Trans Characters Day

July 28 is 007 Fest’s Trans Characters Day! A time for celebrating trans characters in Bond fandom! You could do this in a lot of ways, such as:

  • fanworks with trans characters, either from canon or awesome OCs like members of Q’s staff or other 00s
  • recs for fanworks with trans characters
  • trans fanwork round-up posts
  • trans headcanons
  • trans meta  
  • any other trans-related Bond fandom celebrations!  

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We hope you’ll join us for a day of TRANS BOND CHARACTER AWESOMENESS!

James taking Q on a tropical cruise.

Q tries to hole up in their cabin, but James drags him out to do things like go to dinner or swim or dance. Once or twice there is unpleasantness with other passengers, but nothing that can’t be solved with a bit of charm and a threat or two. James tans; Q burns. James rubs ointment on the burns and kisses what little exposed skin isn’t red and hurting. Q doesn’t know how to swim, but he stays at the poolside with his tablet and doesn’t mind when James flirts, because he always comes back and teases Q that he “just can’t stay away from work, can you, love?”

“It’s called consistency, which you obviously don’t have,” Q replies dryly, and James grins.


I think this is my first 1k+ ficlet?! Ever? *help* 1,032w, 00q, pre-relationship fluff

It’s past Christmas, past New Year’s. In celebration of a remarkably uneventful season, where they foiled a handful of domestic and international threats, Britain’s intelligence community holds a small, belated holiday party, which is to include canapés, mulled wine and an outdoor ice rink out of London.


“Why not?” 


“Everyone knows how to skate. At worst it’s a bruise.”

Only then, Moneypenny raises an eyebrow, “Q. You do know how to skate, right?”

“Meeting. I have to go.” Q takes off.

Whose idea was this, anyway? He’s the Quartermaster of the Secret Intelligence Service, and he doesn’t get to veto holiday event decisions?

“Mallory’s.” Tanner drinks from his full glass, only to cough at the surprising kick in the red.
“Really?” Q gestures towards the far corner of the tent, where Mallory is socialising with other big names. “He’s not skating.”
“Sophie used to figure-skate for the country.”
Q nods at the explanation. (He doesn’t know who Sophie is.)

[full ficlet under cut, notes and acknowledgments at the bottom]

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Gillian Anderson is 007. I saw the buzz this week about GA campaigning to be the next James Bond so I created this design featuring her as the iconic spy in the classic 1960′s Bond poster style. Like what you see? Purchase a print right here!


Idris Elba on the cover of Interview Magazine - August 2016 (X)

“Whatever its constituent parts-talent, sure; charisma, definitely—the combined quality Hollywood moguls and gossip columnists used to refer to as “it”-ness (as in, “So-and-so has it”) remains ineffable, mysterious, almost occult in its indescribableness. Whatever “it” is, Idris Elba has it in droves. Enough to fill a room, a movie, a long-running series, a planet probably.”

9 paragraphs. Over 200 words. One man almost shitting himself with rage that a black actor or a WOMAN might get to play a fictional character.