Video game titles created by a neural network trained on 146,000 games:

  • Conquestress (1981, Data East) (Arcade)
  • Deep Golf (1985, Siny Computer Entertainment) (MS-DOS)
  • Brain Robot Slam (1984, Gremlin Graphics) (Apple IIe)
  • King of Death 2: The Search of the Dog Space (2010, Capcom;Br�derbund Studios) (Windows)
  • Babble Imperium (1984, Paradox Interactive) (ZX Spectrum)
  • High Episode 2: Ghost Band (1984, Melbourne Team) (Apple IIe)
  • Spork Demo (?, ?) (VIC-20)
  • Alien Pro Baseball (1989, Square Enix) (Arcade)
  • Black Mario (1983, Softsice) (Linux/Unix)
  • Jort: The Shorching (1991, Destomat) (NES)
  • Battle for the Art of the Coast (1997, Jaleco) (GBC)
  • Soccer Dragon (1987, Ange Software) (Amstrad CPC)
  • Mutant Tycoon (2000, Konami) (GBC)
  • Bishoujo no Manager (2003, author) (Linux/Unix)
  • Macross Army (Defenders Ball House 2: League Alien) (1991, Bandai) (NES)
  • The Lost of the Sand Trades 2000 (1990, Sega) (SNES)
  • Pal Defense (1987, author) (Mac)

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I’m always fascinated when I see games that use physical feats of strength or agility as the measure of success in the arcade. Although some, like Fighting Mania, the Fist of the North Star arcade game, have a mild strategic element, games that are pure tests of strength always seem out of place. Games like Jaleco’s Arm Champs II from 1992.

Bear in mind that while this game is called Arm Champs II, I was never even aware of the existence of a first Arm Champs before today, but apparently it does indeed exist, having been released in 1988. As for the sequel, it’s every bit as shallow as you would expect. The entire purpose of the game, as far as I can tell, is to test your strength and be amused at humiliating your nine opponents (you can only face three in any given game), which come from all corners of the globe (and beyond) and include normal humans, a robot, and even a cosmic superhero. That’s not really my cup of tea, but to each their own.

Is Championship Arm Wrestling really such a big thing, and not just a phenomenon invented to get people to watch Over the Top? Apparently so, as the internet tells me. Thankfully, some of the outfits and people in modern arm wrestling look at least a little less ridiculous than this game.