Are you interested in watching Adventure Time, but intimidated by the thought of watching 252 episodes? Have you watched the series before, but want to watch again without any filler episodes (unless it’s Bubbline, of course)? This is for you!

After seeing a request in the ATimers tag, I have compiled a list of all the Adventure Time episodes that contain major plot, important backstory, major characterization, and/or Bubbline moments. I have also included optional episodes that I think will increase your understanding/enjoyment of the show (I put the reason next to it; if it says something about being an arc, backstory, characterization, etc., be warned that not watching may make the major plot points of the show a bit more confusing for you). 

I condensed the show down to 128 of the 10-minute episodes (69 episodes if you don’t watch any of the optional episodes). Optional episodes are in italics. Episodes with Bubbline moments, characterization of Marcy/Princess Bubblegum (PB), or major backstory/plot related to Marcy/PB are in bold. Anything with a an asterisk (*) can be watched at any time (order doesn’t matter, though you may still want to watch it in the same season). 

I hope this helps someone out since I spent three hours putting it together! Without further ado… 

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Little Locket (Jake X MC)

Soooo I’m pretty sure this is the first fanfic I’ve posted on my blog, and it’s a bit messy and a bit rushed but I really wanted to participate in the ChoicesCreates Carnival this week since I was too busy to get around to it last week, so I hope y'all like it! Rated PG
I’m in my room mentally preparing myself for the imminent battle with the Watchers when Jake pokes his head through the doorway. “Hey Princess, mind if I come in?”
I grin at him. “Don’t mind at all.”
He enters the room and takes a seat next to me on my bed. “You ready for this?” He asks. I sigh, then answer, “I kinda have to be, whether I really am or not.” Jake nods. “Try not to worry about it too much, I have confidence in you. You’re strong, and I know you’ll make it through this.” His words help to reassure me, and I give him an appreciative smile.
Out of habit, my hands subconsciously go to play with the little locket I always wear around my neck. Jake notices what I’m doing.
“That’s a nice locket there Princess, is there anything in it?” I hesitate for a moment before replying. “Yeah, actually.”
I pop it open to reveal a photo of myself, only much younger, around 12 years old or so. Jake takes a look and grins. “Wow Princess, I guess you’ve been pretty your whole life, haven’t you?” I blush slightly and run my thumb over the small image. Normally I wouldn’t show this to anyone else except for Diego, but after the things I’ve been through with Jake I’ve grown to trust him like I’ve known him forever.
As I would expect, Jake is curious. “So, is there any specific reason you carry around a photo of your younger self? What’s the story behind this picture, Princess?”
I take a deep breath, remember I can trust him, and speak. “Well, you see, I used to be a very different person than the one I am today. I’ve grown a lot over the years, but I could never be who I am now if it weren’t for the things that have happened to who I used to be. So I like to carry around a piece of my old self just as a reminder of how far I’ve come in life, and to help me to not be afraid of change. …Sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense.”
Jake stands there in silence for a moment, a look of deep thought on his face. I worry he might be judging me or thinking I seem stupid, but then he speaks.
“You know, when you say things like that, it makes me want to be a better person.”
The fact that he understands fills me with relief and adoration. “I’m glad I could inspire you, but I already think you’re a wonderful person.”
I lean over and press a gentle kiss to his lips, earning me an adorable genuine smile from him. He tells me, “MC, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Taking his hand and giving it a small squeeze, I tell him, “You won’t have to worry about that. Whatever happens to us, we’ll be together through all of it.”
Jake tilts his head down to kiss me deeply, his soft lips tasting of tropical fruits. When he pulls back, he rests his forehead on mine. “I love you, MC.” Those small, simple, but incredibly powerful words are my favorite ones to hear from him. “I love you too, Jake.”
And love him I do. I really, really do.
So there it is, my first Choices fanfic! (At least, the first I’ve posted) sorry y'all have to deal with my terrible inability to make paragraphs but hopefully you enjoyed it anyways! Thanks to @hollyashton for organizing the Choices Creates Carnival and inspiring me to post my writing! 😄

Do Him Justice (Jake X Female MC)

Title - Do Him Justice (Jake X Female MC) Request - Fanfic where Jake is taking care of pregnant MC and its a boy and a girl and they’re thinking of names ❤
Pairing - Jake X Female MC
Word Count - 437

His arms wrapped around your torso and your enlarged stomach, his fingers rubbing gentle circles on your skin under your shirt, his calming breath on your neck and shoulder as he peppered them with light kisses… Everything was perfect in that moment.

You were half sitting and half laying on your couch, him holding you close from behind, occasionally playing with your hair. It was unbelievably relaxing.

The short moment of silence broke when he spoke sleepily, “Hey..?”

“Yeah..?” You chuckled as he began placing quick kisses down your neck.

“We still have to think of a name for him…” he breathed, biting softly onto your shoulder.

“Him? You seem confident that they’re a him..” your eyelids closed contentedly as his right hand moved from your stomach to your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“I’m very confident,” he smirked and moved his mouth towards your ear, nibbling on it softly and attacking your neck below it with his lips, “either way, we still need names…”

“Any ideas hot shot?” You questioned, leaning into his touch.

“If they’re a girl we should name her… Nicole,” he started, “I’ve always liked that name.”

“Ok but if you’re choosing the name for them if they’re a girl than I’m choosing the one if they’re a boy,” you teased and pulled his hand up to your mouth to place kisses on the back of and across his fingers.

“Ok fine,” he faked a playful sound of dislike towards the idea and you rolled your eyes and he finished, “So what were you thinking then princess?”

“Hmm…” you thought about it, names racing through your head and the idea struck you, and as you spoke you hoped he would take it well, “I was thinking we could name him Michael?”

He nodded against your cheek and when it dawned on him slowly he froze, “A little Mike, huh?”

“Yeah, if that’s alright?” You offered, in case he would’ve preferred it differently.

“It’s perfect,” he grinned against your skin as he pressed a kiss to your shoulder.

“I’m glad you like it,” you chuckled and allowed your eyelids to close and as you drifted to sleep you swore you could hear him chuckle to himself and mutter something along the lines of “it’ll do him justice,” and with that he drifted off to sleep with you.

The Adventure Time Timeline

so i made a list of adventure time episodes that you should watch in case you haven’t seen the whole show/ones that are relevant to the storyline with the help of this post

S01 EP05 | “The Enchiridion” {finn and jake find the enchiridion)
S01 EP25 | “His Hero” {finn meets billy)
S02 EP18 | “Susan Strong ” (finn and jake meets susan and the humans)

S02 EP25 | “Mortal Folly” (the lich escapes)
S02 EP26 | “Mortal Recoil” (bubblegum is possessed by the lich)
S03 EP05 | “Too Young ” (meets lemongrab, PB is normal)

S03 EP07 | “Still ” (finn meets his comet spirit)
S03 EP14 | “Beautopia” (finn helps susan strong)
S03 EP18 | “The New Frontier” (cosmic owl appears in jake’s dream)
S03 EP19 | “Holly Jolly Secrets” (simon petrikov’s video logs)
S03 EP20 | “Holly Jolly Secrets” (simon petrikov’s video logs)
S03 EP25 | “Dads Dungeon” (joshua’s past)
S04 EP15 | “Son of Mars” (magic man’s past)
S04 EP25 | “I Remember You” (marceline and ice king reconnect)

S04 EP07 | “In Your Footsteps” (a bear finds the enchiridion)
S04 EP18 | “King Worm” (finn dreams of the future)
S04 EP26 | “The Lich” (the lich kills billy and makes a wish)
S05 EP01 | “Finn the Human” (finn wishes for a different reality)
S05 EP02 | “Jake the Dog” (jake wishes to correct the mistakes)

S05 EP34 | “The Vault” (shoko and bubblegum meet)
S05 EP45 | “Blade of Grass” (finn gets a new sword)
S05 EP48 | “Betty” (betty returns)

S05 EP52 | “Billy’s Bucket List” (finn finishes billy’s bucket list)
S06 EP01 | “Wake Up” (the lich returns once again)
S06 EP02 | “Escape From the Citidel” (finn meets his father)
S06 EP04 | “The Tower” (finn tries to steal martin’s arm)
S05 EP06 | “Breezy” (finn gets a new arm)

S06 EP16 | “Joshua and Margaret Investigations (jake and jermaine’s story)
S06 EP19 | "Is That You?” (prismo is revived)
S06 EP20 | “Jake the Brick” (jake livestreams his experience as a brick)
S06 EP24 | “Evergreen” (the origin of the ice crown)
S06 EP33 | “Jermaine” (finn and jake visit jermaine)
S06 EP35 | “Graybles 1000+” (the future of ooo)
S06 EP38 | “You Forgot Your Floaties” (betty becomes magic woman)

S06 EP25 | “Astral Plane” (finn has an out of body experience)
S06 EP26 | “Gold Stars” (sweet p has his first vision)
S06 EP27 | “The Visitor” (martin returns to ooo)
S03 EP36 | “Hoots” (orgalorg reawakens)
S06 EP39 | “Be Sweet” (sweet p has his second vision)
S06 EP40 | “Orgalorg” (the sotry of orgalorg)
S06 EP41 | “On the Lam” (martin’s space adventures)
S06 EP42 | “Hot Diggity Doom (orgalorg initiates his plan)
S06 EP43 | "The Comet” (finn fights orgalorg)

S07EP6-13 | “Stakes” (marceline miniseries)