More Hugging/Cuddling Headcanons

@yourtropegirl requested all the odds for McKirk so here we go.

1. Who runs up to the other and hugs them after a long day? 

One of Jim’s favorite ways of decompressing after a long day is snuggling up with Len. So, one of the the first things Jim does when he or Len gets back to their quarters (depends on who gets there first) is hug Len and give him a quick kiss.

3. Who picks the other up when they are hugging them? 

Jim has somewhat picked Len up a few times while hugging him, usually in an attempt to be a little funny and usually with a lot of protesting on Len’s part. Jim also only really manages to pick him up a few inches seeing as they are approximately the same height.

5. Who wraps their arms around the other when they are sleeping side by side? 

Jim, though Len does too. Jim just happens to be more clingy in his sleep. He has the tendency to gravitate toward the nearest warm body in his sleep. There are occasions then Len is the one who moves closer and curls up against Jim. That usually happens when Len is cold and uses Jim’s body heat to warm up.

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