When I say “I love you”, what I mean is, “Thank you for being here”
When I say “I love you”, what I mean is, “I’m still longing for you”
When I say “I love you”, what I mean is, “I get tired as well”
All my muscles shake and knees buckle, my arms are getting numb
That’s because when I say “I love you”, what I mean is, “I will work hard to earn it”
I will wait for you,
I will follow you,
And win your affections.
That’s because my “I love you” doesn’t end with just an “I love you”
My “I love you” comes with an acceptance that
This is the hardship that comes with love
Embrace it
And when I say “I love you”, what I mean is “The world is cruel and I love all your allies”
So let the storms come
Let me melt under the heat of the sun
Let me convince you that I’m also your ally
You are the future I’m dreaming of
You are the story that I won’t get tired of
You are the moment that I always reminisce
You are the rest that I need
You are all I breathe in
When I say “I love you”, what I mean is “I’m happy" 
Because my love, no matter how long the day is
I will come home to you
—  When I say “I love you”, Rico (Juan Miguel Severo)

Clark’s Version:

Meeting you was fate.
Becoming your friend was a choice.
But falling in love with you was beyond my control.

{Leah’s Ver}

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Why does my sappy romcom loving ass feel like this will be Yuuri and Victor in the next episode:

Like, whether he won gold or not, Yuuri is determined to break ties with Victor, just so he wouldn’t have to hold Victor back from returning to his first love, which is figure skating. Obviously, Victor’s having none of that cus gdi Yuuri how could you think of this  is this how you see me?? if anything i want to spend my entire life w you??? 

Cue an angsty airport scene, a bittersweet parallel to the airport scene in epsiode 9, with Yuuri leaving for home and Victor just stopping him, all white-knuckled grip and literally clinging to him like his life depended on it, a few minutes before boarding. Like Clark, he utters “Stay with me, please, stay” like a mantra in Yuuri’s ear. Tears, confessions and clearing of misconceptions ensue and then BAM

an all-out proposal

and then somehow they’re able to fit into the last episode the wedding scene that every fan had been awaiting since the first seventh goddamn episode to conclude the entire series. 

so yeah. my two cents on a possible scenario.

(btw this show is from the pinoy Teleserye On the Wings of Love, and much like YOI, love their bittersweet airport scenes and proposal scenes, like, in LOVE them.)

tbh i just need an excuse to make a parallel between YOI and OTWOL, and Victuuri and Jadine, and my cousin is telling me to shut up about it and just share it here so there. 


“It was worth every tear and every smile;
every slap and every kiss;
every sad and happy memory;
it was worth every time I lost you
just to find myself back in your arms again.
Destiny doesn’t decide everything.
It only gives us a little push in the right direction.
We decide if it’s worth fighting for;
worth waiting for.” - Clark Medina