• McCree: Codenames: Mine is “Eagle 1.”
  • McCree: Reyes is “Been there, done that”.
  • McCree: Hanzo is “Currently doing that.”
  • McCree: Angela is “It happened once in a dream.”
  • McCree: Lena is “If I had to pick a girl.”
  • McCree: Jack is “Eagle 2.”
  • 76: Oh, thank God.
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In a universe where Kent apologizes and Jack and Bitty spend some time in Vegas
  • Jack (spread eagle across a couch, miserable): it so fucking hot what hell hole is this why did we think this was a good idea
  • Bitty, shaking his head: you poor northern boy, you
  • Jack: northern boy? Kent's from New York!
  • Kent: and I've lived in Vegas for almost ten years. Last time I went home for Christmas my mom kicked me out and made me get a hotel room because I wouldn't stop turning the thermostat up
  • Bitty: and besides, at least it's a -
  • Jack: no don't say it -
  • Bitty and Kent: dry heat
Newsboy Code Names
  • Jack: From now on, we will be using code names.
  • Jack: You can address me as
  • Eagle One.
  • Jack: Sarah, code name Been There, Don That.
  • Jack: Katherine is Currently Doing That.
  • Jack: Race is it Happened Once in a Dream.
  • Jack: Davey, code name If I Had To Pick a Dude.
  • Jack: Crutchie is Eagle Two.
  • Crutchie: Oh thank God.

Jack’s outro with VR a.k.a. Various Rotations ( ̄∀ ̄ )

Just let it be known that this gif set took me about 5 hours to make. So you will understand if the title is a bit… well, let’s just say it seemed funnier in my head and I am very exhausted now. On the bright side, I watched a lot of documentaries on whales and shark during the making haha… <__< Anyways, here you go! One super-energetic Jack outro with spinning eagle and One-Two-Several-Punch-Man poses. From me to you and for all of us to share! Spread the energy wheeee <3

this is a shitpost, but

because the OW strike team was largely not made up of US citizens, Gabriel and Jack have definitely run the eagle ceremony scam on their recruits during the omnic crisis

some agent: lt. commander Morrison, is it true that all Americans have pet eagles??
Jack: what
SA: because commander Reyes said–
Jack: oh, the eagle ceremony! [wistful look] I remember my ceremony…
SA: am– am I not supposed to ask about it? the commander said it wasn’t talked about, but I was pretty sure he was just fucking with us–
Jack: ha, no, it’s very real. and it’s not, like, taboo or anything. it’s just, most of us don’t like to talk about it much anymore, yanno? ever since the war started, most of us had to leave our eagles at home. the omnics learned to aim for our partners, and the shock of losing a telepathic bond like that is just. well
SA: oh jeez
Jack: me and the commander got lucky with Liberty and Justice; they’re still in California. but it’s hard, being away from them
Jack: [stares wistfully into the distance] someday we’ll all go home, kid

Ana backs up all of this bullshit with a completely straight face, as do Torbjörn and Reinhardt. Liao hears about this bullshit and just starts swearing because honestly everyone needs to Stop