Dude Soup 31: Alcohol @ Dude Soup Live
  • Adam:I was surprised how much fun I had without alcohol in my body. That was a first
  • James:You guys have problems
  • Adam:I know, the problems is I dont have alcohol in my blood right now
  • Lawrence:Listen I wouldn't have gotten /drunk/. Believe me I can anymore
  • Bruce:We need an intervention
  • James:Have I told you guys about the high you get from praying? Because Heaven is the higher than any drug
celebratory kissing
  • james and lily’s first kiss happened precisely 17 seconds after james caught the snitch that won gryffindor the hogwarts quidditch cup of 1976
  • it was a rainy saturday afternoon in the middle of may and the sun was fighting to shine through the gloom
  • james pumped his fist that clutched the snitch into the air and landed his broom immidiately
  • he sprinted the short distance across the pitch to where the gryffindor students had burst out of the stands and onto the muddy field
  • he was surrounded by celebrating teenagers but then he turned and suddenly the only face he could see was hers
  • lily was standing a few feet away and he couldn’t hear her over the din of celebrating gryffindors but he saw her mouth form the words james you did it!
  • and suddenly his mouth was on hers and they were kissing while the whole school was watching but james didn’t care because holy shit he is kissing lily evans
  • his soaked and muddied quidditch robes were ruining her blouse but she didn’t care because holy shit she is kissing james potter
  • the first years groaned and covered their eyes and dumbledore clapped and the marauders screamed their heads off
  • exactly 6 and ¼ seconds later the two broke apart and the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds
  • and then all at once lily realized that the whole school just saw them kiss so she blushed a deep scarlet and tried to cover her face with her hands
  • but james was too quick and he took her hands and kissed her again
  • this time when they broke apart lily was smiling like an idiot and james had the cockiest of smirks on his face
  • (and sirius promptly “fainted” into remus’ arms)

I’d just like to say, after 16 years of hardcore yet lonely Rocketshipping, I’m so frakkin amazed that there are so many like-minded folk here on tumblr, I may not speak one-on-one with you (as I’m still figuring out how to work tumblr lol) but I’m so happy that there’s a whole Rocketshipping community here. Thanks everyone for just being you :) xx