’s like my incentive to finish it, is then I get to not kill myself.

A gaming doc without Billy Mitchell?