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Dear Jamie, do you have any plans this weekend? All my love, Jamie

Why thank you for asking, Jamie. I do. I do have plans. I will be hopping in my car and taking a trip to Texas to visit Mel and Angela this Saturday. That’s right, JamMel is finally meeting in person!! Good Lord, I feel bad for the people around us. ~J

jamiesommers23  asked:

So I read Pillow Talk, don't pass out from the shock that I read something, and I loved it. I adored that she was waiting for him and how comfortable they were with one another. I love it when you write happy stories.

Hang on… I must be dreaming, you read something? Of mine? While still writing?

I… I need to wake up…

Thanks for sending this over! I’m glad you liked it. It was my 3 am brain fart… apparently I need to have more of those. lol

I like writing happy stories too ya know. Contrary to popular belief.