My aunt Halima Khaddash, from Al-Jalazon refugee camp, in front of Jaffa’s sea after not seeing it for 78 years, and she is a child once more. She took her shoes off  as she played in the waves like a child. Words fell from her mouth, ones I could not understand. I asked her what she said, and she replied “nothing amti, nothing.”

As we got into the car to drive back to Ramallah, she asked me and Tarek “Why didn’t you leave me by the sea a little longer?”

Tarek cried; and I didn’t respond.

عمتي حليمة خداش( سكان مخيم الجلزون) ، أمام بحر يافا بعد  78سنة من رؤيتها له وهي طفلة لأول مرة، أيام البلاد.
 خلعت حذاءها،  لعبت بالموج كالاطفال،حدقت كثيرا في البحر، وسقط من فمها كلام لم أفهمه، كلما سألتها ماذا قلت عمتي، ردت: ولا اشي ولا اشي يا عمتي  . داخل السيارة في الطريق إلى رام الله قالت لي ولطارق بكري: ليش ما خليتوني كمان اشوي في البحر يا عمتي .
 بكى طارق.
لم أجب أنا.

(Photos and caption by Ziyad Khaddash)


The First picture shows the Palestinian city Yaffa (Jaffa) and part of what became ‪‎israel‬, and the picture on the Second shows a mass grave was found with the remains of 100 Palestinians have been massacred since 1948 in ‪‎Jaffa‬!
This is how they created their “state”.. by massacring my ancestors at the hands of the ‪‎zionist‬ gangs…