Wanna share a great observation about Logan I saw:

One thing that stuck out for me.

Remember how the trailer reveals X-Men comics exist in the universe of this movie? And how some reaction to that was just weird? Well, watching Logan, something struck me about the use of those comics beyond just the whole “It contains the coordinates for Eden” angle.  

Logan has been compared to a Western; Xavier and Laura/X-23 are watching Shane and she even quotes the film during her eulogy to Logan. Well, during the late 19th to early 20th century, there were “Dime Store Novels,” which were considered cheap, sensationalist stories. The most popular ones were Westerns, featuring fictionalized accounts of real-life figures such as Jesse James, Buffalo Bill, Kit Carson, Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, etc. Which, of course, enhanced their already legendary status. Thing is, the dime store novels are considered the literary ancestor of…you guessed it, comic books.

Thus in the world of Logan, comics are the dime store novels. Which not only further underscores the Western parallel, but that mutants, while real, are now all but extinct and considered figures of legend…just like the gunfighters of the Old West.  

Want more? Gunslingers were considered outlaws, and were “hated and feared” while alive. Now we consider them almost heroic. In the world of Logan, mutants were hated and feared, too. But there are moments in the film where Logan encounters folks who, when they learn he’s a mutant, don’t react with fear, but rather with awe and respect, like the doctor who Laura brings to Logan. Which makes Xavier dream of humans no longer fearing mutants ironically and tragically fulfilled.

like can we talk about how fandom treats latino men? specifically the blatant and unapologetic sexualization of them?

poe dameron. cassian andor. gabriel reyes. jesse mccree. james vega. reyes vidal. raphael santiago. lance mcclain.

(and before you argue that jesse isn’t canonically latino, every single latino jesse fic/post/art comes hand in hand with some transparent “latin lover” bullshit where he sweet talks someone in spanish or uses his ~latin charm~ in some way or another)

and this is specifically about the treatment in lgbt fandom spaces. you guys aren’t immune to perpetuating racist tropes and you do it without any sort of acknowledgement or desire to change. even if there’s been some retrospection into the poorly written bilingual characters in fic recently, yet people continue to write and spread posts about every other racist aspect of the latin lover trope.

making them all promiscuous and overtly sexual? making them all “rough and dirty in bed”? giving them all “dirty mouths” and describing them with “deep, low voices” and talking about their accents using sexual descriptors? these all tie back to racist tropes that contribute to the sexualization of latino men.

it’s not subtle. it’s not “sexy”. it’s tiring and the lack of acknowledgement that it’s happening outside of reblogging a post about it every once in a while is really fucking transparent


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