i feel like jacob probably doesn’t give 2 fucks about america / independence day , he has like 0 national pride , but when he’s around enoch he’s all “back in america we have a little thing called freedom , u probably haven’t heard about it” and is just the most patriotic prick in the world just to piss enoch’s british ass off

ravenclawplatform  asked:

Hi :3 can I ask you a scenario out of the story? If you were angry for some reason you don't want talk, and you're angry with Jacob (you're his imprinting). What he'll suppose to do?

  • “Baby, wait!”
  • “I’m tired of your shit, Jake.”
  • You storming off
  • Him bringing you chocolate and flowers to your house
  • Writing you a love poem of how sorry he is
  • You finally going back to his house
  • Him showering you with kisses to make up for it
  • “I’m sorry I’m such a douche.”
  • “Shut up and kiss me.”

-Admin M


intherightwasi  asked:

Shamus looks to his son, his new son. Even though Jacob had been a sick child. Shamus connected so easily with him. He was able to take care of Jacob, he was the hero. They shared pains, not the same pains. Shamus had so many fears and issues. But body issues, it was easier to work though the body issues when his son suffered with him. They helped one another. But now Jacob is large, and healthy. Shamus supported him, but he's been afraid. And it was wrong, to be afraid of your own son.

“Dad?” Jacob had looked up when he sensed his father’s eyes on him. “You’re doing that thing where you’re staring into space. Is everything okay?”