Black Veil Brides Preference: You have an accent.

ANDY: - Italian: Andy likes introducing you as his smoking hot Italian girlfriend. You also try and fail to teach him basic phrases because each time you speak in your native tongue Andy can’t help but kiss you.

ASHLEY: - Spanish: Something about Spanish being passionate, Ashley loves how feisty you are but gets a little scared when you tell him off in Spanish.

JINXX: - French: ‘Paint me like one of your French girls’ is a phrase that never grows old despite how often Jinxx jokes with you because you’re an artist who happens to be French.

CC: - British: He likes learning British Slang so the two of you can secretly communicate around the other guys.

JAKE: - Australian: He loves winding you up because when you get mad you blow up but it’s cute because no one can take your accent seriously.


When you are really into the song

Open || The Lone Wolf

A wolf trots through the woods doing its best to stay away from any other packs to avoid being attacked. Jake was an omega. He had no pack. He was on his own. Jake couldn’t ever find a pack he could get along with and when he found a pack it still ended in him fighting with others and getting kicked out. Jake sighed as he came to a small creek and lapped at it but, looked up and put his ears back when he heard movement in the bushes.