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Grey's anatomy spin-off

So what about a spin-off in which Jackson and April, after getting married again, decide to move out with Harriet in L.A. The plot would take place 5 years later, with them being at the head of a center recently bought by The Avery Foundation: the Seaside Wellness Center.
And yes I’m talking about that one from Practice Practice. And all of our favorite doctors would be there: Addison, Cooper , Charlotte, Naomi, Sam… and even Amelia, Owen and their future children!

So what do you think ? Who would watch this spin-off? 😜

Alone With You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, implied drinking, could be classified as implied cheating, sorta angsty

Word Count: 1,055

Anon Requested: Could you write a Dean X reader (smut) for Alone With You by Jake Owen? Thanks!

Prompt: Dean has never know Y/N’s life, but sometimes she shows up at his apartment, and he just can’t tell her no. She always leaves before morning, and every time she leaves Dean swears he’ll never do it again, but he does.

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It had happened before. It had happened quite a few times before and every time Dean swore it’d be the last. It usually happened when she was a little tipsy; a little freer than usual. Dean could always taste the whiskey on her lips when they kissed for the first time again.

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2017 ACM Awards Red Carpet

If He Ain’t Gonna Love You

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 776

Warnings: swearing, mild angst, mention of a break up, mention of domestic violence (poss. trigger), light fluff.

**Inspired by the song “If He Ain’t Gonna Love You” by Jake Owen. A cliché storyline, but whatever. Enjoy.

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Whiskey was your best friend lately. It helped lighten the heaviness in your heart. It numbed the pain of the bruises. It forced you to sleep at night when nothing else helped.

Your fingers grazed over the bruise on your face. You winced, remembering the disgusting piece of shit who gave it to you, and how you finally mustered up the courage to walk out. You had been on the street for two days, living on virtually nothing. It had only been a few hours since you returned to the bunker, not knowing where else to go. You didn’t even have the chance to pack some of your things from your apartment before you rushed over to the only safe place you knew.

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Inspired by the song Alone With You by Jake Owen, it came on the radio as I was waking up and my subconscious ran with it.

It happens on a Friday night, after a case that had them running ragged chasing leads all over this island when Steve leans over and kisses him. They’ve been drinking and Danny’s had a lot but not as much as Steve and he’s wondering if maybe Steve’s had even more than he thought. Steve breaks the kiss and looks at him, looking for something, but Danny’s so in shock at he can’t think which is his excuse why he lets Steve lean in and kiss him again. This time it’s more demanding, and when Steve parts his lips Danny can taste the alcohol on his tongue.

Danny’s drunk, but not drunk enough that he doesn’t know he should put a stop to this. But Steve is pressing against him, guiding him so that they’re lying down on the couch together and working a hand underneath his t-shirt. Steve kisses him again and he knows that this can’t happen, not like this, but the alcohol is making his thoughts fuzzy so when Steve thrusts down against him he greedily reciprocates, setting a fast pace that leaves no room for any thought except getting his hands and mouth on Steve’s skin.

They don’t talk about it. Hell, he’s not even sure that Steve remembers it, which is a thought that hurts more than it should. He should be relieved, just shove the thoughts away until he can pretend that they never happened, that they were just another dream of something that he can’t have.

That works for all of a week when the team finds themselves at Steve’s, celebrating the closure of a high-profile money laundering case. Chin, Kono, and Lou have all left, leaving him and Steve to pick up the lanai. He can see a bit of a wobble in Steve’s step as they pass in the kitchen but doesn’t think anything of it as he starts rinsing out the empty beer bottles. He’s so focused on his task that he doesn’t hear Steve come back in until he sets the last two bottles on the counter next to him and then presses himself against Danny’s back, sliding his hands onto his hips and leaning in so that he can speak right into Danny’s ear.

“Come upstairs,” Steve whispers and Danny feels like his entire body is about to burst. He can’t speak his heart is pounding so hard so in the end he doesn’t, just shakily nods his head and lets Steve lead him to the bedroom.

It becomes a thing. Danny goes over to Steve’s house, they have just enough beers for some deniability, and then they head up to Steve’s bedroom. In the morning Steve will be out swimming when Danny wakes up so Danny gets dressed and leaves and they don’t mention it.

It’s becoming a routine and it’s killing Danny because it’s not real. For years he pined over Steve, harbored a crush that he never expected to go anywhere, but now he knows what Steve tastes like and it’s worse than never being with him at all because it doesn’t mean anything. That doesn’t stop him from doing it again, and again, until he starts to hate himself a little more each time he wakes alone.

So when Steve asks him to come over the next Friday he wants to say no, he knows what Steve’s really asking but even his self-loathing isn’t enough to stop him from saying “Okay”.

He should turn back, make up some excuse about having to take the kids, something that will get him out of going over to Steve’s. He should, but he knows that he won’t. He want’s this too much, and he hate’s himself for how much he wants it, but he still walks into Steve’s house without knocking. Still takes Steve’s offered beer without a second thought and plants himself on the couch next to Steve.

They make some small talk, but mostly they watch the game on tv, and Danny sits there waiting for when Steve’s going to make his move. It happens in the third quarter, Steve looks at him and says his name and Danny knows.

He lets Steve push him back onto the couch, kisses back greedily when Steve’s mouth finally finds his, and tries not to think about how empty he’ll feel in the morning. Except he can feel Steve smiling and he breaks.

“Stop, stop,” he says, pushing Steve off of him and sliding off of the couch, “I can’t do this.”

“Danny?” Steve asks, and he looks so confused that Danny wants to go over and kiss him, but then he remembers that empty feeling he gets after every time they do this and it stops him dead in his tracks.

“I can’t do this,” he says again, more determined as he starts to buttoning his shirt again.

“Hold on Danny,” Steve protests, sitting up on the couch and looking much more sober.

“No, Steve. I can’t do this anymore. Okay? This thing that we’re doing is so dysfunctional and if I don’t end it now I know I never will. So I’m gonna leave.”

“What are you talking about-” Steve asks, standing up, but Danny cuts him off before he can try and change his mind again.

“This thing where we get drunk and hook up and then never acknowledge it! It’s killing me to keep doing this with you, Steve,” Danny admits, and then he does something even more stupid that hooking up with his best friend, he tells him the truth, “I’m in love with you Steve. Can’t you see that?” Steve apparently doesn’t have anything to say to that, so Danny walks out the door without another word.

It’s just after noon the next day when his doorbell rings. He knows exactly who it is before he answers and sure enough, he opens the door to see Steve standing determinedly on his front stoop. Before Danny can say anything Steve hold up a hand to silence him and holds up a breathalyzer unit. Danny watches, confused, as Steve breathes into the breathalyzer until it beeps and shows him the zero reading.


“I have thought about kissing you every minute, of every day, since I met you. I wonder what it would be like to live with you, and I dream about being able to wake up next to you. I want to go to parent-teacher nights for the kids, and teach Grace to drive, and help Charlie with his homework, and I want to cook meals with you in our home. I want it all Danny, but I didn’t think that you did, so I got drunk and kissed you, and I kept doing it. I’m sorry that the only way I thought that I could have you hurt you so much but this is me, stone cold sober, telling you exactly how I feel.”

“Come here, you goof,” Danny says, pulling Steve into his house by his shirt collar and kissing him. Steve wraps his arms around him, breaking the kiss to whisper, “I love you, too,” and Danny smiles.

Midnight drive - Mitch Marner

Requested by anon: Hey! Could you write an imagine with Marner about driving around in the summer just listening and singing along to country music and it’s super cute? :)


Word count: 1316

Warnings: none none none.

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“This movie is so boring.” I huff, getting another handful of popcorn in my mouth. Some of the popcorn don’t make it inside of my mouth and they get tangled on my hair.

“It isn’t that bad.” My boyfriend, Mitch Marner, says, picking the white pieces of popcorn and leaving them on the table.

Yes, you’ve heard it right, Mitch Marner the hockey player. He is kind of a celebrity around Toronto since he started playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but for me he is just Mitch, my boyfriend.

The season has been absolutely crazy, the Maple Leafs made it to playoffs and I went through my freshman year of college. But it’s summer time now and Mitch and I are spending some time together at last.

“But it is. It doesn’t make any sense at all.” I complain.

“Maybe we need to keep watching.” Mitch answers. He chose the movie and he knows that if you choose a bad movie you lose a turn next time.

“Well, tell me how it ends.” I say, getting up from the couch and walking to our shared room.

I hear Mitchy sigh and turning the TV off, his footsteps loud against the wooden floor of the apartment. I’m changing into a pair of shorts and a tank top.

“Where are you going?” Mitch asks, leaning on the doorframe.

“For a drive.” I just say. “I might go to that twenty-four hours pizza place next to the ACC.”

I’ve always loved midnight drives around town, nobody on the roads, windows down, listening to music. Mitch and I spent a lot of summer nights like that, when we didn’t have that many responsibilities and nearly that much money… well, Mitchy has more money now and I have way more debts, courtesy of college loans.

“We haven’t done that in a while.” He says, but he does as I’m doing and changes his t-shirt and putting shoes on. “Sounds like a plan.”

It takes us a couple minutes to change into more decent clothes, grab a couple bottles of water, wallets and car keys and get to the car. Yes, the car situation has also improved, from the old Chevrolet Impala Mitch used to drive to his brand new Ford truck.

“Music.” He requests as we leave the garage and he drives through the streets of Toronto.

I plug my phone to the auxiliary cord and look through my playlists on my phone. Mitch and I have always loved country music, growing up listening to Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Dolly Parton… So it is only fitting for us to listen to some old and new country music. And it is also fitting to start with a song that talks about midnight walks, ‘Leave the night’ on by Sam Hunt.


They roll the sidewalks in this town
All up after the sun goes down

“Good one.” He agrees.

And I ain’t anywhere close to tired
Your kiss has got me wired

I laugh when Mitch starts singing and swaying without getting his eyes off the road. I pull my window down and stick my hand out, moving it like it is a wave against the chill air of a Toronto summer night.


Mitch takes his right hand from the wheel and laces his fingers with mine, leaving our hands resting on my lap. The song keeps sounding and we keep singing until it finishes.

We don’t have to go home, we can leave the night on
We can leave the night on

“Can I request a song, DJ?” He says and I nod. “ ‘Jolene’ by the Queen.”

Mitch always calls Dolly Parton ‘Queen’. I nod again and go through my playlist, looking for the song. It is the perfect song to scream and destroy.

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I’m begging of you please don’t take my man
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

PLEASE DON’T TAKE HIM JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN.” I sing and Mitch squeezes my hand.

“Nobody could take me away from you, baby.” Mitch assures me and I smile to the window.

“I wouldn’t let anyone take you from me.” I say to him, tracing patterns with my thumb on his hand.


A couple more songs play before we get to the pizza place, ‘Friday night’ by Eric Paslay and ‘Ready set roll’ by Chase Rice. Neither of us say anything else; we just hum to the music, deep in thought. I don’t know what Mitch is thinking, but he squeezes my hand from time to time, it is almost rhythmic.

Lucca’s pizza has been our new spot since the season started. It is really close to the ACC, where the Leafs play. We would go out for a late dinner there after every home game; sometimes just both of us, sometimes Auston came, sometimes Auston and Will came, sometimes the whole team came… It is open twenty-four hours a day and, to be honest, I don’t think they even close at Christmas.

Mitchy parks right by the door of the small place and puts the car on park, turning off the engine soon after.

“Let’s get something to eat.” He says, opening the door and stepping on the pavement.

The place isn’t crowded, it never is. Julia, Lucca’s daughter, says hi to us the moment we walk in. We don’t even need to order, she knows what we want. We sit on our table and Julia brings us our drinks, diet coke and ice tea.

“A penny for your thoughts.” I tell him, taking a sip of my coke.

“I was just thinking about how insane this year has been… We were driving around, listening to country music and now you are in college, I’m playing hockey…”

“You aren’t just playing hockey, dummy.” I say. “You are an NHL rookie star.”

“At the end of the day I’m just doing what I’ve always wanted… play hockey.” He states and I laugh, but I don’t say anything else.

Our pizza arrives soon after, a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and extra pepperoni, because Mitch is this extra at everything. We eat, talking about what we should do next week, whether we should go on vacation somewhere or go to the cabin my family has at the lake… Time flies when we are together, an hour goes by and before we know it we should get home. Mitch pays the bill, leaving a huge tip as always and we are soon getting in the car and driving away.

“Alrighty bad boy, we need a great last song and I’m gonna let you choose.” I say. “Make it a good one, babe. You’ve already lost your movie right for the next hundred years.”

“But (y/n)…” He catches the glare I send him, because he reconsiders. “Okay okay… ‘That’s my kind of night’ by Mr. Luke Bryan himself.”

“Do you realize that you are the one winding me up and taking me downtown, right?” I laugh and he slaps my shoulder softly.

“You know that I’d take you anywhere you’d like.”

“West Virginia, baby I don’t care?” I answer, using a line from ‘Anywhere with you’ by Jake Owen.

“Oh, now we are speaking country, huh.” He says and I laugh. “You are holy, holy, holy.” He quotes a line from ‘H.O.L.Y’ by Florida Georgia Line.

“Are you high on loving me?” I ask.

“You are the best thing that has ever be mine.” He stops on a red traffic light, singing me the chorus of ‘Mine’ by Taylor Swift, and I can’t help it but to grab him by the collar of his shirt and bring him to me, our lips crashing into a way-too-cliché kiss.