James White


Theater people are lonely until they find each other. In middle school, I remember feeling alone all the time. Kids would always want to do things that were not fun for me. I’d rather have been doing something creative. There was a failure to connect. I was pretty miserable. When I finally joined the drama club, I was like, Ahhh, I’m not alone anymore. And it was thrilling. I’d found my people, and my life changed completely.


Previews from the Great Villians of Gotham art show, opening Saturday, February 1st 2014, at One Shot Gallery / Tumblr

JokeBat Portrait by L'Amour Supreme

StarKade: Rogues by James White / Tumblr / Store

Poison Ivy by Robot Soda / Tumblr

Catwoman & The Penguin by John Rozum / Tumblr

Scarecrow by M. S. Corley / Blog / Tumblr

Fragments (Blue & Red) by HR-FM

Mr. Freeze by Israel Sanchez / Blog