Drew this the other day, eugh

Long time ago, someone at DA or somewhere commented me that they imagined Jak’s mother to have a long (green?) hair on thick braid. Since then I’ve always wanted to draw Jak’s mother with that green, long hair. And I finally did!

Some Jak and Daxter doodles <3

I might take that cute buddy shot of the boys and polish it into a finished piece. ITS CUTE. I imagine Daxter is telling Samos to piss off and Jak can’t help himself from laughing.

Top is the little boys, as I headcanon them to be at that age; Dax a Beach Urchin child and frankly pretty lonely, Jak being very casually introduced to Eco and his destiny <3<3<3

Aw happy boys.

Also my headcanon Undercut Ashelin and a shoddily drawn Keira.