All these options and they chose to whitewash.
Because of the non-diverse, non-inclusive, whitewashed casting of POC, we have decided to dreamcast a brand new production of The Prince of Egypt!

Moses- Adam Jacobs

Ramses- Christopher Jackson

Tziporrah- Cynthia Erivo

Aaron- Daveed Diggs

Miriam- Alysha Deslorieux

Huy- Aziz Ansari

Hotep- James Monroe Iglehart

Yocheved- Ciara Renee

Pharaoh- Norm Lewis

Queen Tuya- Audra McDonald

There. You see? Brilliant and talented actors who can play these parts wonderfully! And guess what? This cast isn’t whitewashed! If the Broadway powers that be would just open their eyes, the theatre world would be a brighter place!

ForgeTalk: What makes a good team dynamic?

Hi! I’m Jacob McDonald, Producer of Stealforge.

Contrary to what some may think, being the producer of a development team is not all about yelling and it is not a bludge. It does require playing a lot of video games, but considering that I do that anyway I don’t really count it as work. As a big part of my job is communicating between team members, I thought I’d try to explain what I think makes a successful team dynamic, based upon my experiences of developing games with Stealforge for the last year. Keep in mind that these aren’t universal, I’m just letting you know what’s worked for us.

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