I don’t understand how homophobia is a thing.
You might feel uncomfortable when you see two people of the same gender kissing when you know them. Or they may even be strangers on the street.
But it’s not disgusting or unnatural or an abomination or anything else like that.
Guys, seriously, get over yourselves. No one cares about your opinion on who should love who.

Do homophobic people watch?
-Doctor who?
-Harry Potter?
-The good wife?
-Game of thrones?
-Pretty little liars?
-Orange is the new black?

Do they read?
-Harry potter?
-the mortal instruments?
-will Grayson, will Grayson?
-the perks of being a wallflower?
(I can’t think of any other books because I haven’t read any in a while. But go on wattpad and there are gay characters in pretty much all of them).

And if they do watch or read anything with a gay character, who do they ship them with? Because I highly doubt they’d ship Johnlock. Or Destiel. Or even be able to watch OITNB.

What about actors/singers? Do they stop liking a famous person because they find out they’re homosexual? That’s stupid.
I watched prison break and loved it. Wentworth Miller is awesome as Michael Scofield and as Captain Cold (the flash) and as anyone else he plays. I found out today that he’s gay. That’s not going to stop me from liking him but would that affect homophobic people?

Anyway my point is, it’s 2015. Do whatever you want. Be whoever you want to be.

And if you are homophobic, please tell me why. Because I seriously don’t get it.


Favorite UC ship (will only be up temporarily)

So, on last night's episode...

The whole Ashley/Toby scene was completely random. I didn’t like how abrupt it happened and the way it threw me off. I wish we had had more insight. Oh, and what in the world does Toby even see in Ashley? She’s so rude to her sister; it’s not even a typical sibling relationship. Her attitude is unnecessary and really makes me resent her.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t blame Amy for how she reacted to Anne coming out as gay (which I still think is a horrible storyline, by the way). It’s understandable that she would want her parents to reunite, and up until that point, her wishes weren’t even that unrealistic. I mean, just look at their on-and-off history. Anne and George were fooling around not that long ago during the graduation episode! The SL writers are seriously grasping at straws right now; they obviously turned Anne gay because they’re running out of ideas.

But yeah, I think Amy’s behavior was realistic. How are you supposed to react when your mother comes out as gay? I suppose some people would be immediately supportive, but of course it’s common to be in denial. Besides, Amy should have ‘redeemed’ herself to anybody who was mad at her for her attitude when she went to her mother the next morning. Clearly it’s going to take her a little while to get used to this newly found (and absurd) fact about her mother, but she showed that she’s willing to try and be happy for Anne and that she loves her anyway.

All in all… it was not a great episode. In my opinion, it was completely ridiculous.

P.S. Adrian is still a bitch.

P.S.S. The writers seriously need to stop teasing me with Jack and Grace every damn episode. Why can’t they just get together once and for all?

Dear Jack,

I’m sorry I didn’t call you back two nights ago, I got distracted by John, Caroline, and Amy, but I know you understand, what with Grace expecting two little ones in the very near future. 

Now to the point of this letter. 

In my past, I have never had ‘friends’ per say. I mean there was Adrian, but it was always a line that could be crossed at any time. And I had Ben, but we had so many fights, I don’t even think I can count him as a 'friend’.  Amy, no matter how much she insists, does not count as a friend. In my opinion, a friend is someone who will watch football with me and drink beer at eight o'clock on Sunday. A friend is someone who I can call to go to the bar or to go play golf with (as old man and cliche as that sounds).

And no matter how much Amy tries to do that with me, she would much rather go out and shop with Grace, or watch that Greys Anatomy show with Alice. And I to be honest, I love her even more for trying.

But I have to say, out of all my 'friends’ from high school, you really came out on top. You, Jack Pappas, are my best friend. You are an idiot, but you are the best idiot I know. You will always have my back, as I will always have yours. 

I know that when I’m not there with Amy, John, and Caroline, that they’re safe with you close by. 

I’m writing this to you, and not just telling you, because I feel like writing this to you would have more meaning. And I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much your friendship means to me. It has kept me sane all these years.

So thanks Jack Pappas, and I can’t wait to see you when you and Grace get your asses up here to New York. I need to hang out with someone other than Henry, because as much as I love him, he listens to too much K-pop for a grown man. 

Your friend


P.S. You still owe me ten bucks