Gay rapper Le1f shuts down notorious hip-hop troll

dear Lord Jamar,

Choose your battles. If the whitening of rap is a concern to you, please leave my name out of it. If you think being gay is the same as being white, you are as ignorant as your enemies. I’m darker than you. I’m african. I’m a black man and I experience all the same racism you do, if not more, on top of homophobia, including from black men just like you. Are you proud of being a hateful member of a majority? Rap started out as a creative response to oppression, and no matter my outfit, I know oppressions you will never understand.

All respect,


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Lovely Covers: * { Listen } { Part II }

A mix of both known and unknown singers covering songs we know and love. Some versions may or may not be better than the originals! { i.e listen to Sexy & I Know It}

1: Black Sheep - Daniela Andrade | 2: Sexy & I Know It - Noah Guthrie | 3: Toxic - Melanie Martinez | 4: Tennessee Waltz - Mae Whitman ft Landon Pigg | 5: Over The Rainbow - Ingrid Michaelson | 6: Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright | 7: Video Games - Pip & Nathan Parrett | 8: Someone Like You - Charlie Puth & Emily Luther | 9: Somebody I Used to Know - Walk Off The Earth | 10: Yesterday - Adam Levine & Tony Lucca | 11: Losing My Religion - Dia Frampton | 12: Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop - Daniela Andrade | 13: Seven Nation Army - Jamar Rogers | 14: Skinny Love - Birdy | 15: Ordinary People - Mathai   


Leon: Protector of the Playground (2015) 

“An all-ages comic featuring a hip kid hero following in the footsteps of his superhero mother. Leon dons cape and goggles to save the denizens of Robert Guillaume Elementary from life’s daily conundrums using the power of common sense.”

By author and cartoonist, Jamar Nicholas

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