“This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good...”


Those we’ve lost [1/] | Jacqui
There was a moment the other day, I mean it was just a second, but I forgot Jacqui was dead. I… I turned around, I wanted to tell her something, I almost said her name and it was just a second and then I remembered. But then I realized she didn’t have to see any of it… the highway, the herd, Sophia, Carl getting shot. She doesn’t have to be afraid anymore… hungry, angry. It’s like we live with a knife at our throats every second of every day, but Jacqui doesn’t, not anymore. And then I thought maybe Jenner was right.



I hope some of you will have fun colouring in my drawings of Elizabeth and Darcy, Anne and Captain Wentworth, Emma and Mr. Knightly, and all the other characters, moments and fashion from the world of Jane Austen. It’s out now and can be found through Penguin Random House or on Amazon.

If you do happen to pick one I’d love to see some of your work! It’s going to be so cool seeing how people translate it. Be sure to hashtag #colormejane!


Jacqui O.