Marauders in the 2000s?

Imagine if the marauders had been in Hogwarts in the 2000s though. Just picture it. My Chem, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the height of their emo careers, and everything else that was happening then:

• The boys arguing over which band was the best, Sirius yelling over all of the others whilst Remus quietly says Bowie was better then any of those bands
• James wanting to cut his hair so he had a fringe like Frank Iero and Remus immediately confiscating his hair shears, and Sirius threatening to dye his hair black and pierce his lip. Again.
• EYELINER. Lots of it. Remus did not complain about this because Sirius looked hot
• Peter having one of those checkered belts with the studs and only wearing skinny jeans for the whole of fourth year, but he somehow got away with it??
• Scene girls
• Someone playing the G note at lunch and the third year that ran to get his black parade jacket
• Remus would go on about how it was a phase and say how James would regret this. He’d sit with his leather jackets and smiths albums but he had to admit, damn was Teenagers a good song. He would still listen to MCR secretly
• Lily thinking the marauders were all stupid but she actually had a poster of Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross on her wall
• Everyone having those MP3 players and portable CD players that skipped when you walked
• Tears when Panic! split. The school was divided temporarily
• Best album debates in the common rooms
• Dark Slytherin aesthetic and piercings everywhere, teachers can’t control it
• The whole great hall breaking out into a chorus of I Write Sins Not Tragedies at the great feast and McGonogall not knowing what the hell was happening
• Snape hates it all and loves Blood On The Dancefloor

James bribing Remus to talk him up to Lily on their prefect rounds by spelling Remus’ pocket to produce a chocolate frog every time he compliments James. Remus taking advantage of the situation almost immediately because chocolate?

“Lily have you ever noticed how James’ eyes just seem to gleam in the moonlight? Oh you’ve never seen James’ beautiful eyes in the moonlight? You should get on to that.”

“Yes, Pads, that was very impressive… Not as impressive as James though— ouch!”

“Professor, the answer is James Potter because he is everything.”

“Take your shirt off, Potter! What? It’s quidditch, not a bloody church… Sorry Professor McGonagall.”

“What the hell do you mean I have to try harder? Its only the bloody morning, she’s not going to fall in love with you over the course of one breakfast! Fucking fine, ahem, JAMES POTTER HAS THE BIGGEST, MOST GLORIOUS GENETALIA OF ANY I HAVE EVER SEE—mrphff.”


As Harry stepped off the Hogwarts Express, the cold air hit his face, making him shiver. He felt Ron and Hermione join him, and he looked around the crowded station for his parents. 

His eyes landed on a group of five people, four with flaming red hair and one with the messy black hair that he had inherited. Harry felt a grin spreading on his face as his green eyes met with another pair of identical green eyes. 

“MUM! DAD!” 

He nearly tripped over his own shoes as he ran as fast as his eleven-year-old legs could carry him. He swiveled his head around to Ron, making sure that his best friend was following close behind. 


Harry could see his mother’s shining smile and his dad’s broad smile just a few feet away, and he crashed into them, nearly toppling them over with four months worth of hugs. 

“I’ve missed you so much, baby!” Lily squeezed him tight and he felt comfort settle in his body that he hadn’t felt in a while. He felt James throwing his arms arraign the two of them, and Harry buried his face into their necks, inhaling the familiar scent of cookies and fresh flowers.

“Welcome back, squirt!” His father laughed. Harry’s mother stood back for a second, wiping away stray tears. The small but happy family stood on Platform 9 ¾, happy to be reunited.

Because we’re huge nerds and the Marauders give us life

I’d just like to take a second (upon completion of this post it was much more than a second but…) to acknowledge that my friend @shelbychild and I had a sleepover last night. At midnight, we turned the lights out. We did not go to bed at midnight…

We were up until 6 in the morning talking about Marauders headcanons. We actually spent 6 hours in the middle of the night talking, 90% of which was just us talking about our favorite characters in the whole world. Some things discussed:

  • Heights
  • Eye color
  • The progression of everyone’s hairstyles
  • Literally where everyone’s bed was located in the freaking dorm this is how much of a dork I am
  • Cuddle positions
  • Kisses (both platonic and romantic)
  • Bascially all of the affection because let’s be honest these boys were just one big cuddle puddle
  • Endearments (we spent a good 30 minutes just talking about how Wolfstar* would use all of the mushy pet names whereas you would almost never hear Jily using ‘honey’ and ‘sweetheart’ and the like)
  • Sirius’s relationship with the Potters and him totally calling them ‘mum’ and ‘dad’
  • Everyone’s role at James and Lily’s wedding like Sirius was the best man but come on Remus was totally Lily’s maid of honor
  • Sirius being the dad for the father/daughter dance, except they literally have a choreographed dance routine to some cheesy song and it makes them both so happy (thanks to @siriusly-not-over-remus and @girlswillbeboys11 for this one, which has quickly become one of my favorites)
  • We talked about this whole scene of Lily getting sleepy drunk after a post-Quidditch party and James bringing her to their dorm and her sleeping in Remus’s bed because Remus sleeps with Sirius now and Lily waking up the next morning and being like “what whose bed is this” and Remus is just like “it used to be mine” and Lily just squeals with happiness
  • How fun it would be to talk to @jackisnotabird about the Marauders because we both know how much he loves them too and how we see all of his activism stuff but he’s also just a huge Harry Potter nerd and how fun would it be to hear all of his headcanons too
  • How all of them are so close and even when Sirius and Remus started dating James in no way felt left out ever and he knows exactly when to squeeze in and force the couple to love him and when to let them have time to themselves
  • The importance of Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey
  • A fair amount of angst, but we tried to stay away from Marauders angst for once and mostly focus on the happy things

And also a lot of other things, but yeah. The Marauders is one of my favorite things to talk about ever and it was super great to talk about them all night.

If anyone ever wants to talk about the Marauders please hit me up and I would be super happy to spout headcanons with you for hours. Just putting that out there.

*I would like to take this time to point out that Shelby was apathetic towards Wolfstar before last night, but a few hours in and she was spouting Wolfstar fluff almost as much as I was

  • Its the end of the Marauders’ fifth year at Hogwarts
  • Sirius and Remus have just begun seeing each other
  • It’s also O.W.Ls
  • Which means James never sees his best friend 
  • Because Sirius is always either studying so he can live without his family’s fortune, or with Remus
  • And James is lonely
  • He misses Sirius
  • He tries to hint at it
  • By telling Sirius they should hang out, or sighing whenever Sirius leaves early from a meal
  • But the Black boy just doesn’t seem to get the hint
  • In fact, he’s thinking dramatically about how much he misses Sirius and how lonely and boring his life is one day as he lies in his four poster bed
  • When he starts to hear music playing
  • Is that Queen?
  • It’s definitely Queen
  • So Sirius has enough time to listen to muggle music but not hang out with him?
  • He huffs to himself
  • Why is Sirius listening to Queen without him anyway? It’s both of their favorites  
  • The music gets louder 
  • James tries to ignore it
  • But it keeps getting louder
  • Until
  • Sirius Black crashes through the closed dormitory door blasting Queen from a levitating record player and begins serenading James
  • James throws a pillow at Sirius and says “that’s a bit gay don’t you think, mate? Save it for Moony, huh” 
  • But he can’t help grinning from ear to ear
  • Because Sirius really is his best friend
  • Even if they don’t hang out all the time 

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Chapter 5: The Freedom [ AO3 ] | [ ]

“But you have a type,” James noted carefully, shifting the pillow to allow himself to straighten where he sat. “You prefer your men skinny and greasy, then?”

If she knew what he was accusing her of, she didn’t show it. She locked eyes with him, not backing down.

“Would I prefer ‘skinny and greasy’ to overstuffed toerags with more muscle than sense?” she countered, rolling her eyes. “Yes.”

If it was an admission, he didn’t like it.

“Ah,” he said, shoving aside the slight he felt at her criticism and forcing an impudent smirk. “So you noticed the muscles.”

Chapter 58 | Choose Dare #957 Battle in the Sky | James Potter & Regulus Black

“And it’s Potter with the Quaffle; his arm certainly healed well after his last Quidditch match against Hufflepuff. We all remember? When his arm got in the way of that bludger? Anyway, he’s on his way down the pitch now, if these Slytherin Chasers don’t start playing some defense. He’s got a good headwind and…what’s that?

"Black’s diving! The vulture - sorry, Professor - the Seeker’s been up above the stands all game for those paying attention. If he catches that snitch before Potter that’s game and Slytherin wins! Black’s awfully close to the ground, and the Gryffindor Seeker’s caught on.”

James pushed his broom for all its worth towards the goal posts, wind whipping around his goggles and whistling in his ears. The robes on his back fluttered in the wind, and he cursed the drag caused by the cross wind, his shoulders straining. He could hear every word Fabian announced since the day was swelteringly hot, so there was no wind disturbance, and the birds were hiding in the Forest instead of fluttering curiously around the pitch. The last game of the season, his last of his sixth year, was postponed out to the end of May after half the school came down with a very late bout of the flu.

One of the Chasers spun up beneath him, a corkscrew move he’d watched with Omnioculars from the tower one evening. Remus shook his head and returned to reading each time he saw his friend crouched on a windowsill with the bronze glasses pressed firmly to his face.

His werewolf hadn’t caught on he only watched the Slytherin’s practices.

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Burning Down the (Rented) House

Mary: so some upsides to living with these kids:
1. James is loaded
2. Marlene is here
3. Peter is a really good cook

1. Electric guitar at 4 in the morning??!?
2. Apparently everyone but me is nocturnal
3. I’m the only one who’s actively looking for a job. (Marlene and James might be funded by their parents but I think everyone else is just in denial)

Imagine going shopping in Hogsmeade with James

“Ooh, James, look over here! We have to go to Honeydukes!” you shouted, waving your arms around excitedly. It was the first Hogsmeade trip of the year, and you were going with your boyfriend, James.

“Yeah, yeah, and look! Zonko’s!” He shouted back, grinning. He, Sirius, Remus, and you loved to walk around Zonko’s, buying things and planning pranks. Oh, and Peter.

“Okay, so Zonko’s, then Honeydukes, then we’ll meet Moony and Padfoot at Three Broomsticks?” you asked.

“Sounds good,” James said, reaching over and grabbing your hand. “Let the purchasing begin!”

Originally posted by lightningboltgraced

“Then I said, ‘I’m not Sirius, he’s Sirius,’ and I swear to God, Marlene almost killed me.”

James laughed, the beautiful kind of laugh that could like fires. That laugh certainly lit a fire in her belly.

Lily never saw something more beautiful than a laughing James Potter. She could describe it as a bird being let free from his cage. Or a fish being let go in the water. Or the warmth of a fire when your hands are freezing. She might say that it was the embodiment of home.

It was infectious. It took over your body like a wild fire in the forest. If James Potter was laughing, you bet your ass you were laughing with him.

But it was just the two of them, and Lily wasn’t laughing. Just watching with wide eyes, taking in every detail.

“What’re ya doing, Evans?” James asked, still grinning.

“Falling in love with you.” Then Lily kissed him, it was bright white, hot, tender, everything Lily ever needed. It made her contemplate her last sweeping declaration; James Potter’s mouth kissing hers might just be the most beautiful thing in the world.



|| m o o d b o a r d ||