Things that are legal in Haven City:

  • Stealing any parked vehicle
  • Stealing a civilian vehicle that is being driven
  • Destroying any civilian vehicle
  • Vehicular homicide of a pedestrian
  • Vehicular homicide of a civilian in a vehicle
  • Armed homicide of a civilian in a vehicle
  • Attacking a pedestrian unarmed
  • Open carry of loaded firearms
  • Firing a weapon in public
  • Destruction of public property

Things that are illegal in Haven City:

  • Bumping into a pedestrian with a hoverboard
  • Carpooling

Inktober Day 27 - Creepy & Jaktober Day 27 - Lurker Shark

I’ve decided to combine the prompts as a challenge to myself. I really hope to post a couple more.

You see in the games that waste of some sort is being dumped into the harbor. There is also a lack of lurker sharks in any bodies of water. Perhaps connection?

I have always found it chilling to see something once threatening and scary reduced to something pitiful and weak. Jak and Dax face their old nemesis, but somehow… they just found themselves feeling sad.

(I cheated and did a bit of digital shading in that top one.)


Thanks everyone who came by at AMC over the weekend! ended up making a little wall of doodles ^^’ and a thank you to @ashethehedgehog for makin more doodles and the fancy post-it notes :D

my favorite thing about the idle animation in jak 2 and 3 is that its just daxter trying to get a reaction out of jak or cheer him up

i mean in one, jak looks bored so he covers his eyes and scrambles up and down jaks body probably trying to get him to laugh or giggle

he does the old dances he did when they found a power cell in tpl just for fun

and it actually pays off when jak laughs, actually LAUGHS at him making stupid faces

daxter is just such a good friend, hes absolutely perfect, trying to make his emotionally damaged best friend laugh even though his life sucks