Do you wanna test some fonons
  • Do you wanna test some fonons



Do you wanna test some fonons

Let me just show you what I made

I never see you out of school

I’m not a fool

Stop pushing me away

I wish we could be buddies

the two of us

and Nephry but not that boy

Do you wanna test some fonons?

Long as it’s not the Seventh fonon.


Go away, Saphir.


Okay, bye.


Do you wanna test some fonons?

Or make a replica or two?

I think fomicry tests are overdue

Know we can do it if

we work just me and you

(Hang in there, Professor!)

It’s not that gets lonely

They’re just jealous of me

Still I’d like you by my side

(It’s Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose)



Please, I know you think that

I am not even worth your time

To you I’m just a villain with a runny nose

One of your foes, one you would kill.

I want those days to come back

When it was just you and me

I’ll bring the Professor back

Then surely you’ll want to test some fonons.

So I’ve been seeing everyone redraw that diner booth scene from Steven Universe with their OTP’s. I decided to quickly whip up my own spin on it just for fun. So… uh… here y’all go. It’s nothing special, seeing how it was only drawn in an hour or so… but… it’s something.


I just died inside….