the roommate! jaehwan au that no one asked for

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pairing: kim jaehwan x reader
summary: Kim Jaehwan is a slacker and also, unfortunately, your roommate. Things get worse when you watch Jaehwan perform and discover that he’s actually talented.
(contains an excess of fluff and alcohol consumption. this is WAY longer than a bullet-point fic has the right to be but IT WANTED TO BE WRITTEN LOL)

  • you’re in your senior year and things are far worse than you expected
  • you get kicked out of your dorm because it’s overcapacity and the profit-oriented managers preferred to kick out seniors to make way for freshmen
  • “can you fucking believe this?” you’re throwing your shit in your bag angrily while somi, your best friend, scrolls through online ads for you
  • somi suggests you check out this roommate matching service she found on the school intranet bulletin board and disgruntled, you do
  • the owner seems reasonable enough, and her apartment is a block away from the university, so it’s not so bad
  • but your potential roommate is 30 minutes late and when he strides in he doesn’t even apologize, not even when you give him your trademarked evil glare
  • jaehwan is a little cute but you can already smell how much of a pain in the ass he’s going to be, and you’re not in your senior year to make friends
  • you need good grades because you’re looking to take a master’s degree right after, and jaehwan’s the slacker in your course who’s shifting to a music degree in your fourth year, so you’re not the most well-matched
  • after a couple of days as his roommate you already KNOW he’s gross because he leaves out the milk, which is your pet peeve
  • he makes you feel so much cleaner even if you’re pretty messy yourself because jaehwan, why did you bring three years’ worth of paperwork into your room
  • a week in and you institute a food-in-the-kitchen-only rule because you’re damn sure jaehwan’s been sneaking your gummy worms in his room but you have no proof
  • one day you’re stressed studying for a test and you’re eating coffee crumble ice cream on the sofa because youR GUMMY WORMS ARE STILL MISSING
  • and jaehwan comes in and raises an eyebrow at you, and you make a face at him and don’t notice how the ice cream drips onto the sofa
  • you spend ten minutes wiping it off and are so frustrated that you decide to take a quick nap to cool off
  • and you wake up with a clean blanket on you and you soften a little because maybe jaehwan isn’t so bad after all
  • somehow, the two of you become friends? you’re both taking the mandatory general english literature class in your fourth year and jaehwan becomes your partner for all the projects because everyone else in the class is a freshman
  • he quotes the cheesiest shakespeare lines at you and can’t pronounce beowulf properly, but you can rely on him to do the paper right and it’s a weight off your back, so you’re thankful
  • anyway, jaehwan loses a bet and ends up joining this weird competition with his friends
  • it’s a 90s throwback performance competition organized by some of the people at your old dorm so you go
  • and you’re cackling because jaehwan’s formed a boy band of sorts with his friends and their outfits are suitably dorky enough
  • then he starts to perform and you actually lose it because???? on-stage he’s not only got a killer voice but he also looks CLEAN and completely your type ESPECIALLY with that cocky look in his eyes
  • obviously they win and you congratulate him after, quipping about him replenishing the ice cream stock because he’s got the money for it now, but you can’t really look him in the eyes and you’re blushing a bit
  • “come to the afterparty,” he says with a lazy grin on his face, and you can’t help but say yes
  • you’re sort of freaking out about your attraction to him (and it’s the beginning of the semester anyway) so you get really fucking tipsy
  • so jaehwan’s sitting in a secluded corner, sipping at a beer and wanting to go home, wondering where you are so he can tease you about the starry-eyed look in your eyes while you were watching his performance
  • not that, you know, he was looking at you or anything
  • you stumble into the little booth where he’s hiding and looking very cute—you always look cute, jaehwan thinks before shaking the thought from his head—and he tries to say a cheesy line, probably gets the words, “one half of me is yours, the other—“ out before you plop yourself down in his lap and draw him close
  • and your mouth smells like sweet candy and tequila, and your eyes are dreamy and half-open, and your fingers are tracing his hairline gently, and jaehwan freezes, denying that he feels anything
  • your forehead is against his and you murmur something dumb like “you smell nice today” and he can feel your breath on his mouth, but before he can pull away your lips touch his chastely and he closes his eyes
  • then you pull away and your arms tighten around his neck, settling better on his lap, before saying, “you’re a nice bed, jaehwan, good night”
  • and jaehwan just sits there holding you until somi comes in to drag you off
  • “sorry, she gets a little cuddly when she’s drunk off her ass”
  • the next day you have a hangover like death and don’t remember anything after your third shot of gummy bear vodka
  • and jaehwan’s all shifty-eyed around you and you check all his shoes to see if you accidentally vomited on any of them
  • then somi tells you that you were cuddling when she found you and now you’re embarrassed as fuck
  • in class jaehwan can’t look at you until you’re working on something about austen, then you stare into each other’s eyes for far too long, and then he’s back to normal??
  • but he’s different, the apartment’s different, with piles of paper being brought out to the recycling shop and the ref actually well-stocked instead of having a single carrot and two pints of ice cream, and jaehwan always smells like that cologne he wore at the party and you can’t help but smile
  • and you try to camp out in the library and at cafes to study because you’re worried about the fact that seeing jaehwan makes your stomach do a little flip and that his smile is something you look forward to seeing in the morning
  • but one day you wake up late and have to study at your room and jaehwan is there writing music?? the sound of him playing his guitar is soothing and you’re able to finish writing your reviewers faster
  • so the two of you jam for a bit and you harmonize and it’s really nice? and there’s a moment when you’re close together, when you’re leaning your head on his shoulder and watching him play the chords, and he pauses, you look up, and you see him watching you with a small smile and your heart beats faster
  • then you spring apart and thank him for his company then run off to your room, breathing like you’ve run a marathon and feeling just as light-headed
  • you shouldn’t have worried because you ace all your exams and get accepted into your target master’s program, and you spend the last few days as un undergrad chilling with your friends and maybe still avoiding jaehwan but hoping that somehow you see him in the halls
  • and one day you get back to your apartment a little early and jaehwan is there on your couch, looking cute and nervous and serious all at once, a determined look in his eyes, and you stare at each other for a few more seconds
  • “i still have to take a couple of lyrics and poetry classes because i don’t have the words to tell you how wonderful you are. i’ll miss you far more than i should, and though i know you don’t feel the same way, i want to tell you that i like you. even when you’re miles away, you’ll be on my mind. i like you a lot.”
  • and the surprised smile on your face grows as he confesses to you, and you begin to giggle as he says his last lines and jaehwan bites his lip, looking confused
  • you walk up to him and cup his face in your hands, and laugh as the tension drains out of him a little
  • “i won’t be going anywhere, silly. the best master’s program is the one here at university,” you say, and you see the relief on his face as he pulls you close
  • “damn you,” he says into your hairline, before settling you down onto the couch to tickle you relentlessly
  • and maybe you didn’t expect your year to end with you making out with your roommate on a calm, moonless night, but sometimes things work out better than expected

as of now, 1:25pm KST, we have exactly 1 year, 4 months, 1 week, 3 days, 11 hours, and 34 seconds and counting, until wanna-one’s disbandment do yoU HEAR ME CRYING

I can’t believe I have to say this too.


First of all thats fucking illegal so that should be enough reason for you??? Child porn is taken very seriously and if you are caught with it you will go to jail no excuses. 

Second of all Guanlin and Daehwi are fluent in english (+ Daniel) so wanna one can easily read what you write to and about them. 

From what I have seen, alot of people who do this are minors themselves, but guess what? that doesn’t matter its still illegal. I remember reading on the news of some 16 year old who had nudes of his girlfriend, and he was charged as a adult having child porn (so the law does not give a fuck how old you are its ILLEGAL).

Think about it this way, even if you are the same age as the minors of wanna one, not everyone on the internet is. Adults can easily access all the stuff you write (bc there are some creepy people on the internet) so just keep your thoughts to yourself please.