• Bones: Where is Jim?
  • Spock: Over there. *gesturing to a station where Jim is not there at a crowded market*
  • Bones: Spock, use your ozh'esta signal.
  • Spock: *Baffled eyebrow raise* Hinek, the Vulcan kiss is not a signal.
  • Bones: Your very own Batman signal and you are denyin' it. *eye roll* Any time where you lose track of Jim, you hold your two fingers out then your bondmate comes out of the wild and completes it.
  • Spock: I do not believe that happens as you say it does. *Holds his two fingers out*
  • Jim: *Pops out of no where completing the gesture* T'hy'la, You will never guess what I found!
  • Bones: Oh look, *Bounces* your ozh'esta signal worked.

Teenager James T. Kirk and Kodos, TOS: “The Conscience of the King”

In 2246, an exotic fungus destroyed most of the colony’s food supply, leaving the eight thousand colonists in serious danger of starvation. Governor Kodos made a drastic decision: he ordered the deaths of four thousand colonists, so that the other four thousand might live, selecting those to be killed according to his personal theories of eugenics. Earth forces arrived earlier than expected, but too late to save the four thousand people Kodos murdered.

—Memory Alpha