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Is there any way to look at the bills being proposed for gay marriage yet? Will there be in the future?

Yes! There’s the bill by Senator Dean Smith that has been drafted up that is backed by Liberals, Greens, and Labor. You can find it here.

The more conservative politicians who are all “boooo, a majority yes vote? But how will we show our utter homophobic hatred NOW?” have decided to draft a bill with amendments that introduce marriage equality at the expense of decrease anti-discrimination protections for LGBT+ people. It’s written by Senator James Paterson and can be found here.

Naturally two 50+ bills are a lot to read and are pretty boring so here’s an article about the differences. Paterson’s bill is horrible. It’s homophobic, transphobic, basically disguises discrimination as “religious freedom” and gives people more power to be cruel than they already do and in a scope further than just marriage celebrants choosing not to marry people but service industry people too. It mentions marriage being for the sake of raising kids, classic conservative bullshit stuff. Thankfully the far more reasonable Smith bill is endorsed (like I said) by Labor and the Greens so can actually pass through the Senate whereas there’s no way that Paterson’s bill will get the support. Turnbull has rejected the alternative bill. Labor has also rejected the idea of extra religious freedoms as Smith’s bill has enough religious protections as is.


PROMPT: The hospital needs to hire a doctor for the trauma, and James, Amelia’s ex-fiancé, is the chosen one. Owen in the beginning really like James, they can go out for drinks after work…but the friendship change when he discovers that James is Amelia’s ex fiancé… Owen feel jealous, insecure about James….something like that!!

@marciamossmendes    This one is for you! Hope you enjoy it, I loved the prompt and really had a great time writing it!

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“Girl Gone Wild”: The Mindy Project S06E07


  • Morgan and Tamra are planning their wedding! (interracial-wedding-planner.com)
  • Literally everyone around Mindy is in love. Jeremy has Anna! Leo has a girlfriend! Even Pepe has Doreen! 
  • Also, Pepe the racoon is back!
  • Of course Ben booked their honeymoon on the dark web. It’s also non-refundable, so Mindy is forced to go on the trip. But it’s okay, because Mindy came up with a dope-ass hashtag for it, namely…
  • #One-nymoon, Starring Melissa McCarthy
  •  She meets Martha on the flight, one of those people who you really don’t want to meet on a flight: chatty, only reads James Paterson, and literally between you and a hot guy 
  • But of course Martha is going to the same holiday retreat, and she’s even Mindy’s roommate
  • On Two Turtles Resort: “Wow, it’s so beautiful. I feel like I’m in a screensaver, or the background of karaoke lyrics.” 
  • She then proceeds to (accidentally) step on a turtle
  • “Why would my ex-husband even think I like this place?” “Maybe that’s why he’s your ex-husband.” #Marthakeepingitreal
  • Of course every hot guy at the health retreat is coupled up. “Wife, wife, boyfriend, wife”
  • Casey!!!! 
  • Oh my dear lord I forgot how much I missed that romantic interlude sound that comes up every time Mindy sees a guy (I guess I am quite a sap deep, deep down somewhere in the abyss that is my heart)
  • But of course Casey is married. To someone named Babe (named after the movie, because it was released the same year she was born)
  • (Babe was released in 1995)
  • I am the same age as Babe
  • “You’re 22 years old and you are married? I haven’t even kissed a guy at that age!” #Mindyisme
  • Mindy snooping is how I snoop
  • Mindy trying to figure out the trail route: “Oh great, a fork in the road. Okay, left or right? I know I’m looking for a waterfall. Don’t go chasing waterfalls, TLC. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Left! I can be a trail guide.”
  • Of course Mindy gets stuck in a cave, 127 hours style
  • “If I die, tell Leo I love him. And tell Morgan to delete my search history.”
  • R E E S E W I T H E R S P O O N 
  • Of course her celebrity apparition is Reese Witherspoon! 
  • “Life isn’t about finding a man! It’s about finding yourself!” “I don’t need to find myself. I already know where I am. Idaho! Iowa? Ohio?”
  • “Life is not like the movies, Mindy. You can’t get into Harvard Law School by submitting a video tape of yourself in a bikini.”
  • There’s gotta be something in her bag that can chip away at the rock. First thing that comes out of her bag… fidget spinner
  • So she wound up cutting her hair out with her toe nail clipper, and all the haters can back off, because she looks amazing in that bob? Kelly Kapoor, everyone!
  • Mindy gave Casey some wonderful advice about being prepared to be a father, and about empathising with Babe :’) 
  • “I never met an Indian person before. I think I like them!”
  • “The thing I learnt is that anything or anybody can get taken from you at anytime. The only vacation partner you know will always be around is you, so you better like spending time with them.” #Marthakeepingitreal
  • Martha, that was hella reassuring. Wait, you’re not like a spirit that haunts this resort and gives out good advice, are you?
  • And one last Martha quote: “You know, I see you with someone sharper, feistier, someone who can keep up with you, someone who can tell you to shut up when you are being a bit much.” Ahhh!
  • The episode ended with (a remix of) Haim’s Little of your Love, which was just the icing on the cake. Here’s the original song, which I definitely recommend you check out: 


Mat made a short sketch to raise awareness for Williams Syndrome and it’s brilliant. Featuring James Corden, Paterson Joseph and Samantha Spiro. Please take a second to watch and spread awareness!