I heard you all wanted more Sig; I’m planning to do a proper in-depth headcanon post soon, but in the meantime here’s a quick sketchpage!

Short-haired or bald Sig seems to be the most prevalent headcanon and I’ve always ascribed to it, BUT I’m also loving the braids.
So I’m gonna say he previously had longer hair and started shaving his head when he first went to Haven. This was mostly for practical reasons (it’s not a hairstyle he could easily maintain on his own and his visits back to Spargus were brief) and there might have been an appearance factor as well (he initially thought he’d have to blend in more, and/or it was beneficial for him to go for a more stereotypical ‘muscle-headed tough guy’ look while working for Krew). After returning to Spargus in a world where Damas lived like he should have he’d probably grow it back out again.

thedarkrose17  asked:

Jak and Daxter or Voltron Legendary Defender take you pick 😊

Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you…

might as well do both ^-^ J&D first

  • ~Favorite Male: gah I can’t choose between jak and daxter
  • ~Favorite Female: Keira, she’s awesome
  • ~Favorite Pairing: Jak x Keira tho I can see the appeal of Jaxter in certain Aus
  • ~Least Favorite Character: Samos, he’s just a dick
  • ~Who’s most like me: hmmmmmm, I’d have to say Daxter, mainly for the sarcasm lol
  • ~Most attractive: Jak definitely
  • ~Three more characters that I like: Tess, Torn, and Onin

And now for Voltron:

  • ~Favorite Male: THAAAAAACE, sweet space dad who just wants to love his son (shut up it’s totally canon)
  • ~Favorite Female: Shay, like omg best character, I love her so much
  • ~Favorite Pairing: Hunay (but also Shallura, and kinda Klance)
  • ~Least Favorite Character: hmm…… I don’t really have one……. Zarkon I guess but that’s just bc he’s trying to take over the universe, not bc he’s badly written
  • ~Who’s most like me: Lance xD I too, am a piece of shit
  • ~Most attractive: Shiro, my space husband.
  • ~Three more characters that I like: Keith, Allura, and Hunk

but I mean I would trust Sucker Punch to do justice with the franchise, after I played the Infamous series. <_>

but seriously just pass it off to someone who can make a good game already and actually gives a flying fuck about the great worldbuilding and writing that was set up. like it’s literally just a gold mine of creative material to work with that can go in so many directions and nothing is happening with it. 8]


I am currently looking to make a little bit of extra money bc the holidays are coming up fast! So, here are some cheap sketch commission options. AND AS FOR THE FULLBODY SKETCHES! If you want a pairing or etc. it will be an extra $6 for each added character.

I will draw:

  • anything
  • literally anything
  • furries, gore, smut, mecha, you name it, i’ll fuckin’ draw it
  • come at me bros