“Islands” Parts V & VI (Adventure Time)

Hide and Seek

Now here is when we get into some of the biggest back-stories and lore drops of the whole miniseries!

This episode shows us where Susan ended up and we get a ton of her backstory!

As revealed in Preboot, we find out how Susan knew Dr. Gross and her real name was “Kara” and she was a seeker on the Founder’s Island!

Dr. Gross teaches the seekers about why the island is a great place to live and why it’s terrible to try to leave, as her song explains that out there is “disease, monsters and problems”.

A robot guardian was also made to return people back to the island. We have seen that thing before, many times.

Dr. Gross really reminds me of a corrupt Miss Frizzle, from Magic School Bus, for some strange reason. I think it’s her singing, especially her song about “Evolution” in Preboot.

I am really beginning to believe that Dr. Gross could easily become one of the next villains of the show before it ends, seeing as she may return soon.

I thought it was really upsetting and awful when she mind controlled Susan to make sure her best friend Frieda doesn’t leave.

And speaking of Frieda, we get to see that Susan was really close with another girl, that some could argue that they had a pretty close relationship.

The writing of this episode was really strong and we get to see how believable that Kara / Frieda’s friendship was and that they think there’s more to outside the island.

Also, Frieda has some pretty-looking hair.

We also get to see Susan help return some hiders, which later turn out to be some important characters, which are heavily featured in the next episode!

One line I really laughed at was when Susan noticed trying to escape, while she flips her desk over saying “I HAVE TO GO PEE!”

I’m really glad we got some of the answers here about Susan’s past and that I originally thought she could’ve been Finn’s mother, but my theory was debunked, especially in the next episode.

Great episode about Susan and amazing work from both Hanna K. Nyström and Aleks Sennwald!

I think they are easily becoming two of my favourite writers of the series, especially with their works from Season 7! I can’t wait to see what they bring towards the end of the series!

Min and Marty

Now that Susan has remembered her past and found out she worked at the Founder’s Island, she starts to speak coherently!

Finn, Susan, Jake & BMO are all together once again and Susan reveals that they can go back to the island to find Finn’s mother!

To which Finn is shocked that Susan knew his mom and we get another huge back-story about Finn’s mother and how Finn was born!

Finn’s mother is revealed to be a Doctor / Helper named “Minerva Campbell” and she has an amazing voice by Sharon Horgan!

We also get to see how Finn’s father, “Martin” got to meet Minerva, which I am so glad we finally got the answers that I’ve been waiting for!

I was actually surprised to see that Martin was actually a pretty loving father to Finn, especially when he meets Minerva.

I’m not surprised that Martin was always pretty scummy in the sense of being a con-artist and making gadgets. His breadstick wand is honestly really awesome.

I liked how the episode tied into Susan’s backstory, in that Susan helped bring back Martin from escaping, while taking him to Minerva.

I also finally understood now when Finn was taking over Doctor Princess’s job in the episode “Do No Harm”. It felt right to him, because his mother is also a doctor!

Seeing Minerva finding Martin interesting in how shady and pathetic he is, was kind of interesting, as he promised he’d take her on a date if he made her feel sorry, which he definitely accomplished.

The montage of Minerva / Martin was really adorable and sad, especially how it shows they were a very loving family.

Nice that they got Ashley Eriksson to sing another song for the show! I love her voice, especially for the Island song in the credits.

Martin ends up escaping with Finn from getting away from the Island and his troubles.

And it’s revealed that Martin was not lying at all to Finn, back in Season 6, the episode “The Visitor”, Martin tells Finn where he came from and that they were on a banana boat and whales, tigers and squids tried to eat him, along with escaping from The Guardian!

And he did get some parts right, but I’m sure with leaving Finn and Minerva behind, he was traumatized and didn’t want to think about it and his old age didn’t help either.

There’s just many other questions, such as how did he end up in Ooo and in the Citadel, etc? 

From this promo, he seems to have been rescued by pirates.

I am so glad this was finally explained, because I almost thought that Martin was not his dad and an impostor, but I don’t think the writers would’ve done that cliche. I just thought he was really slimy and an asshole, but this kind of made me sympathize with him.

The ending of seeing Minerva looking over the sunset, heartbroken that her family is gone was done so effectively. I’m amazed that the AT crew can make you care about characters in so little time.

This whole story made Finn speechless, as the viewers did.

This episode was fantastic and these two episodes were stories that I’m glad were finally answered in this miniseries.


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“Islands” Parts VII & VIII (Adventure Time)


So now that the group has made it back to Founder’s Island and Finn now knows about Minerva’s existence, we now see that not only is Minerva still around, but Susan ends up spotting Frieda as well!

I liked that this episode not only had some bittersweet moments, but a lot of comedic moments as well.

Jake getting the humans’ attention with his jokes, but only to discover to think he’s actually a mutant dog.

Those BMO-cakes with batteries looked odd, but humorous.

And not only that, but we see that there are several Minerva bots helping people throughout the island, which Finn doesn’t really understand why she wasn’t paying attention to him when asking if you lost someone.

It was kind of creepy how the bots tranquilized Finn and Jake, as well as de-boning them for identity.

One of my favourite quotes is when 3 of the Minerva bots come to the dungeon where Finn is and he says, “I’ve had weirder fights than this!”

And here is when I talk about some of the bittersweet moments, the Minerva bots then discover that Finn is alive and take him to see the real Minerva who has had her body transferred to a computer!

Seeing Minerva really happy that her son is alive and all grown up was really adorable.

It actually all makes now why Susan Strong ended up in Ooo, due to Dr. Gross sending “Kara” to find Finn back to the island. But how she ended up in an underground cave in Ooo, I hope we find out soon or possibly not, who knows?

It was really sad to see that due to Dr. Gross’s deadly virus of killing humans and years having passed without any sign of Finn coming back, Minerva had created many helpers to protect the island.

Only thing that that the episode leaves off is that Minerva wants Finn to stay on the island forever, which is kind of surprising!

The last thing I want to bring up is that I really applaud the AT writers for including Susan saying, “I made a mistake a long time ago, my friend got hurt. I don’t know if I’m allowed back in her life.”

I’m glad that even though she finds that her best friend Frieda is still around, she doesn’t feel right that she hurt her feelings and I like that Adventure Time includes emotion and deep feelings for people, which I think is a great thing for kids to learn, but even though I feel Adventure Time kind of ages along with its viewers!

Great episode with some funny and bittersweet moments, but now we come into the big finale of the miniseries!

The Light Cloud

Right away, you can see the parallel name to the previous AT miniseries “Stakes”, which the final episode was called “The Dark Cloud”. I’m most certain that was intentional!

But here is the last episode of Islands and I think this is where they concluded Susan and Finn’s story, nicely.

While I do think it was a little bit rushed, it is a common nitpick with Adventure Time as a whole, since sometimes I think 11 minutes is a little too short, but that’s not to say the episode was bad at all. The ending was very sad and heartwarming, which I’ll get to soon.

I thought it was pretty morbid showing what would happen if Finn and Jake tried to leave the island and the Guardian destroying their ship, even when Minerva wanted to let them see it again.

I like that this episode both has Susan and Finn trying to convince their loved ones (and I do mean that possibly for Frieda and Susan) that there’s more outside of the Founder’s Island.

Frieda has long been over trying to leave and upset at Susan for hurting her, which is pretty sad.

I think what was satisfying to see was when Finn shows Minerva both what his life has been like on Ooo, as well as helping people, as we see clips from past episodes, in some of the biggest highlights of the series, which makes it satisfying to see how far Finn’s character and progression has come into the show!

I thought it was really funny to see how Minerva reacted to all of this, which is almost like showing this series to a non-fan.

I almost did think that Finn would’ve stayed on the island and let Fern or Marceline take care of Ooo, but I know Finn has ultimately made his decision he loves his home.

I liked how when Finn tried to rally the island and convince people, he says that letting fear make your decisions is scary and you should be able to do what you want, as life is boring if it’s just “good”.

This is what Finn has learned in the series, as he’s experienced great things, while also feeling pain, sadness and boredom.

I like that when he mentions parts of Ooo, he also refers to Ice King as an “incredibly sad wizard”. I really hope Simon becomes happy near the end of the series!

I was almost thinking his mother would become a villain from sealing the island in a light cloud, but after showing Minerva that he’s helped people, she backs down immediately. Which I think was a bit anti-climatic, but it might also be because she saw the good in Finn and that since she’s a computer, she could easily have her mind changed instantly. I’m probably reading too into it.

So now that Minerva allows Finn to leave the island, we also get to see Frieda has her mind changed to leave, but all the humans decide to stay.

It’s cool that Frieda gets to trick the Guardian and Finn gets to disable it, with the help of his mom! Minerva is a cool mother!

Not only do we see Susan and Frieda go out on their own adventures, but it makes me wonder if we’ll ever see them return again and possibly even more! I’m glad people already ship them.

Here is where I get to the ending, which was really both sad and heartwarming.

Finn going into a VR reality and saying one last goodbye to his mother, possibly believing to be the “real” Minerva was really sad, since Finn could only hug her in a simulation, which leaves Finn to discover a huge part of himself and feels he’s made this whole experience worth it and sheds a tear.

I know the show has had a lot of similarities to Futurama before, but this ending immediately reminded me of the “Game of Tones” episode where Fry goes into a dream with his mother and she still cared about him when he was gone.

And that is the entire Islands miniseries, which I thought that after 8 seasons, the crew still knows how to make one heck of a show.

Even though the show is coming to a close very soon, I’m excited to see where this show will end and will leave a great mark on one of Cartoon Network’s greatest animated shows and a game-changer in modern cartoons.

Thank you to Adam Muto, Pendleton Ward and the rest of the AT crew for this great adventure!