got back from kansas… but more importantly FINALLY got to see la dispute live <3 hugged Jordan twice. and got a la dispute t-shirt signed by Jordan and The guitar player. I passed out, but not until right after they got done with the last song. SUCCESS! i can’t explain how scrambled i am at this moment… I dont even know what to do with myself anymore and can barely speak without getting all twisted. theres something being in la disputes presence that makes you feel… indescribable.

Jet Black Alley Cat on tour! (July 21st - August 9th, 2015)

Catch my friends in Jet Black Alley Cat on tour with Rookie of the Year and Liz Labelle! Ticket info below. For any shows I can’t find ticket links, I will link the Facebook page or website.

This post took me two hours. >.> Please reblog it.

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Went to the merch table and @williambeckett was there. That made me so happyyy c: he’s going on soon. I love seeing him play live ❤️ (at Jackpot Music Hall)