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As people freely argue on social media about ‘mass media coverage’, double standards, and hashtag activism, mothers are still trying to dial their children’s phone numbers, praying to the sky that someone picks up.
To me, #Lahore is just as much #Punjab as my mother’s birthplace in #Jalandhar, and I refuse to feel guilty for having that extra reason to connect. The same way we shouldn’t feel guilty for caring a bit more that many of the victims were children, or a Christian may feel the sting a bit more, knowing it was an #Easter celebration that was targeted.
Emotions get charged and run high, so we turn to our devices to vent our frustrations, politicians jump on this to point fingers for their own gain, and news organizations will stretch the coverage to get extra ratings. The distance of the event allows our empathy and humanity to fade to a point that this simply becomes a trending topic for everyone to weigh in on, until the next; and there will always be a next.
Blame Islam, blame religion, blame the #Kardashians, blame greed, money, war, or anything else, but once you’re done blaming, ask yourself if you feel any better. Phones are still desperately ringing, and no one is going to answer. Family’s are still praying that they’ll find their missing child alive, and that hope is going to fade as the hours and days go by, and reality slowly sets in.
I don’t want you to think about them, I want you feel like them.. and find something from those feelings, whether it’s motivation to call someone you love, or finally shed some tears that you’ve been holding back all this time. I don’t care what you feel, or how you feel, I just want you to feel. Because until we can start feeling again, that humanity that seems to have been lost in that, and in #Turkey, #Paris, #Brussels and everywhere will continue to be lost.
We can only find that humanity in the world when we find it in ourselves.

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Love Tree. Rose Gardens, Chandigarh, India - by Sukhraj Sanghera

We travelled from Jalandhar to Chandigarh in Punjab India.
This journey took us around 3 hours but its a journey that’s well worth it.
Chandigarh is a lovely city in India and its the capital of the state Punjab.
This photo was taken in rose gardens, its a huge park and a lovely place to relax. As you can see it’s a bit of a romantic point for couples too.
It was a little weird walking around with a 70-200 zoom lens in a park full of couples who may think I was spying on them, but thats the joy of it!