Omg! Guys! Imagine a Baker-Florist McKirk au!

Like Jim’s the warm blue eyed baker who makes the best bread and gifts apple tarts to the kids who come by. Flour dusting his clothing, a bit of it in his hair and a brilliant smile as he waves goodbye to customers. He takes the time to chat with his patrons and makes different cakes every day (he fondly declares Thursday as Tartsday) and enjoys pounding the dough into submission on bad days.

While Len is the grouchy but soft florist next door. He hardly smiles since his patrons ask him to make meaningful bouquets for sappy reasons (he positively cackles when it wasn’t for sappy reasons; man, he loves those kinds of bouquets) and he’s had a disastrous falling out with his ex-wife. He’s meticulous when it comes to his flowers and potted greens. Despite the dirt he works with, Leonard McCoy is exceptionally pristine and clean.

So it’s kind of the talk of the town when the sugar-sweet baker and the grumpy florist hooked up. The adults couldn’t understand how a relationship like that would work and the children couldn’t care less, they still got treats from Jim but now they sometimes get a small flower from Leonard.

The duo ignore the mutterings (in public at least; Bones - ‘it’s Leonard!’ - likes to gripe about it behind closed doors. Jim tends to laugh).

Because to Jim, Leonard is strong and beautiful as the earth he works with and nurtures. He keeps Jim grounded when the mornings are hard and the nights are scary with remembered nightmares. He is steady and calm in his whirlwind of a mind.

To Leonard, Jim is kind and sweet as the baked goods he creates. He brightens up Len’s world and shows him that there’s more to life than the bitter after taste his ex-wife left him with.

Sometimes Jim can be seen with a flower crown at work while a notably less grumpy Leonard can be spotted with a bit of flour on his clothes.

as a rule i don’t ship tos stuff but if i were to - such as the triumvirate - i’d want the h/c fic where spock & kirk take care of bones.

esp the one where the h was that there’d been some large-scale disaster or a virus sweeping the ship or something and this idiot was running himself ragged and being his cranky bossy doctor self while not at all taking care of himself, and has literally made himself sick from exhaustion. also there is no question that spock & kirk make pretty terrible nurses but they try so hard that it makes bones’ heart straight up swell out of utter fondness.

spock to chapel: Has he slept recently?
chapel: dear god spock plz save me from him.
spock 2 himself: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
spock outloud: [slow lowkey determined nod]

spock walks in on kirk carrying bones bridal style: …
kirk: shut up we both know you were about to do this if i didn’t
spock: ….fair point, captain

bones wakes up in kirk’s quarters in kirk’s probably larger than is regulation bed: wHAT HDU I AM FINE
spock: [gently presses on bones’ chest w/ the strength of, like, a butterfly]
bones: [immediately falls back against the sheets] gdi if you’re gonna FORCE me to STAY here like MONSTERS then FINE I GUESS

kirk, slightly desperate bc bones is a TERRIBLE patient: bones just DRINK YOUR TEA I MADE YOU TEA JUST DRINK IT
bones, slightly smug and very cranky: the only tea i’ll drink is sweet bourbon tea
bones, even more smug: not so fun when you’re on that side is it???? anyway but srsly give me some sweet bourbon tea asap i’’m a DOCTOR damnit i know what i need
kirk: anyway i hate you
bones: sweet bourbon tea
spock: [hands over sweet bourbon tea like a damned fool]
bones: huh, who knew. i’m reorganizing my faves, jim
spock, now also smug: he is a doctor jim
kirk: [lowkey rending his clothes out of frustration and also out of habit]
[3 mins later, bones is crashed out]
spock: also i drugged it
kirk: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? i need new friends

[kirk comes in and the top half of spock’s body is slumped onto the bed. spock is very clearly sleeping. bones jerks a little, like maybe he was playing with spock’s hair but probably DEFINITELY NOT HE WOULD NEVER.]
kirk: [grins]
bones in a firm whisper: shhhhh, don’t wake him up! the idiot needs his sleep, he doesn’t take care of himself.
kirk: [his grin falters into a pointed glare as he looks at his chief medical officer who made himself sick thru PRECISELY the same reasons]
bones: ur exactly the same u monster stop judging us

[aliens are, like, probably trying to board the ship and wreak havoc. kirk is trying to run things over comms BUT bones keeps butting in, and there is definitely one scene where they have an impromptu senior bridge meeting in kirk’s quarters with spock and kirk just lowkey sitting on the bed (kirk is sitting in front of bones’ head trying to block him from the convo bc he is SICK and bones just keeps shoving on kirk’s butt and poking his head around to insert commentary bc he is, after all, the mccoy we all know and love.  literally no one else is even mildly surprised at this situation, altho wow chekov takes the opportunity to poke around kirk’s room, like the meeting is also lowkey continuously interrupted by ‘kepten, is this […]!?!?!’  also uhura and sulu definitely surreptitiously move like half of kirk’s stuff around and hide it FIGHT ME they definitely do]

chapel: so mccoy told you to come down here for what?
kirk: he said he needed a sinsha…cov?  sinshacov? spectrometer to measure some sort of levels.
chapel: i’m sorry captain, but i’m pretty sure doctor mccoy is fucking with you
kirk: no no no, spock backed him up on this
chapel: that’s probably because mccoy sent spock down here three hours ago after the same made-up spectrometer, sir.
kirk: ………………………………goddamnit.

kirk, winner of the ‘most comfortable with his body & sexuality in the entire universe’ award every year he’s been alive (if that was a real thing and not just in bones’ mind): scooch over, bones
bones: ugh no go sleep on the floor
kirk: my bed is huge bones now scooch over
bones: yeah i was gonna mention this is definitely way bigger than regulation
kirk: [eyebrows]
bones: [rolls his eyes]
kirk: look i had a long day stopping aliens from boarding
bones: blah blah blah
kirk: & we could both use a good cuddle
bones: i’d NEVER
kirk: but srsly scooch over it’s cuddle time
bones: [scooches over]

spock: doctor mccoy has consistently been known to lie about his health, captain
kirk: spock makes a good point, bones
spock: i believe you mean 'practice medicine,’ doctor mccoy - 'doctor’ is not a verb
bones, scarily chill now: i am going to murder both of you
kirk, literally loving every single fucking second of this: GLAD WE’RE ALL IN AGREEMENT =D
bones, still scarily chill: they’ll never find your bodies

bones: [wakes up curled between both spock and kirk]
bones: [grumble grumble grudgingly warm smile cuddle cuddle]

also bones: i can’t wait until the next time they’re sick or hurt i’m gonna make them RUE THE DAY with LOVE and also TORTURE. LOVE AND TORTURE.

This was so perfect
  • Kirk:Space. The final frontier.
  • Spock:These are the voyages of the starship...
  • Scotty:... Enterprise. Its continuing mission...
  • Bones:... to explore strange new worlds...
  • Sulu:... to seek out new life...
  • Chekov:... and new civilizations.
  • Uhura:To boldly go where NO ONE has gone before.

here is a really short comic that is sort of continuation of hot rebel spock that no one asked for