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anonymous asked:

Would you happen to know what James and Aleks' first video together was??

I can’t help you with the first video they ever did together was, but here’s the first video together on:

James’ channel: IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN - Draw My Thing w/Nova, Sly, Immortal, Kevin & Ze Ep.12  Date: Jan / 12 / 2013

Aleks’ channel:  Garry’s Mod RP | THE KIDNAPPER! | Ft. ImmortalHD, TomAnex, and UberhaxorNova | Part 1 Date: Jan / 28 / 2013

The Creature Channel:  Creature Talk Episode 64 “PAX East 2013 Special” Ft. ImmortalHD (3/30/2013 Podcast) Date: March / 30 / 2013 

(If I’m wrong someone please correct me, these are the earliest ones I found after a quick look at their channels)