Dress for Success. 

Glasses: Felix Gray
Shirt: H&M
Chinos: American Eagle
Shoes: Jack Threads
Phone Case: Loopy Cases
Face: Mama and Papa Rhodes 

I did it! I did my presentation LIKE A BOSS!!

And, high grades all round, I think! :D

My teacher/lecturer/whateveryoucallthem smiled a lot during it and seemed interested in what I was saying, and looked impressed when I finished - so I think I did well! :D

I think I channelled my SEPTIC POWER!! It helped having my little Sam with me and wearing my merch ^-^

Also now that I’m really happy, I’m in a silly, goofy mood XD


Let’s start a happy/dancing/clappy Jack gif thread!! 3, 2, 1, goooo! :D


AU where everything is the same in @ink-splotch‘s Leagues and Legends universe, except people can see soul bonds strung out between themselves.

Spoilers for Remember the Dust under the cut

The threads looked as though they would slip away from George’s fingers at any moment. They hadn’t used to; once upon a time they had coiled around her left fingertips to merge with the creases of her palms, just like - so far as she’d heard - everybody else’s. She’d had a fair handful, even if most of those were the ubiquitous gossamer connections she’d barely been able to see, but one or two had been strong enough to see clearly, only fading to invisibility when her closest friends and caretakers were out of the village.

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A Shared Victory

Inspired by this sketch of Jack in the beanie and Bitty in his cap where Jack looks so in love oh my god you guys I can’t….

Bitty clears the plates from the dining room table, stacking them on top of each other so he can carry them in one hand and the empty wine glasses in the other.

It’s just the two of them. Two plates. Two sets of silverware. Two glasses. But that doesn’t stop Jack from being impressed by the ease of which Bitty carries them.

He can just add that to the list.

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@ripdumpy wrote a really awesome fic about a Hyperion fight club (inspired by a longer thread about jack in fight club but i didnt know if those folks all wanted to get tagged by me cause im… a stranger kjfsdj) and i am….gay and weak, so i had to draw jack ready 2 fight/get beat up. probs gonna do a sequel soon w rhys and jack !