Recently renovated, the 18th Century,Jal Mahal (“Water Palace”) is located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city, Rajasthan, India.

It long remained an abandoned dilapidated palace in the midst of the sewage laden lake. With the urbanisation of Jaipur city and areas surrounding the lake, the ecological system of the lake and its vicinity deteriorated drastically.
A major clean up of the lake lasted 6 years and included re-alignment of city drains, de-silting and planting schemes.

More here and here. Photographs by Raj Gupta and here

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Jal Mahal, a palace located in Man Sagar lake in Rajasthan, India is seen from a distance in the calm of morning, before most tourists arrive. Photograph by Ravikanth Kurma.

Jal Mahal - Jaipur, India

Jal Mahal (meaning “Water Palace”) is a palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur. Built in Red Sandstone, the palace has 5 floors, 4 of which are below the waters surface. Not much is known about the history of this now abandoned palace, though it is presumed to be 300 years old, and was used for royal picnics and duck hunting. 

It has been closed to the public for decades, but restoration works are underway to hopefully allow visitors access to the building in future.