Finished the “Finn Versions” will not apologize for the big ass watermark

i still dont have a RedBubble but I am compiling up some art that i can sell in the future, expect these to be stickers, shirts… idk i’ll think bout it :)

also instrument headcanons lol

flynn and lynn sword headcanons by @soupery

Grandpa Venn Diagram

(AKA a low-key fusion chart)

There are five main circles:

1) Reckless Adventurer= Saxton Hale

2) Genius= Scrooge

3) Madness= Ice King

4) Broken (bad childhood)= Bojack Horseman

5) Greedy= Mr. Krabs

The 2nd teir combinations

Saxton Hale + Scrooge = Jake Harley

Scrooge + Ice King = McGucket

Scrooge + Bojack = Stanford Pines

Ice King + Bojack = The Warden

Bojack + Mr. Krabs = Stanley Pines

Mr. Krabs + Saxton Hale = Cameron Campbell

The 3rd Tier Combinations

Saxton Hale + Bojack + Mr. Krabs= Archer

God Teir

Rick Sanchez