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Nie wiem, czy przyjmujesz zamówienia, ale Adaś z Julkiem na rękach to coś, co każdy chciałby zobaczyć!

W sumie to już narysowałam jeden rysunek jak Adaś nosi Julka na rękach (chyba w zakładce doodle jest)
Ale kolejny słowackiewicz nie zaszkodzi nie? (wybacz, że tak długo nie odpowiadałam, czasu nie mogłam znaleźć .w.’’’)

Szczerze nie jestem zbyt dumna z tego szkicu… może za jakiś czas poprawię go i dodam więcej kolorów!


=Dakki Toya=

Drew this the other day, eugh

Long time ago, someone at DA or somewhere commented me that they imagined Jak’s mother to have a long (green?) hair on thick braid. Since then I’ve always wanted to draw Jak’s mother with that green, long hair. And I finally did!


[ AAAH I FINALLY HAVE IT THERE WE GO. My little art dump of my Beautiful Princess Keira. Featuring a disgruntled Jak, and the other two Princesses Ashelin and Tess! So the top ones are normal, and then the bottom one is an AU of mine in which Haven is sanctioned out into affiliated gangs– the one I drew was “Pretty Girls” which is Ash as the Big Boss and Keir and Tess as her crew. Most gangs have a way of identifying which one their from, so they somewhat imitate Ashelin’s KG markings with their own coloured paint! (Keir as green, and Tess as blue!) As well, all gang members earn a nickname, based on their personality or skill or certain event. The other gangs I think will be sectioned off with Torn/Jak/tbd as the “Underground” of course, and Jinx/Daxter/tbd, not sure what I want to call them yet…possibly the ‘Exterminators’. Of course Jak’s name is “The Renegade”. All gang members tend to cover up pretty well– if their mouths are not covered by a scarf/bandana/gas mask then at the very least their eyes are covered, half for protection of their body and protection of their identity! Having fun with this AU tbh especially since the way Dax/Jak/Keir meet up again is through a hardcore BRAWL between the three of them. Punches are thrown, fists meet teeth, they go hardcore man. They only stop when Keir lands a nasty blow on Dax’s goggles and he has to finally lift them up and then she goes ‘wtf’ and pulls off her goggles/bandana, they have a staredown as Jak comes in yelling about ready to fuck shit up until OH HEY WAIT AREN’T THOSE MY OLD FRIENDS FROM EONS AGO? Also in tune with Dax’s adventures as an exterminator he has heavy pyro tendencies and carries a flamethrower as his weapon it’s fuckin awesome. Really also excited about this au because it’s super heavy OT3 Sandover trio. Also everyone’s a little more…off their rocker. 

….didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant WOW OK ENJOY <333 ]