DRINK when 

  • a new song starts
  • anyone talks about dreams
  • Selena appears in a bustier 
  • a location or date appears on screen
  • anyone kisses
  • anyone name drops, (i.e.: Donna Summers, Madonna, etc.)

Optional Rule: Finish your drink when the bumper is “pulled off by the bus of Salenas.” Perhaps the most memorable line of the whole damn movie.

Watch on selenaquintanilla.tumblr.com

Jackie Guerra’s part from 3:55 to basically the end = </3

“I remember looking over at Abraham and Suzette at the side of the stage and just seeing them crying.. and it was just this.. you just got this sense that, you know.. it was Abraham and Suzette standing there.. and there was Marcella in the background. But Selena was EVERYWHERE.”