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? but didn’t ken say his brother was a “박사" meaning he’s getting his doctorate (Ph.D) in his field… because the medical “doctor” we’re thinking of is “의사"…


[OTHER] VIXX (Ken) - ‘Chess’ The Musical Cast

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Hi! :) Can I have a Vixx reaction when you surprise them on their bday with an extremly sexy pole and lap dance? (u two date)

Leo: He sees you in lingerie, immediately choking on his food. You slowly walk towards him, biting your lip and leaning down to his ear and whispering something that makes his whole body shiver.

Hakyeon: Gives you bedroom eyes.

Ken: “Oh… ooooh.” His eyes widen as you straddle him, slowly grinding on the growling bulge in his pants.

Ravi: “Damn,” he whispers, seeing you slide down the pole and drop into a split.

Hyuk: Stares you down like a predator to its prey.

Hongbin: He tries to distract you from coming any closer, nervously chewing on his lips.