Whoever marries Jackson Wang will have the hardest time trying to keep secrets from him. He speaks like ten different languages. Imagine trying to throw him a surprise birthday party and you’re off in the corner with mark whispering in Spanish.

jacksonwang852jy: Thanks for all the allkpop fans out there showing love and support for me ! Thank you allkpop I’m very honored to receive this ” Rising Male Star” award! I GOT7 , you guys are the motivation of everything. Thanks for ones who showed support! Thank you mom and dad love ya! Without you guys i wouldn’t be able to get to anywhere. Gonna live everyday like it’s last and again, I’m feeling extremely honor to receive this award from allkpop. Let go crazy with me in 2015 !! ;) #jacksonwang #got7 #igot7 #allkpop #risingmalestar #2015 #2014 #jyp


[ENG SUB] 141203 GOT7 @ Kiss the Radio


GOT7’s Jackson says thanks for his 2014 allkpop award (Rising Male Star)!