UFC and Bellator Going Head to Head on September 5th

UFC and Bellator Going Head to Head on September 5th

By Evan Stoumbelis

The UFC announced its event yesterday; however they have yet to have any official bouts for the card. Bellator on the other hand has announced one bout: James Irvin vs. Brennan Ward.

UFC Fight Night 50 takes place from Ledyard Connecticut, and will air on Fox Sports 1.

Bellator 123 will be taking place from Uncasville Connecticut, and will air on Spike TV.

Stay tuned for…

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Bellator 123 Confirmed For This September

Bellator 123 Confirmed For This September

By Dana Becker

Bellator officials confirmed plans to return to Connecticut this September to kickoff the Season 11 middleweight tournament at Bellator 123.

Only one fight was announced, as Brennan Ward meets James Irvin in an opening round contest in the tournament. The eight-man field will be completed in coming weeks, along with a main event for the night.

Set for September 5, the card takes…

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From the Green Book magazine in 1916, a reprint of self-portraits by well-known magazine artists attending a New York Society of Illustrators’ masquerade, apparently first published in the Sunday edition of the New York World. (Of course only the Sundays are not archived online.)

Clockwise from top right: James Montgomery Flagg, Herb Roth, Rea Irvin, Charles Dana Gibson, Ethel Plummer, and Howard Chandler Christy.

Trainspotting (1996)

I knew nothing about this movie prior to watching, and now that I’ve seen it, I still don’t really know anything about it. It’s about a heroin addict getting clean, I guess? He has drug addict friends and an underage ‘girlfriend’ who blackmailed him into dating her after he slept with her. It’s a British movie, set half in Scotland and half in England, so everyone has some type of thick accent. I actually hate Scottish accents so I was cringing the whole time. But the cinematography is great, and even though British films with comedy are never actually funny, I thought this one had some mediocre laughs in it. My favorite character is Sick Boy, because Jonny Lee Miller looks hot in it. I expected not to like it during the first 45 minutes of the movie, but the ending really makes up for whatever depressing anti-excitement I felt throughout the beginning.

Rating: C. I did learn that ‘trainspotting’ means shooting up drugs.