Lily befriended Remus Lupin after Christmas in first year in the library. She’d been having a particularly bad day, it had started with an argument with Marlene which was followed by a letter from her mum saying Petunia was refusing to write to her. She’d tried to speak to Severus about it but she’d ended up listening to his problems instead, which was okay because he was having a bad day too but then she’d gotten stuck in the trick step when she was running late to class. She’d missed charms and spent almost an hour stuck. When someone had finally come along and pulled her out her legs had gone numb and immediately given way and she’d fallen down the stairs. She was in the library trying to read up on the charm she’d missed when her bag strap snapped, causing all of her belongings to scatter across the floor.  

Dropping to the floor angrily, Lily wondered how this day could possibly get any worse. She was busy trying to shove a wad of parchment messily back into the bag when someone knelt down beside her.

Remus, who was known for being quiet and unassuming despite his peculiar choice of boisterous friends, quietly helped her scoop her things back up. It was a tiny act of kindness too far. 

To her horror, Lily started crying. She then got mad with herself for crying and cried even more as a result. Remus wordlessly handed her a handkerchief which she took without thinking about and went to sink into a nearby chair, leaving the contents of her bag in the middle of the floor.

She spent a five minutes crying into the handkerchief in her hands, oddly grateful for the fact that Remus wasn’t trying to comfort her and he wasn’t asking her what was wrong or telling her it would be okay. In fact at one point she was fairly certain he’d left, like a silent fairy godmother who made a small offering and then disappeared. 

When she looked up, she found her bag mended and neatly repacked on the desk beside her. Remus was perched in the seat across from her, reading. He seemed to be trying really hard to make this seem natural, like he was politely waiting for her to cease sniffling, but he was sat stiffly and his eyes weren’t moving across the page. Definitely not actually reading, Lily thought. 

“Um, thank you,” she sniffed, scrubbing her robe sleeve across her face; the handkerchief was far too damp to be of any use now. 

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Jily telling Sirius he is the godfather, for 31stoctober1981

“Wanna talk to him?”

“No, you talk to him. He’s been your best friend since forever, i’m sure he’s like to hear it from you.”

“Okay,” James said as he bent forward to kiss his wife on the lips.


They both started when Sirius shrieked from the kitchen where they had left him with baby Harry. Frightened, they both hurried to check on them, only to find Sirius raising Harry to the air, smiling beamingly as the baby giggled.

“Merlin’s pants Pads, you scared us!”

“He said it! He said my name!”

“What?” Lily chuckled, walking over to take the baby in her arms. “Can you say it again, honey? Can you say Sirius?”

“Pafoo.” Harry said in a little voice, his great green eyes staring up at Lily.

“He can’t even say Prongs yet!” James pouted.

“Well at least he can say Daddy.” Lily kissed Harry on the cheek. “Well, someone needs a little bath. i’ll leave you two alone  for a moment.” Lily looked at James pointedly before leaving the kitchen with Harry in her arms.

“Merlin, that’s a clever baby you guys have… he learns really fast.” Sirius said fondly.

“Probably because you’ve been trying to make him say Padfoot for days now…” James laughed. “You really like him, don’t you?”

“As if he were my own. I’d give my life for him.”

“I hope you’ll never have a chance to…” James cringed.

“Nah, don’t worry Prongs. We’ll fight this war all together and everthing will be alright. you guys a safe.” Sirius smiled confidently.

“I’m sure we are, but you never know, Pads… Actually, I wanted to speak to you just about that.”

“About what?”

James looked him in the eye, slightly nervous.

“If anything happens to us…”

“Nothing will ever happen.” Sirius said firmly, cutting James off.

“Pads, listen to me. If anything ever happens to us, Lily and I want to be sure that someone’ll be there to take care of Harry. We thought about Remus, but with his conditions, he won’t be always able to look after him…”

Sirius’ eyes widened a little as he began to understand.

“He’s fond of you, Sirius… you’re his uncle, and i’m sure you’ll manage to-”

James never got a chance to finish his sentence, for Sirius had taken him in his arms. And as he hugged him back, James could have sworn that he felt something wet fall upon his shoulder.

“Why are you wearing my jumper?”

“Excuse me?” Lily replied, distracted as she set her bag down on the library table and slid into the chair opposite Remus.

“You’re wearing my jumper,” he pointed out, looking somewhat bemused.

Lily glanced down to check she was wearing the jumper she thought she was. “This is James’ jumper.”

“No, that’s my jumper James borrowed last week and has neglected to return.” 

“Oh…” Lily glanced down at the incredibly comfortable oversized jumper she had on over her robes. “Do you want it back?”

Remus just shrugged, smiling. “Those three always borrow them. There’s no hurry.”

She grinned, tugging the sleeves down over her hands and clutching the hems in her fingers. “Okay good, it’s really comfortable.”

Remus didn’t mind. He enjoyed the feeling of warmth in his chest when he saw one of his friends bundled up in his old comfy jumpers. Which was just as well really, because the next day James stole another to wear in lieu of the one Lily had taken.

If the Dead Rise Not

For Kristina, who is quite possibly the nicest person I know, on her birthday. 

Dear Remus,

If it is convenient to you, I shall call at Creed Cottage in two weeks time on the first of July at two p.m. There are important matters to discuss. All will come to light upon my arrival. 

Kindly send your answer by return of this owl. Hoping all is well and that we will see one another shortly,

Yours most sincerely, 

Albus Dumbledore 

He sits at his kitchen table, staring at the peeling walls and the musty furniture that has barely been used in twelve years. The letter from two weeks ago sits in front of him, and in his hand, he clutches a key.

Albus Dumbledore’s presence has a way of lingering in a room long after it is gone. Hours have passed since his old professor sat across from him on a sofa with broken springs, telling him of the opportunity he is being given. Informing him that he need not spend his full moons in pain and anguish any longer. He’d only have to leave this place and take on a better job than he’d ever been offered.

Although Albus kindly did not say anything about the dingy place Remus Lupin calls home, he knows that it has fallen into disrepair. He knows that he has fallen into disrepair. Weary lines have carved themselves into his face and the scars covered by his clothes are nothing to those in his mind. 

Home, he thinks again, turning the key over in his hand. 

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  • James:So, I just broke up with Lily.
  • Sirius:Well, now I can finally say it: I hated that girl! Everything out of her mouth is 'I'm a vegan!', 'Fish feel pain!', 'I'm never constipated!'. That girl's an idiot.
  • James:Actually, I'm marrying her. I just wanted your honest opinion.
  • Sirius:She's actually a really nice girl. There's a wisdom...
The Marauders At Some Point
  • Remus:*walking casually to Gryffindor common room*
  • Remus:*accidentally bump his pinkie toe to the door*
  • Remus:*rolled down* FFFFF-
  • James:*jump from his brooms*
  • Sirius:*get out from a hole*
  • Peter:*run towards remus with cakes on his arms*
  • James:*rolled to common room*
  • Sirius:*shooed away everyone from the hallway*
  • Peter:*finish his meal*
  • James:*explain why he should exit the Quidditch practice*
  • Sirius:*explain to McGonagall that he's busy*
  • Peter:*waits for his friends*
  • James:*kick the door*
  • Sirius:*enter*
  • Everyone but Remus:SWEAR JAR!
  • Remus:FFFFF
  • Remus:FFFF
  • Remus:Fantastic.

anonymous asked:

could you write a fanfic where james&lily's son (harry) and sirius&marlene's son grow up together and become like james and sirius and they go to Hogwarts and mcgonagall is like oh my gosh because it's like james and Sirius all over again and they're both really close family friends and just something like that please? ps I love your fanfics x

thanks anon I love you x

Early retirement was an option. And an appealing one at that.

Because really, she had not been prepared for this day. No one had been.

Yet here they were, standing in front of her just as their fathers had done. And just as she’d known then, she knew now just how much trouble they were going to give her.

Because Harry Potter resembled his father a little bit too much for her liking. His hair was just as unruly, he was of the same build, and stood in the same way. Granted, he had Lily’s eyes, but they were framed by glasses which looked exactly like James’, and they held a twinkle that was far too like the one James’ held all those years ago.

And Elliot Black seemed to be no better. Although his hair was blonde like Marlene’s, he still had his father’s trademark smirk, and carried himself in the way Sirius always had. And just like Sirius, his stormy eyes were full of mischief and trouble.

Except that wasn’t all that worried her.

Because Harry Potter and Elliot Black were not just replicas of their fathers. No, it was much worse than that.

She could tell by looking at them they’d inherited traits from their mothers which would make them far worse than James and Sirius had ever been. It was evident that Lily’s passion and Marlene’s fierceness surrounded the boys, something she thought was incredibly dangerous to mix in with the traits of their fathers.

And they seemed to already have begun to make friends with other students, which worried her just as much. They now stood laughing with the youngest Weasley boy, his own family’s courage making his addition to the boys making her uneasy.

But then they smiled at her, both of them sending a little wave, and all of a sudden retirement didn’t seem that necessary.

Because she remembered just how fond of James and Sirius she was. How even though they were always in and out of her office, trying to look innocent as she scolded them for yet another prank, they’d often drop in for a chat and a biscuit. How even though they often lost the house several points for their trouble, they never failed to win them back by playing Quidditch or being kind to the younger students.

And if they did inherit their mothers’ qualities as well as their fathers’, then surely Harry was just as gentle and loving as Lily was, and Elliot was surely just as kind and protective.

Except then she saw them smirk wickedly at each other, and retirement seemed plausible once more.


Harry Potter + Ginny Weasley || Albus Potter, James Potter II, Lily Potter II 
Hermione Granger + Ron Weasley || Rose Weasley + Hugo Weasley
Fleur Delacour + Bill Weasley || Victoire Weasley, Dominique Weasley, Louis Weasley
Draco Malfoy + Astoria Greengrass || Scorpius Malfoy
Nymphadora Tonks + Remus Lupin || Teddy Lupin

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Idk how this works cause all I know is how to reblog stuff but hey could you write a jily au where it's like "our apartments are back to back so our bathrooms are right beside each other and sometimes we end up showering at the same time and sing duets"

SSAYes, I’ve been secretly hoping I’d get one of these. Thank you! Ok so this is a modern magic AU: it’s them in “today’s time” but also they are magic.

James shuffled into his flat at 3 pm after a rather loaded day. His mood was black and his scowl was deep enough to show it. His roommate was idly sitting at the kitchen table, flicking his wand at the magazine floating effortlessly in front of him to get the pages to turn.

“You look lovely, James,” he said, not looking up.

“Don’t start with me Remus,” James snarled, throwing his book vbag at an inviting corner of the living room before disappearing into his room.

Once inside, he sat down on his bed and exhaled a long, frustrated breath while rubbing his eyes. He was nothing if not dead tired. He pulled out his mobile phone from his back pocket and looked at the messages again.

0 messages.

It was fine; he didn’t need her anyway… or so he tried to convince himself.He caught his reflection in the mirror across from his bed and grimaced. His black hair was matted in grease and dirt. His skin looked obviously sallow and unwashed. It was time, perhaps, for a shower.

Lily was rather excited. She just finished moving in, and now had unpacked her bath salts. She wrapped a long, lavender, luxurious towel around her torso as she waited for the tub to fill up with warm water. She unscrewed open a bottle of lemon mint bubble bath and generously poured it into the water. Next, she sprinkled a packet of bath salts she had gotten from Marlene at Christmas.

“Are these supposed to go in as well as the bubble bath?” she said aloud before shrugging and letting the towel drop to the floor. Slowly, she stepped into the tub one leg and a time, and settled herself in it. 

The warm, welcoming waters engulfed Lily as she leaned back and exhaled a relaxed breath and closed her eyes. 

She was going to go to he happy place, deep within the back of her mind where–


Startled at the noise, Lily floundered in her tub and sent water splashing everywhere. She darted her head around to detect the source of the crooning and concluded that the noise was coming from behind the wall her head was resting on.


Lily sighed, and abandoned all the hopes she had of retreating into her happy place. Instead she focused on the boy behind the wall who was singing, and realized he was singing one of her go-to tunes that she frequently belted to in the car.

” Lily sang in her loudest shower-superstar voice. There was stunned silence on the other end for a moment. Lily continued: “SAY YEAHH!” 

Right on cue, the boy behind the shower joined Lily in belting out the chorus–


“Remus, who lives in 23B?” James asked. His hair was sopping wet, and his cheeks had a rosy hue from the shower steam.

“What?” Remus asked, looking up from his spot at the kitchen table from where he had not moved an inch. 

“Did someone move into flat 23B?”

“You look happier,” Remus said with a slight smirk, “I saw a redhead and a blonde bring in boxes earlier this morning. Why do you want to know?” 

“No reason.”

“Mar, do you know any of the neighbors?” Lily asked Marlene over toast the next day. Marlene shifted her groggy eyes from her coffee and looked at Lily.

“Do I know any of the what?” 

“The neighbors, love, the neighbors,” Lily repeated slowly until recognition lit Marlene’s over-exhausted face.

“I don’t know any but I saw some broody specy git ambling around the stairs yesterday. He looked like the rude type so I didn’t want to introduce myself.” 

Lily concluded that “broody specy git” could not fit the description of her duet partner from the day before. She decided that she would have to go over to apartment 24B later sometime this week and introduce herself.

James liked to conjure fires in a mason jar for fun. It relaxed him. On a lazy sunday evening, he was sitting stomach-down on his bed and inscendio-ing a small flame into a mason jar on the floor when he heard the pipes groan from the flat next door followed by a spray of water. James lept up from his resting position, fully aware that this noise meant that someone was using the shower in 23B. He didn’t know exactly why he was so excited at the prospect of another duet, but he knew he wanted it to happen again.

James nearly sprinted to his bathroom and turned on the shower faucet. He listened for a moment, and then heard humming–it was the same voice from the other day! James kept listening to the humming, and was pleased to know that it was a song he knew. When the girl behind the wall began singing, he confirmed his guess.

Don’t go breakin’ my heart,

I couldn’t if I tried.”

James chose this opportunity to join in

Oh, honey, if I get reckless…” he sang. He heard the familiar pause and then:

“Baby, you’re not that kind…” 

After this, they began alternating the lines.

“Don’t go breaking my heart–

“You take the weight off me–

“Honey when you knock on my door–

“I gave you my key….”

James grabbed the detachable shower head and held it to his face like a microphone. He was in full rockstar mode.

Don’t go breakin’ my… don’t go breakin’ my… I won’t go breakin’ your heart!” they both chorused the last line together. It was followed by silence until James heard the faucet on the other side of the wall close. He debated on talking. He wanted to speak to her, to know who she was. 
After much deliberation, he decided to go for it.

“Hi, I’m James,” he said, leaning on the wall.” t

There was no reply. James turned his own faucet off and listened for sounds on the other side. There was nothing. He had been too late. She had left the bathroom.

Lily felt stupid. Lily couldn’t ignore the rush of excitement she felt when she sang with the boy behind the wall. What was further stupid was that all she had to do was go next door to see him, but she was scared.

What am I scared of?

She decided, once and for all, she was going to find out who the crooner in 24B was. 

She marched out of her flat and straight to the door next to hers labeled “24B”. She wrapped her knuckles together and delivered three sharp knocks on the door.

It opened before the fourth. 

In front of her, stood a man about six feet tall with wild black hair and circle-shaped glasses. His dark brown eyes and pursed lips accentuated his handsome angular features… but also made him look rather brooding. 

A broody specy git… oh no.

Er, hello,” she said, “My name is Lily. I’ve just moved into the flat next door with my mate, Marlene. I’ve come to, er, introduce myself.. by the way, you wouldn’t happen to have any flatmates, would you?” 

As soon as she had introduced herself, his face had lit up–any trace of broodiness gone. He nodded along to her chatter, and when she had asked that last question, he smiled knowingly.

“Flatemates who like to… sing in the shower?” he asked with a full-fledged grin. Lily’s mouth contorted into a surprised smile. 

“You? You’re the crooner behind the wall?” she asked in disbelief.

“Hi, I’m James.”

AU where James is competing in the triwizard tournament and has to save Lily for his second task, for anon.

James swam in the depths of the black lake, a large bubble protecting his jaw and up his nose like a winter scarf. He knew he was looking for something precious to him, but he didn’t know what. He thought about the Snitch, but could it even fly in the water? How would he find it in the darkness of the water anyway, he didn’t know… If only Sirius was around, he would know, he would give him clever ideas… but he wasn’t even there to support him when he jumped in the water. he was probably catching up with lost sleep after a long night with another girl… the prick.

Even Evans wasn’t there… what was he expecting, anyway? it’s not like she cared if he succeeded or died… but even if she had been there to make fun of him, he wouldn’t have minded. He had reached a point where the slightest attention from Lily Evans would have been welcome. But where was she? he hadn’t seen her since she had left the common room to go to a certain meeting with Dumbledore  and some other teachers the evening before… A little, taunting idea that Sirius and Lily’s paths could have met the night before made its way across James’ mind, but he pushed it away immediatly. Sirius wouldn’t dare. …Would he?

Then, through the dark, James noticed that three bodies were floating in the water a couple of feets away from him, waiting to be delivered. He swam faster and a frightened expression came across his face when he recognized two of the bodies: Sirius and Lily, both looking like they were in a deep coma. Without hesitation, he took out his wand and cut the rope that was attached to Sirius’ feet and caught him before he started floating up towards the surface. He turned to face Lily. It was probably that guy from Durmtrang who was supposed to rescue her. he looked around; there was no one in sight. if he scoffed mentally. Not even able to save the girl you’ve been trying to steal from me for weeks, aye? i’ll show you. He cut Lily’s rope and caught her with his free arm, when something violently hit him. for a slight moment, he had let go the two bodies, but he caught them immediatly. He blinked and looked around worriedly, his heartbeat growing faster and faster. everything went silent, when something else swam past him like a rocket and scratched his side sharply on the process. he groaned in pain and began swimming as fast as he can, despite the deep cut in his ribs.

he was almost at the surface when the Mermaid showed up nose to nose with him.

“ONE!” It hissed.

It grabbed Lily by the neck and dragged her down in the depth of the water. 

“NO!” James shouted uselessly.

He sent Sirisu up to the surface and swam down after the Mermaid. he took out he wand once more and began casting every spell that came across his mind, until the crzature was hit and Lily began floating up to him. He grabbed her by the waist, and pointed his wand to the surface.

“Ascendio!” he shouted.

On the next second he was breathing fresh air, Lily still in his arms. Everyone cheered, including Sirius who was already covered with a warm towel like a burrito. But James didn’t pay attention: he had Lily Evans in his arms. She opened her eyes, and gasped, looking around.

“Alright, Evans?” He smirked.

“What’s going on?”

“Seems like your Durmstrang pal isn’t as badass as he pretends to be.”

James nodded towards the boy, and Lily followed his gaze. He was standing next to McGonagall, still wet and breathless. When he noticed who had rescued Lily Evans, he turned red. James couldn’t guess whether it was out of shame or anger, so he thought it was both.

“You saved me?” Lily said, raising her eyebrows.

“I did.”

Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“You can let go now, Potter.”

“Oh.” He let go of her waist.

She rolled her eyes. She was halfway on the process of turning around to climb up the wooden stage when she turned back to face James and kissed him on the cheek. Without any word, she grabbed Dumbledore’s hand and jumped off the water. But James needed no words to understand. He rubbed his cheek, beaming.

Sirius Black As A Father of A Toddler AU

Also, Sirius, James, Lily/Rory, Remus

  • Remus and Lily wanted Harry and her to go to a Muggle Kindergarten. James and Sirius agreed on the condition that they go to the same school. (It was a given already so Remus and Lily didn’t mind.) 
  • Sirius was 100% the type of Dad‭ to wait outside the classroom for hours while Harry and Rory were having classes. He would sometimes peek through the windows. 
  •  She would always wear princess gowns to class. (SIRIUS WHY Because, Remus, she is my little princess and she always will be and everyone has to know okay all of those children except maybe Harry are just peasants compared to her
  • Once Remus, Sirius, James and Lily came to a parent-teacher conference and a teacher commented on why she has two fathers and that’s the story of how Harry and Rory left that school after the end of the school year. (Sirius look at the news Why A stag and a dog ruined a teacher’s car and trashed her house How interesting Yes, I do agree James Yeah A stag and a dog destroyed a teacher’s house So It’s amazing how wildlife has evolved these days I know right) 
  • One time a small boy kissed her cheek, and Sirius freaked out. He talked to the boy after classes (Can you feed my daughter what can you assure me that she’s going to live a happy long life um how many children do you want huh SIRIUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT POOR BOY Remus he violated her *sigh* What did he do He kissed her cheek, Remus, her cheek THEY’RE CHILDREN Doesn’t change the fact that he kissed her I’m so sorry about him, boy Watch it, son, I’m only allowing you this once *furious head nod* DADDY I WANT ICE CREAM Okay, my little princess, we shall get you your ice cream *sigh*
  • He spoiled her rotten, but Lily and Remus tried their best to tame her so she grew up okay. To Sirius’ defense, she was and still is his princess and she deserved all she wanted in the world. 
  • Not a single night went by that Sirius was not there to tuck her in. 
  • Remus and Sirius took turns reading to her at night. 
  • No matter what anyone ever said about her parents, she always, always believed that her fathers were the greatest in all the world.   
  • One time a student in her school made one of her friends cry and she punched them in the face. Remus scolded her. Sirius bought her a tub of her favorite ice cream. (SIRIUS I WAS TRYING TO TEACH HER A LESSON So was I WHAT LESSON IS THAT? PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE? Well it’s actually punch people in the face when they deserve it SIRIUS YOU CAN SOLVE PROBLEMS BY TALKING THEM THROUGH Yeah, but you can punch them in the face too I’M DONE)
  • Remus didn’t talk to Sirius for two days. Sirius bought him a pack of his favorite chocolates. Though Remus assured her protecting her friends isn’t bad, but it was better to use her brain instead of her brawn. She promised him she would, next time. 
  • Remus, who didn’t have many friends as a child, encouraged Rory to always be social. He was always happy when she had friends over and somehow convinced Sirius to allow her to sleep overs. (Sirius would apparate to said person’s house to kiss her good night though). 
  • Sirius’ boggart became the image of her lifeless body, tortured, and he was unable to save her. 
  • Remus’ boggart was similar to Sirius’ except that her death was his doing. 
  • Her boggart, at that age, had been that her Dad and Daddy was away from her. 
  • After seeing her boggart, she demanded that they sleep in her room, right beside her. 
  • Harry and Rory would often engage in play wrestling. 
  • Sirius and James would play along, always beaten by the kids. (OH NO HARRY HAS BEATEN ME AGAIN HOW TRAGIC Why would you do this to your Daddy, sweetheart, why have you forsaken me SIRUS YOUR DAUGHTER HAS SUPER STRENGTH I CAN’T BEAT HER Harry, I am your godfather and you have hurt me. Why, Harry, why
  • Play wrestlings would often turn into tickle fights. 
  • Once she wanted to be a unicorn. It took Remus an entire month to sew three unicorn costumes for them.
  • Incidentally, the Potters were all dressed as foxes because Harry, too, wanted to be a fox and they are so in for family unity. 
  • Harry and Rory still cringe at the pictures. 
  • Every day, Sirius and Remus would always, always tell her how much they loved her, regardless if they were mad or not. 
  • Remus and Sirius were determined to give her a happy, wonderful home filled with love and stability; something both Remus and Sirius did not always have as children. 
  • They did, and every day for the rest of her life, she thanked them for it.