RFA+ Minor Trio React to MC Dressed in a Cute Onesie for Halloween!!

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  • You dress up in a bunny onesie!
  • You even paint a litte, pink love heart nose on.
  • He dies!
  • He like, a stammering mess.
  • He absolutely loves it. 
  • He probably hasn’t seen anything so precious in his entire life.
  • Loves that he has such a cute girlfriend.
  • Especially loves others seeing that he has a cute girlfriend, SUCK IT ZEN!
  • He almost passes out when you offer to shake your bunny tail for him.


  • You dress up in a fox onesie!
  • Glad it’s not a cat onesie. 
  • Extremely glad you aren’t dressed in a revealing costume! It covers everything!
  • Won’t stop telling you how cute you look! 
  • Keeps kissing your forehead, because he just can’t resist!
  • Won’t stop calling you his “Foxy Lady”. 
  • Shut up Zen. 
  • Still keeps you close to him when out in public, because “men are still beasts, who love to prey on cuties like you!”
  • Sorry Zen, the only beast here is you.
  • Can’t wait to help you out of it later. I am so sorry


  • You wear an owl onesie, with wings under the arms.
  • She can’t help but giggle when she sees you!
  • She blushes a lot. 
  • She shyly tells you how cute you look. 
  • Definitely steals it after Halloween, just the wear around the house though. Jaehee dressed in an owl onesie sounds like the best thing ever
  • Holds your hand at every opportunity.
  • She can’t stop smiling every time she looks at youuu!
  • Honestly feels a little jealous when anyone else calls you cute, never says anything about it though. Don’t worry Jaehee, you are THE BEST!


  • You already know what you are wearing guys smh. 
  • You are wearing a cat onesie, it is white and fluffy just like Elizabeth. 
  • You even tie a pink ribbon around your neck. 
  • Jk… He is too good at controlling himself. 
  • But the smirk on his face when you come out, oof. 
  • He is dying on the inside.
  • Takes a million photos of you and Elizabeth together.


  • When you come out in a green T-Rex onesie, Saeyoung pretends to be shocked. 
  • “What is a dinosaur doing in my bunker???? Did you eat MC?”
  • Makes so many dinosaur puns.
  • “MC, that onesie is Dino-mite!” 
  • ffs
  • He thinks you are super cute though.
  • Definitely pulls on your tail a couple of times. 
  • You threaten to eat him and he screams.
  • Like Jaehee, definitely steals it for himself after Halloween. 
  • Honestly dresses in a onesie too, he loves matching costumes with you!!!!


  • You wear a yellow duck onesie.
  • V thinks it is so funny! 
  • Soft boy is laughing so much. 
  • Definitely takes so many goofy pictures of you.
  • You start to quack and he’s actually dying laughing. 
  • You’ve never seen him laugh so much. 
  • He just can’t help it! You look so adorable and silly! 
  • He keeps holding your face, just smiling down at you. 
  • You are the cutest duck he’s ever seen!


  • You dress up in a Koala onesie!
  • Soft boy no. 2′s mouth drops open when you come out in it. 
  • “So cute…” he whispers to himself.
  • Safe to say he loves it anyways. 
  • He doesn’t stop hugging you all day, because you feels so soft!
  • He likes to wrap his arms around you from behind, and rest his head on your shoulder.
  • He will throw a dirty look at anyone who looks at you though!
  • He lights up and giggles while playing with your fabric ears.
  • You beg him to dress up a onesie with you next year, but it will definitely take some convincing. Saeran in a bunny onesie X_X


  • Was kinda hoping you were going to come out in something sexy when you said you were changing into your Halloween costume.
  • But couldn’t hold back a smile when you came out in a pink unicorn onesie. 
  • Loves it a lot more than he likes to admit. 
  • Won’t hesitate to deck anyone who looks at your cute self for too long.
  • Rolls his eyes playfully when you nudge him with your horn. I could make a terrible joke here but I want to keep it as pg as possible.
  • Acts like he doesn’t care about the costume on the outside, but on the inside he has a bad case of the butterflies. 
  • How can someone look so good in a onesie??????
  • Holds you tighter than usual in bed that night.

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Im a short girl with short wavy brown hair. Also, I have light brown eyes. My favorite color is teal and my favorite food are hamburgers. I like to wear blouses, jeans and boots, anything casual and comfortable. My hobbies are drawing, sewing and crafting. My favorite season is winter.

You’re going on a date with … Jaehee!

  • As much as she loves summer, Jaehee has been feeling quite excited about winter ever since she started dating you. It’s your favorite season after all. Plus, she has a soft spot for oversized sweaters and comfy clothes in general and winter days are just perfect for wearing those inside while chilling on the couch.
  • For your date, however, Jaehee doesn’t mind getting a bit cold.
  • She shows up at your door, all smiles and red cheeks, early in the morning, two steaming cups of coffee in her hand.
  • There’s a nearby park that she’s wanted to take you to ever since she took a stroll in it during the summer. It was such a quiet, beautiful place then that she made a promise to herself to come back to it with you once the first snow of this winter falls.
  • Sure enough, it is even more beautiful than she thought it would be, with the tall trees looking magnificent in their white winter garb. So much so, that Jaehee finds herself saying what’s on her mind without thinking. “Let’s build a snowman, MC!”
  • Your date ends with you two cuddling on your couch, wrapped up in a blanket, and scrolling through all the photos you took this day. Before you know it, Jaehee dozes off, her cheek on your shoulder, exhausted from the day out. Soon enough, you follow suit, lulled to sleep by her even breathing.

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Hey I know your requests ale closed but I was wondering if you would willing to write when you will open your requests about Minor Trio and the RFA reacting to MC playing Elizabeth Schuyler in musical „Hamilton”. If you don’t want to its totalny fine ! Have great day darling!

RFA + Minor Trio’s reaction with a Mc who plays Elizabeth Schuyler in ,,Hamilton’’

Wow. It took me a LIFETIME! Tbh I only watched a little bit of the musical but if I have the chance in the future, I would like to watch it live…! Well, here you are. It‘s probably shitty but I hope everyone enjoys the Hc! 
Ps. I would like to link my favorite songs….! 
Who lives, who dies-who tells your story, Satisfied, First Burns


  • ,,Huh? A surprise?“ Jumin smirked as he saw a ticket for a musical. 
  • He thought it was odd that it was only one. 
  • He could have bought the whole musical if he would have want. 
  • But he still visited the place wondering, where you were staying. 
  • When Jumin realized, that you were playing Elizabeth, he teared up. 
  • He was really happy that so many people watched you, your talent. 
  • The song ,,Who dies, who lives- who tells your story“ made him cry even harder. 
  • He got so reminded of his own relationship with you. 
  • You, who supported him and loved him the way he was. 
  • You were the perfect Elizabeth…
  • After the musical Jumin hugged you strongly and thanked you for your support and you thanked him, for his visit. 
  • ,,Of course I would come to see my beautiful wife!“ 


  • ,,Mc! Mc! Guess what! I play a big role in a musical! I will play Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton!’’
  • Zenny told you. 
  • You looked at him with big eyes, your mouth wide open. 
  • ,,What…? Aren’t you happy for me?’’ he asked you a bit dissappointed. 
  • ,,What? No Zenny. I just….I will play Elizabeth Schuyler in Hamilton.’’ you told him and then smiled. 
  • Zenny and you were going to play in a musical together! 
  • Zen was so happy about that he kissed and hugged you. 
  • This was the first step in your carrier together. 
  • When he however read the script, he had to tear up. 
  • Even if you weren’t Eliza, he was so proud of you. 
  • Because he really thought, that this was your perfect character. 
  • And he really thought about it, would you later in the future do all this what Eliza did for Alexander after he died…?
  • And then he knew, you would do even better…..


  • He really thought he would fall asleep when he heard that you would play in your first musical. 
  • For you he drank a lot of coffee. 
  • But in the end he was sure, he would have never fall asleep. 
  • Your role was just amazing. 
  • He could feel the feelings of the actors. 
  • The most hurtful part was, when Angelica had her speech on the wedding. 
  • He didn’t knew why, he just got remembered of Rika and hoped, that she would be happy that he now found you…
  • That she would have done the same for the two of you….that at least you were satisfied now.


  • Jaehee loved musicals a lot.
  • And so when you told her that you were playing a role in Hamilton she really got excited. 
  • But sadly you didn’t tell her who you were playing. 
  • When she then saw you in your first song, she teared up. 
  • You looked so beautiful.
  • Your dress fitted you so good, your role was so perfect. 
  • Since then, she loved your musicals more than Zen’s….! 
  • She begged you every night to sing the last song because your song was way too perfect…! 


  • ,,Really?’’ he asked you when you told him that you were going to play Elizabeth Schuyler. 
  • He perhaps got even more excited than you. 
  • And since he got ancious before the Musical began, he made you afraid. 
  • ,,Saeyoung! Shut up and go away! I will screw up because of you!’’ 
  • But in the end, you played your role so much better than he thought. 
  • That’s why he filmed the whole act and posted everything on YouTube. 
  • And made you to the super star of this play! 
  • You had even more clicks then Zen had! 


  • He didn’t know what or who Hamilton was but when you told him, he was excited. 
  • And proud of you. 
  • The song ,,First Burn’’ made him fall in love with you even more. 
  • He didn’t know why but he somehow felt sorry for you. 
  • Your anger and hate but love for Alexander was so strong that he began to cry. 
  • He didn’t know why but he hoped, that he would never let you feel like that. 
  • He already knew that he would have been proud of you and that’s why be bought 1000 roses for you. 
  • In the end of the musical he threw them at you, to show everyone that you were his and he was yours. 
  • That he loved you. 


  • ,,God…I love music but I really think that tonight I will fall asleep in the Orchester.’’ Jihyun told you while he slipped his coffee. 
  • ,,Where will you play in?’’ you asked him. 
  • ,,Oh, in the musical Hamilton.’’ he responded. 
  • He watched your reaction. 
  • You let your knife fall and looked at him. 
  • ,,But dear, I will play Elizabeth in that Musical!’’ 
  • Now it was his time letting the coffee mug fall. 
  • How was it possible that he didn’t knew that you were going to play in a musical?! 
  • He was scared, didn’t he listen to you? 
  • When the show finally began, he even stopped playing because he watched you. 
  • Your amazing role, your beauty, he was caught by your role…. 
  •  He got fired from that Musical but he didn’t regret it if it meant that he had the chance to see you. 


  • ,,Wow. I’m not interested.’’ his response was. 
  • ,,Yeah? Why are you coming along?’’ you asked him angry. 
  • Three hours later you asked him how your part was.
  • ,,I fell asleep every time you began to play.’’ he answered and walked away. 
  • But the truth was, that he cried in the end and tried to hid his excitement that way. 
  • Because you were just amazing…! 
  • And to be honest, in his opinion you really deserved a musical on your own! 


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RFA as texts from my friends + other ppl

Jumin: My fucking cat threw up on my fucking bed again I’m gonna shit in her food

Jaehee: I had espresso from a nespresso machine today and I regret every choice I’ve ever made in my life

Yoosung: YALL THE FUCKIN BUS BROKE DOWN AND I HAVE TO P E E on the bright side: i miss math

Zen: big bean, big peen. Lesbians.//appreciate the ass you got

Seven: fill my skeleton with salami and the person brave enough to eat from it gets all my possessions

Saeran: im a nasty gremlin i cant wait until i perish

V: Does it HAVE to be meth?//I’m kin with the bag of chips you took scissors to

Vanderwood: I can’t wait to watch his death in HD

Rika: brb gonna eat some ok ass

MC: want some blood and a bottom :/

You’re so





Selling my soul ‘cause I’m a corporate slave

I watched the first episode of Aggretsuko recently and I couldn’t help thinking about my favourite stressed-out office worker wife. Jaehee may prefer musicals to metal, but the message stays the same … Stay strong girls!

Friendly reminder that Jumin Han:

  • Had gone through several kidnapping attempts when he was just a child, developing a deep trauma of being alone.
  • Even if he doesn’t get along with Jaehee and Zen, when they are in danger he does everything at his hands to keep them safe.
  • He thinks Jaehee as a efficient and trustworthy employee ( and we know is fucking hard to gain his trust)
  • He trust V at 100% even if it is obvious he is hiding secrets, Jumin still defend his friend.
  • He ALWAYS has to be responsible of V and Rika’s mistakes , especially in the secret endings and the another story endings.
  • He is the loneliest of all the RFA members,and honestly his “best friends” are shit.
  • Literally he was the second one that was closer to Rika,but no one cares about his well being, Damn, not even Jihyun asks if he is ok.
  • Damnit the only thing they do is to trash him in the messenger.
  • In Saeran’s normal end, in order to protect them,he offers Sae and MC to stay in his island even if he just knows they for only a few days,AND DOESN’T ASK ANYTHING IN RETURN!!!!!
  • His father, the only family he has,treats him more like an employee than a son.
  • OH! And he has to carry his father’s mistakes too! Amazing.
  • He is not lying about Elizabeth III being the only one who supports and understand him

Feel free to add more,we need to apreciate this man.

“Who would you choose ?” 

This is hella rushed cuz i wanted to try this out idea since yesterday and here it is lolol (ㆆᴗㆆ)