[WMatsui secret] R’s Bday present from J!?

Almost forgot to post about this (in fact, forgot already but why does it came up now? I don’t know HAHA)

Do you remember this pic from Matsui Rena Instagram?

It’s just an ordinary backpack, right?

Seemed like R got caught by fans that this backpack might come from J.

In handshake event before, there was a report from fan, asking J about what she gave R as birthday present and she replied it was a backpack with the same brand as hers but different design. (We know how much J loves having matched clothes/accessories with members, but we also know how much R hates that because it’s too embarrassing. So, here’s the solution “same brand, different design”)

However, we can’t be so sure that the backpack was from J.

So, we need some evidences…

This is Marc by Marc Jacobs Crosby Quilted Chambray Backpack

Close enough…

How about this…it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs Domo Arigato Packrat Chambray Backpack

Yeah, both are Marc by Marc Jacobs and R got the design called “Domo Arigato” which means “Thanks a lot” 

That’s the message only J can think of…

And R posted this on her IG with description “time”, then, it means…(no need to say) :P

WMatsui never ends