Sirius headcannons that kinda morph into being canon

Sirius getting on the Hogwarts express for his second year with really short hair
James finding Sirius hidden in a corner and asking what happened
Sirius crying and explaining to James that his family forced him to cut it off
James giving Sirius a long hug and stroking his short hair
James promising that Sirius can stay at his house during the summer
Sirius being all amazed and smiling at his friend for the first time that day
James and Sirius trying to charm his hair back to normal length
Remus and Peter finding out what’s going on and helping
Mrs Potter coddling Sirius at Christmas and giving him tons of presents
Sirius being all polite because he’s not used to this treatment and expecting to be yelled at at any time
Mrs Potter inviting him back for the summer
Sirius practically living at the potters at every break instead of staying at Hogwarts alone

Sirius leans into James’s shoulder and makes a sarcastic statement to his ears. James rolls his eyes dramatically but laughs sincerely. Sirius backs to his original position with a half-smile on his lips. James leans in and invades Sirius’s personal space without actually noticing. Sirius’s shoulders immediately relaxes with the familiar presence of that body. James points his hand to a random direction. Sirius just knows what he wants but there are no scrambled eggs left on the breakfast table. James shrugs and inadvertently shoves his hands on Sirius’s plate to steal his remaining eggs. Sirius is not a particularly good eater during morning so he just really doesn’t care. James knows he needs to put something in his stomach and gives Sirius his pumpkin juice. Sirius sips it silently and James chews his last piece of egg. They stand up together, so coordinated that it seems to have been previously rehearsed. James yawns and Sirius rubs his tired eyes. Sirius shoves his hand into his pocket and “fuck”, but before he announces he forgot his wand on their dorm again, James takes it from his own pocket with a muttered “arsehole”. They climb the stairs together, their steps perfectly sync.

Remus watches them in amusement. The way their rest their cups exactly at the same time. The timing on their steps. Remus smiles fondly. They don’t seem to realize that their bodies, as their souls, were habituated to each other. They dance together without music and without even noticing, and that would make any professional dancer startled. It was beautiful to watch. Remus stands up some minutes later and Peter follows him a nanosecond after, but still on time. Timing. They’re all about time and, incredibly, their times were always sync as the clock-hand of Remus’s very old clock - a little bit later sometimes, it was true, but always inevitable meeting at some point during its cycle.

  • When James and Sirius found out about Remus (prior to confrontation)...
  • James:Do you know something?
  • Sirius:Do you know something?
  • James:I might know something.
  • Sirius:I might know something, too.
  • James:What's the thing you know?
  • Sirius:Oh, no. I can't tell you until you tell me the thing you know.
  • James:Well, I can't tell you what I know.
  • Sirius:Then I can't tell you what I know.
  • James:Okay, fine.
  • Sirius:Fine.
  • James:....
  • Sirius:....
  • James:You don't know.
  • Sirius:Okay, how about I go over and walk into the dorm room and see the thing that I think that I know is actually the thing I think that I know.
  • James:(GASP) You know!
  • Sirius:And you know!
  • James:Yeah, I know!
  • Sirius:Remus is a werewolf?! Oh, this is unbelievable! How long have you known?!
  • James:Too long! Oh, my god, Siri. I've been dying to talk to someone about this for so long! But, listen, listen. You can't say anything to anybody. They're so weird about that.

allthemfanfictions asked:

One where Dorcas and Marlene are just the biggest Wolfstar shippers and at one point Remus casually lets slip that Sirius and him have been dating behind their backs.

Omg I love this. I’m gonna do it kinda headcanon style for now if you don’t mind (If you’d prefer it more one shot just ask!)

  • But seriously I think Marauders Era Gryffindor common room nights would be legit THE BEST
  • They would just all sit around the warm fire on the huge comfy armchairs (Lily was probably always in James’ lap) and just talk about anything and everything
  • One night they’re talking about who’s dating who in their year and everyone is trying to get it out of Sirius what girl he’s seeing because Marlene refuses to belief that that isn’t a love bite on his neck
  • “So Sirius, who gave you that anyway? It’s quite a size…” *Side eyes at Dorcas who then side eyes at Remus*
  • Sirius will not give up any information because he doesn’t know if his Moony is ready for that and he certainly won’t do anything - no matter how much he’s dying to scream it from the roof tops; no matter how jealous he is of Lily getting to sit in her boyfriend’s lap at the nightly fire-side group talks
  • Marlene will. not. give. up. She strongly suspects Remus (Her and Dorcas both have ever since they caught them, “talking” in that empty hallway two weeks ago)
  • So she starts listing off name after name of people who she knows likes Sirius (literally every girl tbh)
  • “Probably Daisy Broomlash, she’s got quite a mouth on her, huh?”
  • “Or Ariana Stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her, she’s always sucking on those Honeydukes sweets”
  • name after name after name until finally Remus cannot take it anymore because fuck it maybe it’s the wolf inside him but he just wants so desperately for everyone to know that Sirius is his 
  • He doesn’t think twice before irritably blurting out, “You know, these girls sound quite fine and all but I don’t think any of them know how to bite quite like I do”
  • It’s dead quite for a few seconds before Sirius practically moans, “thank Merlin”  and pretty much runs to go and take his seat on Remus’ lap where Remus possessively puts his arms around him
  • Everyone in the circle (especially the girls) are just smirking their heads off because they fucking knew it!
  • Remus and Sirius spend the rest of the night letting the others do the talking if you know what I mean

Hope this is okay!

Requests Open!

Lily Evans hair headcanons
  • she refuses to use magic on her hair in any way because in first year she tried to detangle it magically once and it somehow ended up dyed black for a week.
  • Because hogwarts is crazy and has seemingly no safety regulations her hair gets burnt or cut or tangled a lot.
  • she cuts it short in third year when her braid goes into the cauldron of Confusing Concoction she’s brewing and she forgets how to get back to the common room.
  • She never looks back.
  • but she still messes it up a lot (She singes it in DADA while practicing hexes, Transfigures a patch into feathers, etc) Lily ends up with little chunks of missing hair or really short hair almost all the time
  • and she honestly gives zero shits
  • For a while sirius tried to convince her to use hair potions and get it looking “manageable” again but she refused
  • and James thinks its the cutest thing
  • not that she cares about that…
  • Mostly just Lily Evans being a badass with self confidence
  • Lily:It's like what Bertram is always saying.
  • James:[smirks] Right, him. How are things with cheesy on the outside?
  • Lily:Good... they're good. I'll be interested to know what you think of him. He said he might stop by.
  • James:Stop by here?
  • Lily:Yeah.
  • James:[checks wrist for watch, but he is not wearing one] Oh, goodness, look at my wrist. I gotta go.

A rather spirited young professor of dada once got his seventh year class to play a ‘capture the flag’ type game. In an attempt to shake things up a bit he made one team leader James Potter and the other Sirius Black. 

Typically James’ first choice is Lily but Sirius shocks everyone by making Severus Snape his first pick. James dutifully carries on picking people he likes; mostly Gryffindors, whilst Sirius picks a range of people based on their abilities.

James experiences a crushing defeat.

Sirius never lets him live it down. 

James learns nothing.

Lily desperately tries to remind them that both ways have strengths and weaknesses. 

Remus hides his head in a book.

Peter *is a rat*…

"Are You Dating My Sister?!"

Warnings: None
A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

“Ooh, one shot idea! Maybe you could do a SiriusxReader story where the reader is James’s twin sister, and finds out Sirius and the reader were secretly dating. ”

It was October 31st; your absolute favourite time of the year. Halloween had always been the most anticipated celebration of your year. The glossy pumpkins, stencil bats, apple bobbing, children in dressed up as ghosts and trolls. Halloween excited you more than any other event.

You had eaten your body weight in pumpkin pie at the Haloween feast in the Great Hall, and had resorted to lying on the plush velveteen sofa by the fire. You couldn’t remember feeling so blissful in ages, the sound of the fire, the murmur of conversation; today had been a great day.

You closed your eyes only to feel a light kiss being planted on the top of your head followed by a thump on the sofa next to you. You opened one sleepy eye to see Sirius smiling, with an equally blissful expression on his face.
“They must drug those pies with happy pills,” he smiled.
You chuckled in return and mumbled some kind of agreement.
Sirius placed his head on his knees and curled up next to you, his hair draping like a strange knotty curtain around his head.

“Hey Padfoot!” James’ voice burst through the common room.
Sirius’ head pricked up immediately, his whole demeanor changing. He clambered over the sofa knocking over a stack of books.

“Did you do it! Did you ask her!” Sirius’ voice was excited and kept breaking mid sentence.
“He did!” Peter laughed. “Oh god did he ask her!” He broke into a fit of laughter as he bent over double to regain himself.
“Wha… What happened!” Sirius asked.
“She bloody said no again!” Peter scoffed. James smacked him over the back of the head and collapsed over the edge of the sofa and landing on you.
“Get off!!” You yelped under the weight of your brother. “James your crushing me!”

James laughed hard as Sirius dived on top of both of you.
“Sirius you flea bag get off!” James wheezed.

“Hey if you’re referring to the time I had fleas that was because of your cat! Not me!” Sirius laughed but the laugh didn’t last long as Peter preformed a run up dive, landing on the three of you.
“PETER!” You all yelled.
“Bloody hell you fool, I think I’ve broken a rib!” James cried out.
“Don’t be such a baby! I’m the one at the bottom!” You protested.
At that very moment the portrait slid open and Remus and Lily walked in.
“What the bloody hell is going on!” Remus exclaimed, bursting into laughter at the site of the four of you in a strange crumpled stack on the sofa.
“Guys! You’re crushing Y/N! You okay down there?” Lily laughed.
“Fine,” you strained.
Everyone rolled off of you and laid sprawled out panting and laughing on the floor of the common room.
“God Sirius… Try and resist the urge to jump on Y/N when James is around,” Remus chuckled.
Yours and Sirius’ eyes widened. Did Remus just slip that… How did he even know you were going out.
“What?” Laughed James, his face puzzled.
“Oh god,” Peter whispered under his breath.
“Are you dating my sister Sirius!” James asked, his voice shocked.
“Only since yesterday… I was going to tell you but I kept forgetting.” Sirius replied awkwardly. You shot him a death stare. Peter slid Lily a galleon a across the floor.
“I knew Remus would be the one to leak it,” Lily shrugged.
“Oy.” Remus glared at Lily.
“Sorry James… I know you’re in love with me and all…” Sirius joked, and the group laughed.
“Just… Please no public signs of affection,” James pleaded.
“We’ll keep our clothes on.” Sirius promised, winking at you.
You looked around your friends; they all looked genuinely pleased you were together. You weren’t sure why you were so worried about outing your relationship. Once you’d got to Lily’s face something was different. She looked determined and scared at the same time.

“Hey James,” Lily asked nervously. “Can you.. Er.. Come with me back to the Great Hall… I’ve left my wand there.”
James raised an eyebrow and jumped up, a little to keenly perhaps; and with that they left the common room.
“Five galleons she asks him out now.” Remus betted.
“I bet six,” Sirius beamed, resting his head on your shoulder.
“Well looks like it’s just going to be you and me now Moony.” Peter said, his voice humorous yet a little sad. Remus joined in on the roll play and put his arm around Peter, while you and Sirius began serenading them with the worst ever edition of ‘First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.’

  • James:Professor McGonagall, how do you become a animagus?
  • Sirius:Hypothetically
  • McGonagall:...I can't tell you I'm sorry
  • James:Oh
  • McGonagall:I also can't tell you that in the restricted section there is a book about becoming an animagus. I also can't tell you that Filch will be away on Saturday 1-3 am.
  • Sirius:*scribbling this down*
  • McGonagall:You must understand I am not allowed to tell you such things
  • James:We totally understand, Professor.
  • James:You had a dream about a girl I'm seeing? That is so cool, I can't tell you how many times I had a dream about a girl he was seeing... Anyway we were talking about your dream. (to Lily) I love you. (to Sirius) Your dream?
  • Sirius:Don't worry there wasn't any sex or anything. I haven't dreamt about that sense I found out about you two. Ish.
  • Lily:What was the dream about?
  • Sirius:You were my girlfriend. And we were doing the crossword. Like you guys were doing last night. So, that's it. I'm in love with Lily and I'll be moving out.
  • Lily:Sirius. Siri. That doesn't mean that you're in love with me.
  • Sirius:It doesn't?
  • James:No, no. It could mean anything. Like all of a sudden you're jealous because I've become the apartment stud.
  • Sirius:Kinda sounds like your dream, dude.