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Markie, why do u turn the camera away kkk
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BTS and GOT7 Reacting to Girlfriend's Hands That Are Always Cold

Requested by @itskpoploverr 

Hope you enjoy! It will be my first time doing GOT7 reaction!~

// BTS


“Yah, jagi, why are your hands always cold? Are you getting a fever? Let me get you some mittens so you can stay warm and look cute!”

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“You’re cold all the time. You need some gloves. Here, take mine for now.” *Gets his gloves and hands them to you*

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“Omo, you’re cold! Give me your hands!” *Takes your hands into his to warm them*

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Rap Monster

“You need to keep your hands warm (y/n)~ It can make it harder for you to do anything.” *Places his hands over yours to warm them up and lays his head on your shoulder*

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“Jagi~ Your hands.” *Takes your hands, intertwining them with yours* Please keep them warm from now on~*

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“Wae? Your hands feel like icicles~” *Takes a blanket and wraps you in it when you only need mittens or gloves*

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“Did you bury your hands in snow that’s been pilling up outside? Your hands are worse than the snow, (y/n).” *Gives you gloves*

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// GOT7


“You really need some gloves or something. How about I warm them up instead?” *Gets your hands*

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“I can only give you gloves and my hands. Actually, I’ll warm them for you.” *Gives you gloves and places his hands over yours while blushing*

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“What did you do to your hands? They are so cold!” *Worried and put his hands over yours as he makes you snuggle you close*

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“Wae?” *Is quesioning your hands and just takes your hands in front of the heater and sits next to you until your hands are warm*

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*Gives you gloves* “Please warm up your hands. I don’t want you to get sick or something.”

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“Wow, your hands are so cold~ I’ll warm them up!” *Holds your hands*

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“Yah, your hands aren’t normally this cold.” *Gives you a warm cup of tea and smiles goofy while you drink it and warm your hands*

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I hope you enjoyed the reaction! Thank you for requesting~



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*none of these gifs are mine

anonymous asked:

How would bts (and/or got7) react to their normally outgoing girlfriend getting shy when asking them to have le sexy time? Your blog is the best by the way!



Jin: “Don’t ever think you need to be shy with me, i’m your boyfriend, you can be open with me even if you think it’s embarrassing”

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Suga: “babygirl, why you acting shy for? (omfg worth it by fifth harmony) we both know how you can get so no need to get all quiet on me” (MASTER OF DIRTY TALK)

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J-Hope: Would like how you were being honest with him and he would assure that there’s nothing to be shy about

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Rap Monster: would just get cutely flustered with you

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Jimin: would get embarrassed himself because you’re shy about it

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V: would be surprised because you usually aren’t shy about things

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Jungkook: bOY would just be like

no need to be shy with me, i know you always want me

anyway ;) 

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Mark: *gif it explains it all*

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*fans self*

JB: Would think it’s cute because it’s the opposite of how you usually are

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Jackson: He’d kind of tease you about it, if you want me you don’t even have to ask, you always got me

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Jinyoung: *does cute thing where he covers his mouth when he laughs*

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Youngjae: “Awh it’s okay, don’t ever feel shy about this with me”

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Bambam: okay ignore the lightstick LOL

he’d be like concerned and offended, why are you being shy about this all of a sudden, we do this all the time.

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Yugyeom: He’d get pouty about it, and would be like I want you to know that you can tell me whatever and whenever you want it

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Hope you like it <3 (sorry for this long ass post)


Jinson likes it rough lolol 😶😶 Jackson just can’t help himself!! 😂
This makes me giggle so much kkk these two *roll eyes

video cr. 328x922

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Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove. . .

Anonymous said: hiii kai! i love your posts, i was wondering if you could do a bts, exo and got7 reaction to you setting the oven on fire, like you just started cooking, but somehow you set fire?? (if you can’t do all three then you can choose one to do, i cant choose lol) thank you so much! love you! xoxo <3

Reaction to You Setting the Stove on Fire…

[Here is the BTS Reaction >click, EXO isComing Soon…]

A/N lollllllll this is hilarious. but of course I’ll do all of ‘em, I’m a sucker for all these bands, so, of course I’m gunna suffer for them. they will be three different posts though. hope that’s okay.

love you too babe! <3



You were trying to make pancakes that morning for your boyfriend. Things were going well, Jaebum was still asleep in bed, the batter was ready to be poured in the pan, and the stove top was warmed up to the supposed right temperature. You had turned your back for a moment to check the time on your phone, but when you turned around, you were face-to-face with a red flame in the pan that was supposed to be for the pancake batter. You froze for a moment, then quickly ran out of the kitchen and called for your boyfriend. You burst through the bedroom door and shave him awake.

Y/N: “Jae! Jae! Fire! There’s a fire on the stove!”

Jaebum quickly gets up and runs into the kitchen without hesitation. He looks at the situation, and pauses for a moment, then grabs your phone.

Y/N: “What’re you doing!? We gotta put it out!?”

Jaebum: “Well I don’t know how to put out a stove fire, so I’m looking up-salt.”

Y/N: “Huh?”

Jaebum: “We need salt.”

He speaks and grabs the salt and throws it on the fire and in no time the fire is out. You guys open the windows and Jaebum grabs your hand.

Jaebum: “You’re not hurt?”

You shake your head.

Jaebum: “Alright, that’s enough cooking for the day. Let’s go back to bed.”

He drags you back to the bedroom where you two cuddle and fall back to sleep.

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You both were in the kitchen, you were cooking dinner while chatting with your boyfriend. You hadn’t yet put anything in the pan, but you turn it on to heat it up at a low temperature. Jackson had distracted you with a ridiculous reply to your question and were laughing with him about it when his eyes widened and he was looking behind you.

Jackson: “Is that supposed to happen?”

You turn and see a fire coming out of the pan. You scream and put the pan under the faucet and the fire fizzles out. You turn to Jackson with wide eyes of astonishment.

Y/N: “How’d that even happen!? There was nothing in the pan!”

Jackson laughs at you out loud, not hiding his amusement.

Jackson: “You have some talent to set an empty pan on fire Y/N.”

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Jinyoung was helping you try to cook. Both standing side by side while you were getting the pan ready to cook the mixed veggies that Jinyoung was cutting for you. Suddenly the pan went up into flames. Jinyoung pulled you behind him quickly while backing up from away from the stove. He acted quickly and pulled out the salt from the cabinet and dumped it on the pan. Immediately stopping the flames. He turns to you.

Jinyoung: “You’re not hurt are you?”

He asks, pulling your hands into his and examining them.

Y/N: “No, I’m okay. Thanks Jinyounggie.”

You moved to go back to the stove, but instead Jinyoung pushes you out of the kitchen.

Jinyoung: “You’re not going near that stove for the rest of the week. We don’t need anymore miracle fires. I’ll do this and you watch something.”

Y/N: “I’ll help with the veggies then.”

Jinyoung: “No, no, no, you’ll find a way to set those on fire too. Out. Go sit down.”

And with that he kept his word and kept you out of the kitchen for the rest of the week and would scold you whenever he found you in the kitchen.

(Jinyoung kicking you out of the kitchen, but reminding you he still loves you, ‘cause he’s a sweetheart like that)

Originally posted by jypnior


Mark would prevent the fire from happening before it even happens. So there would be no problem. After he would probably do the same as Jinyoung and move you away from the stove so there are no more chances for you to start a fire or get hurt. He wouldn’t want to risk it. You getting hurt being the last thing he would want to happen.

Mark: “Alright, how about you… Pour us the drinks, okay? And I’ll continue cooking the eggs, okay?”

You pout but listen to him and pour two cups of juice for you and Mark.

(Mark being satisfied with himself after getting you out of harms way)

Originally posted by jypnior


Lmaoooo, omg, Yongjae would be a mess. He would scream and panic all at the same time while trying to fix the problem for you, but not knowing how. You would have to get your act together for him and find a way to get rid of the fire. Afterwards you would need to comfort poor little puppy Youngjae, talling him you’re alright and that the fire is out and he doesn’t need to keep panicking anymore. After he would probably feel bad for not “manning up” and in a way protecting you and putting out the fire for you. But you would reassure him that it’s fine and you still love him for himself and not for the “man” he’s supposed to be. He’s a man enough for you and that’s all you could ask for.

(ignore cute little bean Jinyoung and focus on the screaming Youngjae)

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BamBam would just be plain disappointed in you. Like you are BamBam’s girlfriend, you better know how to cook. The moment you started that fire with nothing in the pan, BamBam would take a moment to stand there and look at you like ‘you seriously went and started a fire on air?? tell me HOW’ kinda look. He would then heave a big sigh and grab the salt, go out of his way to look at you pointedly, and you’d be like ‘there’s a fire?? maybe we should put it out??’ then  BamBam would proceed to dump the salt of the fire. Without a word, push you gently out of the kitchen and go back to cooking. No words needed, your boyfriend is beyond shook.

(unamused BamBam trying to give you comfort, but just can’t find the ability to. you set fire on air, and it’s going to take some time for him to get over it. [you are Yugyeom])

Originally posted by yugyeompire


Yugeom would probably be amazed, not sarcastically, but like, genuinely amazed. You, his girlfriend, set fire to an empty pan. That takes talent. He would then of course act quickly and help you set the fire out. He would then comfort you after and offer that maybe you two just order take-out. He would give you more affection for the rest of the day to show that it doesn’t bother him that you may not be the best cook. He still loves you endlessly regardless. He would find it funny as well, and when you get pouty about it, he would assure you that he’s not laughing at you, but your cuteness.

Yugyeom: “It’s okay Jagi, want to just get take-out?”

Y/N: “Sure…”

Yugyeom: “Cheer up. I love you Jagi~”

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omg I loved it so much! thank you very much for the request @tropicalwinchesters 


When he entered the room and saw that you’re taking a shower, Jaebum would immediately run to the bathroom in a an innocent way, offering a massage to you, being cute and clingy and all this stuffs, but with totally another intention! You obviously wouldn’t say no, and I have 100% sure that like, 2 minutes after he goes there with you, YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. He could really do the massage that he talked about, but with a lot of hands here and hands there, teasing you ‘till you ask him exactly what he was expecting, being all proud and happy as if he won the world, and telling you how much he liked it until you two do it again.

“Y/N let me get there with you to have fun together”

Originally posted by magiccastles



such a shy mess no matter what If Mark get back home and for any motive decide that he want a shower with you (because he listen the noise of the shower), he could die before ask. Even if he looks like a fuckboy, inside he’s lost when it comes to this kind of things. He would enter the bathroom and just look at you, go back and after 2 minutes do the same, and in a shy voice ask if it’s okay to come in. When he gets there with you, he would get more confidence to touch you and kiss you under the water, ‘till you know what happens and it would be really hot. After that I think Mark could be really surprised with him and with you for do this kink stuff in the shower, but it really doens’t mean that he don’t like it, actually he liked it a lot but woulnd’t say it, just smiling and being happy for a while.

“Hm… Y/N… Can I take a shower with you?…”

Originally posted by tepangel


Jackson could enter the bathroom while you’re in the shower and just stay there looking, until you say something  or ask wtf is he doing there and then he would smile and make a stupid joke about save th world and enter with you, without ask or anything but not like he need. In the begining Jackson would really just take the shower, playing with the water throwing in your face and this things, but after he realize “omg I’m here naked with her in the shower and it’s so sexy and OMG freaking out” he could get a bit shy, but just a little bit, and would be really impossible to him hide the fact that the situation excites him. To me, you would have to take the first step, because he wouldn’t know if you’re okay with this dirty things. After you take the step, hungry Jackson would appear and no one control this boy. He could even talk about this with the members bragging a lot about what you’ve done.


Originally posted by got7ish


Another guy without pure thoughts but acting like a pure angel. Jinyoung would get back home and notice that you’re in the shower, and he wouldn’t lose this opportunity. Acting like wants nothing, and being very less obvious than JB, he would just enter there smiling at you saying he just want a shower together, but that would definitely change in llike, 2 seconds, when he start with a lot of complains about your body and sexy comments about the situation ‘till you get excited and then he would attack you without hesitation, getting exactly what he wnats.

“hey baby, I’m a really luck guy, aren’t I?”

Originally posted by jinyoung-ahh


This would be totally an acident. Like, you two are tired because of a stressful day or anything like that and you decide to take a long and hot shower. When Youngjae comes back home he have the same idea, and smiling kindly he would enter in the shower with you, and then the accident happens. This baby doens’t have any second intentions, he just want to take a shower with his jagiya, but little innocent kisses could start to get more and more and more hot, in a way that even he don’t understand how. If you guys really end up having sex there, he could apologize himself so much after this, thinking that you thought he was panning this since the beginig and know ou see him as a perv I don’t think this as something bad but Youngjae is too pure for this world

“I-I’m sorry… I d-d-don’t know what happened…”

Originally posted by mjbm

laughing with shame


How do you know he’s not big? I have to say something more?

okay so BamBam would really plan this, like enter in the bathroom while you’re taking your shower during all the week, but never really take a step. After one week you could start to think that he’s acting really strange, but exactly that time is when he would do something. With a very ambiguous smile he would enter in the bathroom without do anything else. BamBam could tease you and let you do whatever you want ‘cause he love when you take the command on this things, and he would let you do almost evrything, just folllowing you, to in the end, pass the next weeks teasing you about that and calling you a kink girl.

“Y/N Look at me and say you don’t love what we’ve done?” 

Originally posted by chattyang


Looks like a baby but have an absolutely dirty mind Yugyeom would act 100% without think, letting all his young hormones make the decisons. When he listen the shower the first thing that could cross his mind is “shower sex” and he would run to the bathroom and just enter there maybe forgetting to take out his clothes? I think it’s really sexy and immediately kissing and touching without let you think. He could love this more than he can explain, making this became he new habit with you and talking with you very clearly about that.

“I can’t think when I see you like that…”

Originally posted by jypnior


thank you very much for the request it was really fun and cool! Your request was amazing ;D ~Annie

jinson is that annoying couple in a group of friends who can’t keep their hands and hearteyes off each other and make everyone else feel incredibly jelous and lonely but also make u believe that real love exists and they’re like everyone’s ideal relationship and it doesn’t feel right if they’re not together