Jake Ryan

Valentines Day.

My instincts: “You need a date…”


Me: “eh, got too many already…”


okay I know it’s been 4 years and BUT I STILL CANT BELIEVE that after all that Jake Ryan and Miley had gone through - he’s in love with her but she hates him, Zombie High, middle school dances, fighting with Lily over him, making him jealous with “senior” who’s only 11, he kisses her, leaves for 6 months, chocolates from the sky, movie premieres, tells the world he’s in love Miley Stewart, rewinding the TV a million times, names a star after her, oh his real name is Leslie, then he’s too arrogant, they break up, he films a movie with a very young selena gomez, miley gets jealous, blue aliens fighting, he’s gonna marry Traci, “it’s a nasal condition!!!”, miley freaks out, nvm “GOTCHA!” it’s a prank show, they date again secretly, she’s torn between him and jesse, chooses him and then in the end……HE CHEATS ON HER?!?!! like what no sorry but it’s so unbelievable, im still fuming to this day.