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“Now tell me what ever is the matter?’’ You being his only daughter he was very protective of you, at any point if you were angry or upset he wanted to know who or what has caused such an outburst.  

“He dumped me…” James wasn’t very fond of the idea when you told him you had a boyfriend, but he knew you needed to grow up soon so he gave you his blessing. “For another girl” Anger was boiling through his veins, how dare he hurt his daughter! 

“I don’t care how you do it but bring him to me!” You knew of your fathers ‘hobby’ as he so called it, James knew you wouldn’t do anything because you may be his flesh and blood but you two were nothing like each other. “So I can deal with him myself’’


Outch,, that was so mean but so funny ! 

Rocketshipping-fanficiton, semi-autobiographical!

Attention: Since English is not my mothertongue you might find some spelling mistakes or syntax errors. I apologize in advance. My mothertongue is Swiss-German so I normally imagine a sentence in German and try to translate it as well as possible into English, sometimes there is a lack of vocabulary or I don’t find a match or the appropriate idiom but I want to improve my English and become a better writer. Another thing I want to make clear is that I use „…“ to introduce direct speech! „ are not commas but the German quotation marks, just to avoid confusion.

Read first: This story is OOC and AU! It’s going to be a birthday present for my boyfriend and it retells our story, in a way it’s semi-autobiographical. Feel free to read and enjoy it. Jessie starring as my humbly self and James stepping into the shoes of my boyfriend. I try to write this story as truthful as possible, quotes and events, that actually took place, included.

There’s a party

Jessie and her friends left the dark and stuffy shelter, where their improvisation theater-lessons took place. The magenta haired woman enjoyed the Thursday afternoons, she liked her professor, an affectionate hippie and the way he motivated his students to pursue an acting career. It was Jessie’s wildest dream to become a successful actress and work alongside Hollywood greats. She put a lot of effort into perfecting her role and was more than happy to have found new mates on the campus.

Anyways, today was special. Jessie was, more or less secretly, doting on a guy she met during her first week at the university. His name was James, he had lavender hair, emerald green eyes and the most overwhelming smile on this planet. He came to visit her a couple of months ago. They went to a cafe, but it turned out that he wasn’t a talkative companion. He seemed to be distracted, constantly staring out of the window. Jessie had been disappointed, when offering him to pay their next drink, his answer was: „If there is a next time“. He boarded the train and drove home.

Jessie was not giving up so easily. Thanks to social networks she found out that James and his fellow student Butch would celebrate a party at a well-known club. She tried any and every attempt to get tickets, a little step towards an unforgettable evening.
Luckily, the shop had tons of tickets in stock, so she bought one for herself and one for her best friend Cassidy, with whom she liked to do a pub tour. Cassidy was grittier and glibber, she used to get involved with strangers. Jessie set bounds to her behaviour in bars and clubs. She was fond of dancing the whole night, meeting men and having a good conversation with them, joking around but not more. Deep inside she was shy and cautious, but she would make an exception as regards James. She could already imagine him asking her for a dance and inviting her to a delicious drink.

Jessie smiled. Her friends noticed that something was going on in her mind.

„Today’s the day“, she explained. „There’s a party at the Mizu-Club and I know that James will show up. I saw him this morning, he looked tired and exhausted during the financial management lecture but I hope he’s going to be fit as a fiddle tonight“, she added.

„Financial management? You’re not studying business administration, are you?“, Gale asked.

„No, I’m not, but it’s the only chance to see him in the course of the week. When he enters the room and finds time to greet me, well, that’s the highlight of the day“, Jessie got into raptures.

„Aww, that is so sweet. You think he’s going to talk to you tonight?“, Nora wondered.

„I hope so“, Jessie was slightly worried. What if he didn’t want to see her again? What if she annoyed James? Worst case scenario: What if there is another girl or what if he wouldn’t even show up?

„Be brave! Touch the lucky umbrella, it will help you to get through his nerve-racking process“, Nora laughed and Jessie did as she was told.

They walked to the railway station, pleasantly saying goodbye to each other. Jessie became more and more nervous, only a few hours separated her from the „only opportunity“. After dinner, she got dressed and ready for her major project. She wore salmon pink trousers, a shirt with a blue and yellow printing on it and her dark blue jacket. Cassidy was already waiting for her on the platform. They hugged as a greeting and began their journey into the unknown.

The line of guests wasn’t very long. It was ten o’clock in the evening and most of the people wouldn’t show up before midnight. Jessie’s chances increased. Less people meant less girls, she hoped that James would notice her.

Cassidy took the cards that functioned as means of payment and they entered the club.

The first person Jessie spotted was James. He was wearing a black, unbottoned chemise and was surrounded by his pals.

„There he is“, Jessie whispered. Cassidy looked over to the group of men, gathering around the couch.

„Shall I go and greet him?“, the magenta-haired woman didn’t dare to reach out to James. He looked busy and deepened in a lively conversation. She would only distract him and put him in a bad light.

‚What a foolish thought, girl! You want him to see you gussied up for a change, not in this boring, baggy hoodies’, she gave herself a scolding.

„Jessie! Either we’re gonna greet them or you forget about this whole plan“, Cassidy decided. Jessie nodded and walked up to the group.

‚Oh no, not again’, James thought. He took a sip of his drink and placed it on the counter.

„Hello“, Jessie smiled and greeted him by kissing him three times on the cheeks, she saluted Butch and introduced them to Cassidy.

„Cassidy, this is James and Biff“, Jessie was blushing, she was so close to her crush, it was hard to believe that he was willing to chat with her.

„The name’s Butch, but it’s okay, I’ll hit the bottle and won’t care about people confusing my name…“, he sighed.

„That’s fancy“, Jessie said to James, pulling him by his sleeve.

„That has to be done once in a while“, he answered baldly. Jessie hunched her shoulders, she walked over to Butch.

„Will you guys come down to the dancefloor? Later, maybe?“, she wondered. Butch didn’t understand her, due to the immens sound volume but he nodded and Jessie and Cassidy disappeared downstairs.

„Let’s grab a drink“, the blonde proposed. Jessie decided to choose a Sex on the Beach, she took one sip of her beverage and started to feel dizzy. Something was wrong, what was in that drink? She got tired and had to cleave her way out of the club for some minutes.

„I feel so woozy, what’s wrong with me?“, she murmured.

„I think you’re just nervous. The night is young, you’ll get what you want“, Cassidy grinned mischievously. She knew her best friend and how she longed to get in touch with James.

They decided to hit the floor and started shaking to the beat. Once in a while they spotted James, Butch and their mates ordering drinks or simply standing on the sides, observing the jolly guests.

„Cassidy, I have an idea!“, Jessie exclaimed.

„What’s that?“

„I will invite James and Butch to a drink, because it would be too conspicious if I were just buying a beverage for James“, she decided.

„Brilliant, go for it, girl!“

Jessie ran over to her student fellows but too late, James was already blazing the trail to  the bar.

„Clutch, where’s James? I want to invite him to a drink“, she shouted.

„Run! He’s over there, look! Go, you can do it!“, Butch bolstered her up.

„Wait, James! What do you want?“, Jessie took out her card, waving it in front of the bar man.

„Mojito?“, he replied, visibly surprised.

Jessie wanted to put her skills into good practice. She ordered the drink by pushing everyone else aside.

„Here we go“, she passed the beverage over to James. He smiled and thanked her for this small gift.

„How’s it going? Are you having a successful evening?“, he asked her.

Jessie moped. ‚How am I supposed to enjoy this night if you don’t dare to take the plunge?’, she thought.

„No, not really. Hey, do you want to dance?“, she wondered.

James shook his head. „Don’t know, not now, maybe later“, he said. He had drunk too much.

‚So, I got you a drink and that’s how you thank for it? Not even a sleazy dance?’, she became impatient.

The hours passed, Jessie spent the night with Cassidy but James wouldn’t get out of her mind. She was so close to him, she didn’t care if he was completely sloshed, she wanted to have some fun, NOW!

James was bargin around, he had his head in the clouds, not noticing what was happening around him. Jessie grabbed the opportunity and approached him.

„Let me dance with you“, she yelled. James laid an arm around her waist, holding remains of a drink in his other hand. He spit into his glass.

„Do you want some?“, he offered. Jessie wrinkled her nose.

„No, thank you“, she was disgusted.

„How are you, are you fine?“, he wanted to know.  Jessie nodded, grinning all over her face. Finally, she had managed to wake this guy up.

Jessie clinged to her crush, putting an arm behind his back. James tried to listen to the rhythm, he hummed the melodies. He spilled a few drops of his drink onto Jessie’s shirt.

„Sorry for that“, he apologized.

„It’s okay“, Jessie didn’t care if the ceiling was about to fall, she was fulfilling her dreams right now.

„Do we know us?“, he joked.

„Let’s wipe the slate clean, I’m Jessie“, she gazed into his eyes. He couldn’t stop smiling.

„James, nice to meet you.“

People were pushing them and Jessie had a hard time holding James up. He brought her to the counter of a bar. They danced, it was suffocating.

Suddenly, he stopped. Jessie’s heart pounded. He didn’t say a word, but remained silent.
‚Is it time for the „thing“?’, she wondered.

James looked at her, leaned in and kissed her. Jessie closed her eyes, their lips locked. What a strange feeling, she was actually making out with the guy of her dreams.

Jessie was over the moon but at the same time she hoped that she would’t have to throw up like she had seen it in different movies.

„That was my first kiss, and I’m so happy that I was able to share it with you“, she muttered. James hugged her.

„Aww. Was that really your first kiss?“, he lift an eyebrow.

„Yes, you see, I’m an angel and a nun“, Jessie replied. Sooner or later she would hit her head for this statement.

„Like really, your first kiss?“, he kept on harping on the matter.

„Yes“, she shouted. ‚Why don’t you belive me? Can’t we just stop at this point?’, she thought.

„So what did you think of it?“, he asked.

„It was wet“, an honest answer.

James laughed.

„How did I do it?“, she asked in return.

„Good“, a simple reply.

„Wait for a sec“, James stumbled over to his friend.

„Hey Butch“, he yelled through the club. „Did you know that it was Jessie’s first kiss?“

Jessie turned red as a beetroot. ‚Thanks James, now, everybody knows about my lovelife…’, she shook her head, he was so wasted.

„Cassidy, did you see that?“, Jessie could hardly believe what just happened.

„Yes, yes, I spotted you two making out“, she giggled.

Cassidy and Jessie hit the floor for the fourth time. Jessie was full of power, bursting with strength. She kissed James, challenge completed.

The party was coming to an end and James and his friends were heading back home.

James put his hands to the sides of Jessie’s face.

„We need to go home now", his voice had a disillusioned undertone.

„Don’t you want to stay any longer?“, she begged.

„No! I came to this club with Butch, I leave this club with Butch“, he said in a firm tone of voice.


„Sounds logically to me“, Jessie quipped.


„Good bye“, he kissed her again.

„Good bye, James“, she returned the gesture.

Jessie took out her mobile phone, texting her best friend Paul.

„I did it! We kissed“, she was head over heels in love.


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Bella made her way through the crowds of people showing up for the wedding. Several stopping her to ask the dumbest questions (like where’s the seat chart, can I move my chair next to his). All she wanted to do was get to her best friend and have a quick talk with him. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she got to James’ room and knocked. It was slightly ajar so she pushed it open and smiled. “Hey, can I come in real quick?” She asked, sticking her head inside. She didn’t really wait for an answer before walking in and sitting down. “I just wanted to say how happy I am for you, James. I love you, in the most platonic way possible now, and I think you and Teddy are perfect. Also, I’m sorry your brother’s face is still slightly bruised. We did everything we could and I promise no drama, and there shouldn’t be, but his face still looks crappy.” She took a deep breath, rambling as she went. “But really. I don’t know what I’d do without you and I’m so, so happy for you today.” She felt tears fight to escape and she pushed them back with a small laugh. “Sorry, I’ve kind of been a mess all morning. Just tell me to stop talking and I will.”