The First picture shows the Palestinian city Yaffa (Jaffa) and part of what became ‪‎israel‬, and the picture on the Second shows a mass grave was found with the remains of 100 Palestinians have been massacred since 1948 in ‪‎Jaffa‬!
This is how they created their “state”.. by massacring my ancestors at the hands of the ‪‎zionist‬ gangs…

Jaffa, Israel, July 4, 2016

Reasons to love Khadgar

Do you know that actor Tony Amendola voices Khadgar?

And do you know that Tony Amendola is, in fact, Master Bra’tac from Stargate: SG-1? That badass jaffa who was the first one to doubt Goa’ulds as true gods and worked his ass off to convince everyone else about it? 

He eventually succeeded and freed all Jaffa people from the false Goa’uld gods. And he knew that without unity and help from other friendly races, they would never succeed.

Ergo - Khadgar is now Master Bra’tac of World of Warcraft. He knows that we can defeat the Burning Legion only if we unite and get the help from everyone who is willing to do so. Thank you, Blizzard.