soooooo……. redbubble deleted my account with no warning whatsoever and im pissed because i followed all the rules and umm people ordered stuff that may never arrive also i dont know if they pay deleted accounts? so theres that. sooo… if y’all still want to buy t-shirts and support me you can buy them from here!!


theres hoodies and long sleeve shirts too also prints but those r kinda expensive but i put them up anyway. i personally think these t-shirts are better quality than the ones from redbubble!! even tho it sucks that they dont make stickers and postcards but i think ill manage.. anyway new stuff coming soon!!! 

Okay, boys and girls, repeat after me. Dylan was not a follower. He was just as responsible for his actions as Eric was for his. Both, Dylan and Eric, had some serious mental issues and they both were guilty. You can’t just blame one and forgive the other one.

-me: oh geez, why do i wait years for three episodes of a TV show that only hurt my feelings and mental health?                              -BBC Sherlock:

the tcc works better than the US government when there is a new shooting

out of nowhere someone find 20+ childhood photos of the killer, before the shooter even dies the shooters autopsy report has been reblogged 3790 times a group of people screen shot every social media they have and find them on match.com ,in the corner people are hurrying to make side blogs and change their name to the shooters name before someone takes the username, next thing you know they have a massive tag for the shooter  flower crowns, poems and their 3rd grade essay that they wrote including their elemantry school drawing they did in art class is trending

why would u hate on the true crime community when theres nazis, pedophiles, tweakers, shoplifters, and a TON of other groups on tumblr much worse than the tcc? most of us dont condone what happened and we are just interested in the psychology aspect of it. it just doesnt make sense why we are getting attacked when we didnt fucking do anything