I wrote him a letter. That night, before we moved the casket to the Capitol. Do you know what I wrote? That I wanted to die. I wanted to die. I understand. Do you? I do. Unless you are asking permission. No, only crass, self-indulgent people kill themselves. No, I was just hoping… if I walked down the street next to Jack’s body then someone would be kind enough to do it for me. In front of the whole world… A famous life, a famous death. (Jackie dir. Pablo Larraín - 2016)


First look at Michael C. Hall and Jodi Balfour as Jack and Jackie Kennedy in The Crown Season 2 – premieres December 8th.

When President Kennedy (Dexter’s Michael C. Hall) and his impossibly stunning wife, Jackie (Jodi Balfour), come to the palace, the Queen is equally enthralled and intimidated. “Her focus is really on this dazzling woman — and not just because of her husband’s flirting, but the whole attention on Jackie as a phenomenon,” says the episode’s director, Stephen Daldry, of this imagined version of what might have happened during the president’s actual 1961 visit. “The Queen’s beginning to feel the first aches and pains of middle age, and here is this woman who seems to have a huge role even within foreign policy.” Adds Foy: “The Kennedys were a real symbol of the ’60s and the world moving forward, and the Queen is very much stuck in the past at that point. It’s a real wake-up call.” x