The unholy marriage of a quad turbo/quad rotor R26B and a presumably salvage title Audi R8. “Der Ketzer.” #sketching #drawing #quadturbocharged #quadrotor #r26b #wankel #rotary #engine #audi #r8 #stance #stanced #stanceworks #stance_daily #stancenation #driftcar #drifting #jalopnik #petroliciousco #DriveTastefully #drifttastefully #iamthespeedhunter #speedhunters #nittoornothing #rotangklan #jdm #d1gp #formulad

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“Hookin’ and Bookin’”
Hakosuka Gasser
Part of an ongoing design exercise between @the_kyza @jonsibal @walterkim213 @douggas @robevansdesign and myself. #dragracer #dragracing #damon moran #telodyne #damon Moran art #stancenation #gassers #speedhunters #iamthespeedhunter #widebodywednesday #jalopnik #stance #stanced #stancenation #Japanese #import #car #turbo #turbotuesday #turbocharged #anime #animation #hotrodmagazine

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unmistakeableinhabitants  asked:

hey maggie any tips on dealing with anxiety??

Dear unmistakeableinhabitants,

This article I wrote for Jalopnik looks like it is about cars but it is actually about anxiety. Just like this article that I wrote for them also looks like it is about cars but is actually about following your goddamn dreams. This article I wrote for them looks like it is about cars but is actually about self-identity. And finally, this article I wrote for them also looks like it is about cars but is actually about the science of happiness. 




Group B was the most epic and powerful era in rally and as part of a design challenge with gtkiller we each have created “What if” cars that weren’t part of the series. I elected to make a BMW E21 re-imagined as a hatch back, rear engined, 4WD rally car as was “en vogue” at the time.

1983 E21 323 Gruppe B Evolution

Manufacturer: BMW
Assembly: Munich, West Germany
Body style: 2-door coupé
Layout: Rear-engine, four-wheel-drive
Engine: 1.5 L I4 ( turbocharged petrol)
Power: 480 horsepower (350 kW)
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Length: 3,890 mm (153.1 in)
Kerb weight: 890 kg (1,962 lb)

#BMW #mpower #bavaria #groupb #rally#car #turbocharged #4banger #inline#midengined #4wd #wrc#worldrallychampionship #petroliciousco#drivetastefully #jalopnik #stancenation#stanceworks #turbo #german #cars#3series #hothatch #whatif #widebody#drawing #sketching #iamthespeedhunter#speedhunters #hoonigan


Marlboro Motor Raceway, Upper Marlboro, Maryland: It’s an interesting experience to walk up on an abandoned racecourse. I’d seen an article about this track on Jalopnik back in January or December, as it’s now for sale on Craigslist, and it got my attention, seeing as how it combines sportscar racing and urbexing. As it turns out, the track was only about 20 minutes out of our way on our trip up to Detroit, so I convinced our crew to check it out. I used to work at a local sportscar/racecar shop here in Richmond for a number of years, and found out a couple days before we went on this trip that this was the first place that my former boss ever drove a racecar (circa late 50s early 60s).

We pulled up to the gates of the track complex, and could see the remains of the grandstands, but the gates were locked and the area around them looked pretty flooded. It was also pretty visible from the main road that runs nearby, so we thought about just coming back another time, but I really wanted to see it, so I had them pull up next to an abandoned house on the property, and I got out. I walked through the woods for a bit and then found myself standing on what was clearly a hairpin turn; I was there, this was turn 3. I walked up the track for a bit, following my phone satellite view (It was barely visible on there), until I got to the main oval portion of the track. This part was really cool and in quite good condition, with the announcer’s building as well as the grandstands still in place. I left after only a short time because it was so cold, but this really made me interested in preserving the history and memories that lived at places like this, and also interested in the possibility of bringing them back to life. Just think, this track closed right around the time that VIR did, and look at how great it’s been having VIR back open for the past 16 years!

sartorialsignature  asked:

Maggie how will I get over being anxious as hell while driving and what are your tips for learning how to drive a motorcycle. Namely how do I convince my parents not to disown me for getting on one.

Dear sartorialsignature,

I will sort of be tackling the first for this month’s Jalopnik article.

I cannot help you with the second as my parents were apoplectic when I got mine. They lived in a low-level stage of panic until I traded it for a new engine in the Evo.



All these people on Jalopnik articles complaining about Porsche not offering an H pattern gearbox for the GT3RS and they probably haven’t even driven a PDK car.

News flash: Porsche doesn’t care about how you feel better driving an H pattern, they care about making an all out lap time killer and that’s exactly what the PDK gearbox does.