Cari ragazzi e ragazze che dicono che leggere è una perdita di tempo , con la lettura ho fatto cose che voi non potreste mai fare:
Credo che non avrete mai il piacere di incontrare una persona che si chiama come uno stato, non salterete mai la cerimonia dei diplomi per andare a cercare una ragazza in una città di carta, non conoscerete mai un uomo che come soprannome ha il numero delle sue paure, non verrete mai spediti in un labirinto apparentemente senza uscita assieme ad altri ragazzi, non ci sarà mai a Montecarlo un assassino che esporta il viso alle sue vittime solo per ridare un volto al fratello deceduto, non sarete mai figli di Poseidone, non avrete mai poteri magici , non avrete mai come baby sitter una fata dal nome sefelicetusaraidirmelovorrai , non frequenterete una scuola per spie , i cellulari non faranno impazzire la gente facendola regredire ad uno stato animale, il vostro miglior amico non inscenerá la sua morte in un incendio doloso, non vivrete mai in un mondo senza colori, non ucciderete un uomo solo perché il suo occhio vi inquieta, Udinì non tornerà dall’ oltretomba per insegnarvi il trucco del mestiere , nella vostra casa non ci sarà una porta che vi conduce in un mondo apparentemente perfetto dove la gente ha bottoni al posto degli occhi, non userete mai una bacchetta magica mentre volate su una scopa…
Quindi ditemi…cosa ci avrei perso io?
—  Ildiariodiunaquasiattrice

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first gif I’ve ever made! (that actually worked)

of thomas brodie sangster sliding down a firemens pole> I think the world needed this
  • Remus: I don't care about the origins of either my first nor last name -
  • James: But they both -
  • Remus: My nickname is not being 'Wolf Wolf'. Sirius stop laughing or we're revisitng 'Snuffles' for yours.
  • James: I still like Snuf -
  • Sirius: NO. I'm definitely Padfoot, Wolf Wolf here is just being -
  • Remus: I am not being Wolf Wolf. Writing it under 'considered' does not actually mean I'm considering it Dasher.
  • James: What about just Wolf?
  • Peter: Not exactly subtle is it Blitzen?
  • James: Where the fuck do you two keep pulling these weird random names from?
  • Sirius: Something to do with that muggle bloke in the red suit with his fleet of deer isn't it?
  • Remus: Well, technically-
  • Peter: For simplicity's sake, yes Sirius.
  • James: What about something related to Wolves?
  • Remus: Does it have to be?
  • Peter: Or the moon?
  • Sirius: Moon Moon.
  • Remus: I'm not even going to justify that with an answer.
  • James: I prefer Wolf Wolf.
  • Sirius: Could just be Moon?
  • Peter: Bit obvious still.
  • James: How about Moony?
Minho imagine 2

Minho Imagine- “Minho imagine where you run into the maze because everyone chased and he goes after you and the door closes and you and Minho have to stay the night in the maze. - Anonymous”

“(y/n)!! You can’t go through there!” A lot of people chase after you, running quickly before the wall closes. 

You quicken your step. “WHY NOT?!”

You’re sick of living in the Glade. You’re sick of being stuck in the Glade. You’re sick of everything. You rather die trying to find a way out in the Glade than sitting around in the Glade. You clearly had enough.

“(y/n)!” You heard Minho shouted from behind, you quicken your phase as you heard him, you’re afraid that he will catch up.

You made it through the wall before it close but Minho runs after you. “No you stupid big klunk don’t go-”

Minho squishes himself and jumps between the walls as it closes.

“NO! MINHO! (Y/N)!” You heard Newt shouted from behind as a lot of boys panicking.

“You’re so dumb!” You rolled your eyes as you clean yourself from the dust, glaring at him. “Trying to be hero and such!”

“I’m trying to save your life, geez (y/n!)”! He ruffles his hair in frustration. “Now we’re going to die! What were you thinking?!”

“I am trying to die! I’m not asking you to come for me, klunk! I don’t care!” You shouted back, anger taking over your head. You are aware that this is your mistake, that he’ll die because of you, but you just can’t give it in. You can’t apologize. You-


You suddenly heard a metallic howl, growling and roaring. 

Minho grabs your hand and runs, he close his mouth into a thin line, his gaze looks serious as he runs faster. “Now listen to me, don’t look back, and just run. Trust me, we’re going to survive." 

You runs with him as you hold his hand tighter, you’re already regretting all those things you did. You’re stupid. Why the hell Minho is involved into this mess, it’s all because of you. Minho is the keeper of the runners, without him, the glade will be in a great mess. 

You run to the left, right, not knowing where to go and letting Minho to guide you. You certainly hope that the grievers will stop because your stamina is decreasing. 

And at some point; you lost them.

You both lost the grievers thanks to him, sweats broke into your skin, you can’t bare to run again, he literally saves your life.

"We can spend the night here it’s the safest place at the moment, i’ll tell you if something’s change, hopefully we can make it through one night.” Minho said, brushing his sweat off with his hand. 

“I’m sorry.” You finally said it.

“I couldn’t think, i stressed out, i- the point is; i’m sorry, i’m really sorry Minho oh god i’m so sorry.” You sob.

“Hey..hey..(y/n)” He hugs you and pats your back. “Sssh..you don’t have to be sorry, it’s my choice, okay? I can’t let you go.” He hugs you tighter and caress your hair. 

“B-but why?! I am such a, burdensome.” You let out a breath and shakes your head. You’re just too. Guilty.

“I rather die with you than live in the glade without you, (y/n)” Minho chuckles and kiss your forehead. “Don’t worry, we’re going to survive. I have faith.” He smiles and he holds your hand, kissing it.

“Minho..thank you..” You snuggles to him closer and close your eyes, ready for anything that will happen, and you know your priority. 

If that thing come again, you know who you’ll sacrifice your life for.

A/N: So..hope you like it! It’s short i’m sorry because i’m a bit-really-tired