Brian Jacques

Brian Jacques paces through Starbucks with a napkin in his hand, sweeping all the crumbs from the tables as he passes by. At first the barista thinks he’s either a germophobe or a good samaritan - but then she catches him surreptitiously handing his collection off to a small group of armored mice. The barista chases Jacques out with a broom. But have no fear: the Sparra will soon arrive to aid their rodent allies.

htjmfisherman says, “Common tropes within each book are overly desripitive [sic] feasts and food (he originally wrote the books for blind children) and extremely violent battles between woodland animals. I always loved the different personalities of the different animal species in each series.”

segalia says, “This series was a huge part of my childhood. There was always another great adventure, full of humor and feasts and heroes. It was a huge part in getting me into writing and helped me make many friends. Honestly, it formed a part of who I am today.“

icarusandstardust says, “Brian Jacques’ books were some of my favorites as a child; I loved the excited stories and the adventure (and the animals were a plus too, for a devout animal lover). The Redwall series cemented my status as a perpetual bookworm. I was introduced to the series 16 years ago by someone who is still my friend today, so there’s nostalgia for me there.”

evithermique says, “I loved pretending to sword fight with my brother; he was always a mouse and I was always a squirrel. Jess was awesome.”

gwaihiril says, “I read the first 11 or so Redwall books; my parents bought be a membership in the Redwall Readers’ Club sometime after the 6th book. My dad traveled a lot for work in those days, so he’d bring back the UK editions, which at the point often came out sooner than the American.”

museumowl says, “The most foundational author for me that I’d like to see would be Brian Jacques, particularly his Redwall books. His stories were my rock and hiding place through many storms – the Redwall books have been and continue to be some of the only books I am able to read when I am feeling my worst. I always cry at the closing of a Redwall book, at that invitation to visit again, even as an adult twice the age of the little girl that first found the series.”

dailydoseoffox says, “I was a pretty shy and scared kid a lot of the time I was growing up. The characters had to fight such evil villains and got stuck in such bad circumstances that they really taught me how to be brave and how to stand up for myself – so yeah, these characters mean a lot to me.”