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Isnt kat von d a nazi apologist? Yikes

IIRC she dated Jesse James, who’s a huge creep and nazi apologist, but most of the controversy was mixed up between her and Michelle McGee who was also dating James… back in ‘08. most of what you can find of her is now 8 years old, and 90% of it is speculation or heresay, the only concrete proof is, again, that she dated a nazi apologist. the pictures of the tattooed girl in the nazi uniform is actually Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, another girlfriend of James’, not Kat Von D, who has distanced herself from that situation with a few statements about how embarrassed she is for associating herself with him, but she did nothing damning other than someone claiming she wrote a really nasty letter to her former boss at Miami Ink, though that has been debunked by both Von D and the employer as forged

IMHO a lot of her behavior has been tacky regarding Jefree Starr, but that’s sort of at a stand still with heresay, though Jefree Starr is on my ‘do not purchase’ list for his behavior recently, not just receipts from 10+ years ago which he has not made any attempt to distance himself from.

i got it on the recommendation of my favorite makeup reviewer, Stephanie Nicole, because im not allergic to any of the synthetics in the product (i am allergic to the re-release of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, and in extension, Colorpop), not only because i liked the color Lolita when i tried it the first time in May, but because it’s layer-able without getting cakey like the KJLK, the Dose of Color, and the Lime Crime Velvetines (which has it’s own problems regarding Doe Deer), and it’s tried-and-true no-cruelty


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