As another poster before me had put it, Jak had his dad die, his religion debased, and found the dude who was responsible for separating him from his dad as a toddler, all in like 5 minutes, just let him be upset for a minute ok.

Pretty sure that aside from the shock, I’m sure he at least had a moment of wanting everyone around him to just get fucked.



The entire Jak and Daxter series, along with Jak X, are all coming to PS4!!!




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my favorite thing about the idle animation in jak 2 and 3 is that its just daxter trying to get a reaction out of jak or cheer him up

i mean in one, jak looks bored so he covers his eyes and scrambles up and down jaks body probably trying to get him to laugh or giggle

he does the old dances he did when they found a power cell in tpl just for fun

and it actually pays off when jak laughs, actually LAUGHS at him making stupid faces

daxter is just such a good friend, hes absolutely perfect, trying to make his emotionally damaged best friend laugh even though his life sucks