Jake makes a post


said: That’s the story he caught a wiff of! He will then get down to the presses and get the story printed on the front page

((how do you print farts.. sounds like the ultimate prank tbh))

jake-everfree said: I wonder what mun’s “otp(’s)“is/are.

((mmmhh IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT MY OTPS ARE… because none of them will be relevant to the way this blog is run :’)))

jake-everfree said: Yeah, I noticed as well, seems like I wasn’t as mysterious and unattainable as I thought..

((jake pls))

Since Adam doesn’t want to do anything right now other than spending time with possibly only two people. I am gonna be using Michael for a while and If anyone wants to interact with him, let me know, I can make a starter call post and we can start something. I will be shuffling between Jake Abel FC anf Matt Cohn FC so I will make a starter post for the two different FCs.