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Inktober 2018 day 17+18+19 SWOLLEN + BOTTLE + SCORCHED

day 17: Vanderwood got a bit busted during a mission - maybe MC can kiss the pain away? PS my marker died and it shows orz

day 18: Jaehee has been draining lots of wine during her years as an assistant - now they can come in use again as decoration for her café with MC~

day19: V has a pipe?? Which is so quirky I just love it? 


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I just really wanted to draw them all in their After Ending appearances. And I have no shame, I actually like Jumin with his hair slicked back. 

These actually started as thank you postcards for anyone who bought my Mystic Messenger charms. But I figured “why not make them gifs.” And I kept the “Thank you” cause I thought it was cute.


And as my brother puts it: “It’s like they’re thanking the player for giving them their happy ending.” 

Friendly reminder that Jumin Han:

  • Had gone through several kidnapping attempts when he was just a child, developing a deep trauma of being alone.
  • Even if he doesn’t get along with Jaehee and Zen, when they are in danger he does everything at his hands to keep them safe.
  • He thinks Jaehee as a efficient and trustworthy employee ( and we know is fucking hard to gain his trust)
  • He trust V at 100% even if it is obvious he is hiding secrets, Jumin still defend his friend.
  • He ALWAYS has to be responsible of V and Rika’s mistakes , especially in the secret endings and the another story endings.
  • He is the loneliest of all the RFA members,and honestly his “best friends” are shit.
  • Literally he was the second one that was closer to Rika,but no one cares about his well being, Damn, not even Jihyun asks if he is ok.
  • Damnit the only thing they do is to trash him in the messenger.
  • In Saeran’s normal end, in order to protect them,he offers Sae and MC to stay in his island even if he just knows they for only a few days,AND DOESN’T ASK ANYTHING IN RETURN!!!!!
  • His father, the only family he has,treats him more like an employee than a son.
  • OH! And he has to carry his father’s mistakes too! Amazing.
  • He is not lying about Elizabeth III being the only one who supports and understand him

Feel free to add more,we need to apreciate this man.

linda2r-deactivated20180217  asked:

Hey! I really love your art! You have such a unique and cute style! I had a really bad week.. can you please make a comic where Jaehee ( Baehee ) comforts a crying Mc? That would give me life! <3

my first Baehee comic omg… I had lots of jaehee comics but I would scrap them all ;__: I hope this will make you feel a little better. I want Jaehee to hug me in a blanket burrito too ;w; 

what am i doing?

Help. I’ve fallen hard for Mystic Messenger and I can’t get up. 

I’m one of those fans who have multiple MCs, cause damn they all deserve to be happy. It’s just more fun that way for me ^-^ In all my MM headcanons, art, and fanfics- I always use these girls. 

How their story works is that Unknown has 5 different girls to choose to send to the RFA, and whichever member he wants to manipulate determines which girl he chooses to be the party planner (and therefore determining what route the player is on.) All 5 of them were specifically chosen because Unknown knew they would have the most significant influence on their target RFA member.

If you want to know who they are and read more about them, just continue under the cut!

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