Jamaal May - “Sky Now Black With Birds”

Forgive. I swear, the word has feathers. I want to learn to get its wings between my teeth before more retribution blots out the sky.”

Performing during prelims at the 2014 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam.


Animation is acting. Check out animation veteran, the insanely skilled homie,Jamaal Bradley’s Scene progression display from Disney's Tangled. Notice the traditional skills & research. :-) 


“ There was a point where I wanted to quit and give up, thinking ” Damn, am I even going to make it?“ I was broke, I was working part-time at the Gap, then coming home, trying to do animation. I started to get really focused & I decided to cut back on my hours at the clothing store. In animation class, I was working hard in the classroom and a guy I didn’t know, who got an animation job out in California, saw my work and asked me "Do you want to come and work out in California?” That was just from him seeing my work only. Someone is always looking at what you’re doing, I don’t care where you’re working… If you’re packing bags at the supermarket, you’d better be the best bagger, because someone is always watching…and that’s going to lead you to the next thing in my opinion.“ - Jamaal Bradley​, Dreamworks Feature Supervising Animator

Website: http://www.jamaalbradley.com