Do you wanna test some fonons
  • Do you wanna test some fonons



Do you wanna test some fonons

Let me just show you what I made

I never see you out of school

I’m not a fool

Stop pushing me away

I wish we could be buddies

the two of us

and Nephry but not that boy

Do you wanna test some fonons?

Long as it’s not the Seventh fonon.


Go away, Saphir.


Okay, bye.


Do you wanna test some fonons?

Or make a replica or two?

I think fomicry tests are overdue

Know we can do it if

we work just me and you

(Hang in there, Professor!)

It’s not that gets lonely

They’re just jealous of me

Still I’d like you by my side

(It’s Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose)



Please, I know you think that

I am not even worth your time

To you I’m just a villain with a runny nose

One of your foes, one you would kill.

I want those days to come back

When it was just you and me

I’ll bring the Professor back

Then surely you’ll want to test some fonons.


I just died inside….

Return, Jade/Dist, 7800 words
Question: If we depart from the same place, standing back to back, approximately how long will it take before we meet again in the same place and see eye to eye?
Note: Nothing to warn for. Just pure, insufferable tsundere romance. (And spoilers, if those matter at this point.)

read @ AO3

I’ll say it again. I love these two. Everyone should ship them.

This was a really interesting writing experience, by the way. I started by writing all of the dialog and then filled in everything else in between.

I wrote down all my thoughts about TOA and Jade/Dist before I inevitably move on to the next thing and wipe it all from my brain.

…It turned out really long and kind of aimless, which is why I put it on my DW instead of here. Didn’t want to muck up any tags.

The majority of it is about Jade/Dist because I have a lottt of thoughts and feel very differently about them compared to the way I used to (and compared to how the rest of the fandom seems to see them), so… If you’re interested in that, then please consider the following.