I’ve been going through all of Stargate, from the movie through Universe. And I’ve come to a realization.

When you apply all the knowledge we’ve learned about the Goa'uld to the original movie, Ra’s trip to Abydos becomes hilarious.
What we’ve learned is we see goa'uld with ARMIES of jaffa, in chainmail and full armor. And commanding fleets of warships and fully capable deathgliders.

Meanwhile, Ra shows up to Abydos with one pyramid ship, and as far as we know just TWO deathgliders only capable of atmospheric flight, and no jaffa. Just, maybe a dozen human guards.
Not only that, they were basically in jaffa beachwear. Sandals, and white skimpy linens.
And he brought all the kids.
This was a vacation.

From Ra’s point of view, this was like driving the kids out for a day at the beach, then The Spanish Inquisition pops up, starts a riot, puts an atomic bomb in his car, and leaves.

This post is a couple of months late, but I wanted to say a huge thank you to @blackash​ for making my little sister’s 21st birthday present. My sister adores her dodo plush, which she’s named Jaffa. She also calls it her ‘precious borb’. (Here’s the unboxing video- note the screeching noise she made when she first saw it.)

It was the second time that I’ve commissioned a plush from Blackash, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so, so much for putting all of those hours into making these plushes, and for making my little sister so happy!

Jaffa, Israel, July 4, 2016