Jacqueline Kennedy

“My mother was always reading! That’s the image I have when I think of her. In New York, she’d be reading when I came home from school or in the evenings. In the summer, we’d swim in the mornings, and in the afternoons she’d read on the porch. She always said that reading the memoirs of Versailles was the best preparation she had for the White House, because the way people behaved at court was like how they did around the president. She had a deep engagement with literature, history, plays, and poetry. They gave her strength, even in the difficult times. Because she knew about ancient Greece and read the plays written back then, she knew about suffering and about perseverance.”

– Caroline Kennedy

In 1947, 17 year old Jacqueline Lee Bouvier wrote the following Dear John letter to her long distance boyfriend:

“I’ve always thought of being in love as being willing to do anything for the other person—starve to buy them bread and not mind living in Siberia with them—and I’ve always thought that every minute away from them would be hell—so looking at it that [way] I guess I’m not in love with you.”

(Mother Jones)

Jackie’s regal mask concealed a personality sensitive and subject to great strain, as well as periods of collapse. There were times when she felt inadequate and unable to cope, leaning heavily on Jack. She would say, “Oh Jack, I’m so sorry that I’m such a dud.”, and the future president would reply, “I love you as you are.”. -found this on Pinterest and my heart melted