No emotion. Just sex.

You rolled off Jack, collapsing on the bed beside him as you tried catching your breath. Your head still spinning from the mind blowing orgasm you just had.

“wow.” Jack breathed out, his chest heaving up and down, “that was incredible”

“I.Know” you breathed out, a dopey smile on your face.

You and Jack were close, and there’s always been something between the two of you ever since you met a few months back. Some sort of tension, but neither of you acted on it ever, especially with Jack and Jack being so popular, and your acting, you were both so busy, and constantly in someones spotlight, neither of you really wanted to bring some complicated relationship into the mix, since the two of you weren’t sure what was there. The two of you didn’t want to ruin your new friendship either, but one night at a party that logic went out the window when the two of you, both having a few drinks, snuck off upstairs and fooled around. Now here you are, 4 months later.

You sighed, getting out of the bed and searching for your clothes.

“what are you doing?” Jack whined from the bed, giving you puppy eyes as he watched you pull on your panties and bra and wiggle into your shorts, searching for your shirt now.

“I told you today had to be quick. I’ve got that music video today” 

“oh…right” he spoke, getting out of bed and pulling on a pair of basketball shorts.

The two of you talked while you walked through the house, grabbing a piece of toast in the kitchen and heading out, Jack walking you to your car.

“alright beautiful, kill it today at the music video.” he smiled, resting his hands on the top of the car, your door open, and leaning down.

“I’ll try” you smiled. “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but it can’t be that hard, I doubt I’ll have any lines.” you laughed.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great.” he smiled, leaning in and kissing you before closing the door and watching you drive off.


When you arrived on the set you walked around. You hadn’t really heard much about this, all you know is that the artist requested you be considered for the part, according to your manager, who was more than thrilled, saying it would be a good ‘experience’ when being considered for other parts in movies and shows.

Your manager, Tyler, met you at the door as soon as you walked in.

“hey (y/n). Good to see you” he spoke, hugging you. Tyler was cool as shit, and definitely watched out for you, like a protective older brother, so you trusted him when it came to this part.

“yeah, I’m pretty excited for this actually” you smiled at him as you two started to walk through the place.

“I think you’ll love this actually” he smiled.

“yeah, I hope so. I just really wanna meet the artist. I mean, to be like personally requested.” you gushed.

“oh yeah, well he thought you’d fit the part perfectly for what he had in mind. He’s actually changing I believe, but let’s go talk to the director, he’ll give you the basic idea.”

After meeting the director, and getting the main idea, you were actually pretty excited. This would be the first, more intimate like scene you’ve done, but you thought it’d be good for you.

So Tyler showed you to your room and showed you your outfit, which you were pretty excited to slip on.

Walking out after changing, and hair and makeup had their turn with you, a robe around you, you were more excited than before. You walked towards Tyler, who’s face lit up when he saw you.

You approached him, and the director, and another guy, who’s back was turned towards you. The director saw you and smiled, nodding at the robe, and you undid the little tie, and slipped it off, the director and Tyler’s eyes both going wide, which wasn’t as creepy as it sounds, it’s not like they were 50, they were both late 20′s early 30′s, and I mean, you were 20, so it wasn’t that weird. 

You held the robe in you arms and watched as the director nudged the other guy, who lifted his head up to look at him, but when he nodded his head in your direction the other guy turned around, as if in slow motion.

Your eyes widened at you made eye contact. He was hot. So fucking hot. Tall. Scruffy. Man bun. Great style. Killer smile. Low eyes you could just get lost in.


When Jace nudged Nate, he was curious as to what he wanted. They were in the middle of talking about the video, Nate talking about some of his ideas, and input from Tyler, about things you’d be good at, and then just everyone throwing out ideas. Nate was seeing it really coming together, but looking at Jace expectantly, only to see him nod behind him, Nate turned to see what needed his attention.

You were even more beautiful in person, compared to the pictures on ig, and the few movies he’s seen you in. You were so beautiful. Nate was kinda taken aback. He eyed you up and down as you approached. Long legs, thin waist and god your eyes and timid smile were killing him. You screamed innocence, but your outfit completely contradicted that idea.


You bit your lip as you approached, eyeing him up and down so obviously, but he didn’t do a good job at keeping his eyes off you either, not that you minded whatsoever.

“(y/n) this is Nate.” Justin spoke.

“hi” you smiled, reaching your hand out. “It’s nice to meet you” you spoke sweetly.

“trust me, the pleasures mine.” Nate flirted.

After your short introduction, Justin and Tyler went off to make sure everything was set, you and Nate following behind, just talking a bit.

“You nervous?” he asked, nudging your arm with his elbow.

“no and yes” you laughed.

“why’s that?”

“well I mean, I feel like I can do this no problem, and I mean, there’s always more than one take we can do, it’s just…I mean, to be requested personally, I feel like the pressures really on” 

“oh yeah, I just thought you’d fit the part really well, I mean, everyone loves a video with a beautiful girl in it.” he smiled.

“stop it.” you blushed, playfully bumping into his side.

“there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re gonna be fine.” he smiled, as the two of you got to the actual set where the cameras and lights and everything was.


Some scenes that were filmed, Nate wasn’t in, so he stood off on the side, and he was so glad he picked you for this. 

“she’s good.” Tyler smirked beside Nate, who had his eyes glued on you the whole time.

“y-yeah.” he stuttered a bit, biting his lip as he watched you 

god, you were stunning.


You were told to ‘act seductive and sexy’ and the outfit was half of it, adding to your confidence, so you literally just went with it. It started off, you filmed all the scenes you were doing by yourself, just so you could be a little more comfortable before just throwing you half naked in bed with a guy you just met.

But then came the scenes you had to do with Nate, which I mean, you were a professional, you weren’t gonna get all giddy, even though he was extremely hot and this was a rather sensual video.

You did as you were told, and god, you were actually pretty turned on.


Nate admired the way you moved, like it came so natural to you, and he couldn’t help but think about what it’d be like to actually have you like this. God, you were turning him on so much.


When you were done, you watched as Justin put it together, you and Nate standing pretty close, and you were actually surprised how well the whole thing looked.

“damn.” you and Nate said at the same time, looking sideways at one another with smiles on your faces.

“definitely. we should have it up by tomorrow after we edit it a bit more if that’s cool with you skate.” Justin spoke

“yeah, that’s cool.” Nate smiled.

“alright, well that’s a wrap then.”

Justin and Tyler stood and talked, both voicing and working on the editing a bit, more so, Tyler just voicing his opinion.

You and Nate turned and started to walk off, you were going to change back into normal clothes.

“hey (y/n)” Nate spoke, catching your attention.

“yeah?” you asked, your brow furrowed.

“you wanna go grab something to eat?”

“yes!” you exclaimed, overjoyed, but to be fair, all you had eaten was a piece of toast, Jack took a big bite out of as well.

“alright, cool” Nate laughed. “you go ahead and change and I’ll be out here waiting.”

“okay cool” you smiled.


You had never had so much fun before. You and Nate were really hitting things off, conversation just flowed naturally between the two of you and you guys couldn’t stop laughing. He invited you back to a buddies place for a party, and well, you couldn’t refuse.

You had Nate drop you off at your place, and he of course followed you in while you changed and got ready for the night, unsure of what to wear. Nate sat out in your living room while you changed.

After you finished getting ready you walked down the hall and joined Nate, getting his attention, and the two of you leaving and heading towards the party.

You were a little nervous walking up to the house, but Nate wrapped his arm around your waist as if it was the most natural thing, and you felt more comfortable.

“don’t worry, my friends are cool” Nate spoke.

“I hope so” you let out a little nervous giggle.


So far everyone was great. Nash was so chill and John and Tez made you laugh. Hayes kept hitting on you, which was flattering, and he was so adorable. You even bumped into Johnson, not knowing he knew Nate.

“so wait, is Jack here?” you asked as you were standing with Johnson, the two of you drinking together.

“yeah, I saw him around here somewhere.”

“hmm, I’m sure I’ll bump into him or something then.”

It was then that Nate came and ‘stole’ you from Johnson, pulling you downstairs.

“what are we doing down here?” you asked as you made it down the last step you saw John sitting on the couch, hunched over the coffee table.

“you’re gonna smoke with us.” Nate spoke, taking your hand and pulling you towards the couch.

When you guys finished like 3 bowls and 2 blunts, you headed back upstairs. You ended up hanging out with Nate for a bit, dragging him out to dance with you.

Jack found Madison as soon as he walked in, walking up to her and engulfing her in a hug. She wrapped her arms around him and the two were pretty much glued to one another all night.

Madison pulled Jack out to dance, and the two of them were getting sensual. Jack’s hands roaming her body as she grinded against him. Jack started kissing on her neck, when he looked up and saw Nate for the first time of the night, dancing with a girl.

You were having so much fun with Nate, and your eyes were glossed over, the alcohol and weed hitting you hard. You turned to look around when you were met with the image of a guy and girl making out, tongues down one another’s throat practically. 

Your mind went to Jack, a smile coming onto your face. It was when the two broke apart that you felt sick, seeing Jack smile down at the girl.

“I-uh, I gotta go to the bathroom” you spoke, shocked to see Jack all over another girl. Sure you were dancing with Nate, but, you just felt it was different. 

“alright, I’ll find you in a bit.” he smiled, his hand resting on your side as you slipped out of his grip slowly.

You did go to the bathroom, but didn’t go back to find Nate right away, you just wanted to go outside and get some fresh air, clear your head.

It was when you were outside that someone bumped into you, causing you to stumble a bit.

“shit my ba-(y/n)?” you heard the all too familiar voice.

“Jack” you spoke.

“what are you doing here?” he asked shocked.

“nothing” you muttered.

You knew you were being short and having an attitude, but you felt like you had the right to be. How could Jack just fuck you this morning, and then be all over this other girl with his tongue down her throat.

“hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, grabbing your arm causing you to look at him.


“don’t lie to me (y/n)”

“I’m fine really.” you spoke, annoyed honestly.

“something’s up”

“I’m fine Jack really, why don’t you go check on your little girlfriend from inside.”

“what are you t-Madison” he muttered, realizing who you were talking about.


“It’s not a big deal, she’s just a friend.”

“really? cause I don’t shove my tongue down my ‘just friend’s throat.”

“you’re being ridiculous.”

“I saw you” you laughed dryly.

“Honestly? why are you even mad?” he asked.

“seriously?! Jack, we just fucked this morning, and we have been for the past what now…4 months? did it literally mean nothing?”

“(y/n) come on. there were no emotions. no relationship. it was just sex.” he laughed, and it was then that you noticed his bloodshot eyes. Of course he was drunk, cause his words and actions tonight were completely different than the Jack you knew, but they do say drunk words are sober thoughts. So maybe you and Jack were just sex? You didn’t care; it hurt to hear him say it, and to have such a heartless tone when saying it.

“glad you feel that way, have fun with whatever her name is” you spoke, starting to walk about but turned around to look at him again “and don’t bother calling me again.” and with that you walked off.

You found Swazz and did a few shots with him before asking where Nate was, John smirking and pointing towards upstairs. “I think he headed up to his room”

“wait, he lives here?” you asked “he said it was a friends party” 

“yeah, we live here together” John laughed. “but his room is upstairs, second one on the left.

You smiled and headed upstairs, tripping but laughing it off as you made it to the top and then trying to find Nate’s room, knocking on the closed door.

When the door opened you were startled by a shirtless Nate, gawking at his abs before meeting his gaze, lip caught between your teeth.

“it looks like I-uh-I found you” you giggled.

“yeah” he smiled. He stepped back a bit, opening the door more and you walked in and looked around his room before you turned to meet his gaze.

“so, this is your house.” you spoke, raising your brow as Nate made his way to sit on his bed, sweats hanging low on his hips, sitting up against his headboard.

“yeah” he spoke, eyeing you up and down, practically undressing you, since he had a pretty good idea of what you looked like half naked anyway from the shoot today; as you stood at the end of his bed.

“so this is your party” you spoke, putting your hand on your hip.

“I guess you could say that.” he smirked.

“then why aren’t you down, enjoying your party?” you asked, walking and setting your cup down on his dresser, walking back slowly, Nate’s eyes glued to you.

“trust me, I’m enjoying this right now.” he nodded towards you as you stood at the end of his bed again. You were glad it was dark in his room to hide the small blush coming to your face, but it couldn’t hide your smile.

The music from downstairs, mixed by Dillon, flowed upstairs into Nate’s room, and it was a slower type of song. You unknowingly started to sway to the music, Nate’s eyebrows quirking up.

You bit your lip, noticing the way Nate was eyeing you up and down, and you decided to be a little daring.

You reached down and undid the button on your jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper down, turning and wiggling your butt a bit, looking back at Nate who had his lip between his teeth and his eyes glued to your ass as you slowly started to pull your pants down, bending over giving Nate a great view.

You stood back up, tossing your head back, your hair flying up above you, and then behind, bouncing a bit before resting on your back.

Nate saw that happen as if it was in slow motion. He was so fucking turned on, and you only just took your pants off, but damn, you were so fucking sexy. The arch you had in your back when you bent over, and then slowly stood back up, god. You were so fucking sexy.

You turned back around, swiveling your hips back and forth, still dancing to the music downstairs, and you ran your hands over your body, starting in your hair and slowly making their way down you shoulders, over your boobs, down to the hem of your shirt.

You smiled at Nate as you slowly pulled the shirt up, exposing more and more of your flawless skin to Nate, who’s eyes were raking up and down your whole entire body, hunger in his eyes.

So you were left in just your bra and panties, and you slowly started to climb up the bed towards him, stopping when you were on your hands and knees, practically straddling him, your face centimeters away from his.

“y’know” he whispered. “I can’t get a show like this down at the party” he finished, his lips dangerously close to yours now.

“oh really?” you spoke in a low tone, your lips eager for his.

Nate slowly nodded his head before reaching up under your chin and meeting your lips. You melted into the kiss, sitting on Nate’s lap, his hands going to your ass and yours around his neck.

In no time his tongue was in your mouth and you had started grinding on him, needing some sort of friction.

Nate reached up and undid your bra, you just as eagerly as him reached to take it off over your shoulders and toss it somewhere in the room. It was then that Nate turned you over so he was on top, his lips leaving yours and moving down your jaw to your ear, leaving a trail of kisses.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you all day” he whispered hotly in your ear before attaching his lips to your neck, slowly making his way down your collarbone and then to the valley of your breasts, one hand coming up to massage one, tweaking the nipple while his mouth went to the other.

You arched your back a bit more as Nate switched his mouth to the other, a shaky breath coming from your mouth and Nate’s name slipping through your lips in a hushed tone.

Nate smirked up at you while he continued his way down your body, kissing and sucking on your hipbone, right above your pantyline. He hooked his finger in the top band and slowly started to pull them down, you kicking them off as they got to your ankles.

Nate dipped his head down toward your heat, licking a bold strip from your entrance to your clit before he started to suck and kitten lick your clit. Your hands went to his hair, bunching it up between your hands, pulling it out of pleasure. His scruffy face adding a weird pleasurable feeling to the whole entire mix.

Your back was arched as Nate slipped two fingers into you while continuing to lick your clit. His fingers moving inside you and his mouth on your clit were driving you wild, and you were close. You had started to grind against his mouth and fingers, needing more to get your release. Nate picked up the pace of his fingers, and his mouth showed your clit no mercy, pushing you closer and closer to letting go.

Nate’s name and breathless moans came out of your mouth, mixed with small profanities. Before you knew it you reached your climax. Your back was arched off the mattress and your legs were shaking.

Nate let you recover from your orgasm, and when you could finally see straight, you pulled him up to you and smashed your lips to his. You didn’t care that the taste of yourself was still on his lips. You just wanted him…now.

You reached down between the two of you and started to tug at his sweats, causing Nate to smile into the kiss, and while balancing himself with one hand, he reached down and helped you pull off his sweats.

Nate laid back down on top of you, his tip at your entrance. He lined himself up and you felt him push his tip in, sliding his hands up and locking them with yours before her pushed all the way in, your eyes going wide at the feeling of him filling you up, you moaning quietly in his ear.

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Nate waited for you to adjust to his size a bit before he started to move, thrusting slowly at first, his lips on yours.

It didn’t take much for him to pick up his pace, thrusting faster and harder, the bed shaking with his movements.

His head by your ear, you heard him grunting with each thrust, and you were letting out shaky breaths and quiet moans.

No one has ever made you feel how Nate was. Your nails raked down his back as he hit your g-spot, back arching off the mattress, the two of you skin to skin.

Your head was spinning and all that was falling from your lips was Nate’s name and shaky breaths. Nate placed his lips back onto yours, never feeling as good as he did before. Your body just seemed to fit with his perfectly.

His thrusts started to get a little sloppy, and you had started clenching around him, trying to hold on a bit longer.

It was as if all at once though, the two of you both reached your climax, both of you letting go at about the same time. You moaned out Nate’s name, and he bit down on your shoulder, letting out a low groan against you.

Nate rolled off you, crashing down on the bed with a huff, his breathing uneven. He had never came that hard before, and it’d been a while since he’s had such great sex before as well. Sure, he would have loved to hit it from behind, but something about you, he wanted something more filled with passion, not just some quick rough fuck.

Nate turned on his side, and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, kissing the top of your head as you snuggled into his chest a bit more.


You woke up the next morning to your phone going off. You were getting an incoming call, and you tried to ignore it, but this was the third time whoever it was tried, and you had a feeling they weren’t gonna stop until you answered.

Groaning, you rolled over and saw who was calling, and you answered sleepily.

“what?” you muttered into the phone.

“well good morning to you too” you heard Jack chuckle as you got out of bed and searched the room for you clothes.

“sorry, I’m just confused as to why…why you’re calling” you spoke..

“cause I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out” he spoke lowly, a smirk evident in his voice.

“seriously?” you scoffed.

“yeah? why wouldn’t I be serious?”

“last night you told me there wasn’t anything between us, no emotions or relationship between us, so sorry if I don’t wanna come ‘hang’”

“please, I was drunk I don’t even rem-” he started but you heard a tiny voice in the back “Jack, come back to bed”

you scoffed.

“(y/n) please.”

“no, don’t call me again. I just can’t deal with you right now, and clearly you need to figure some things out” and with that you hung up before he could say another word.

You let out a sigh of relief and settled back into bed a bit. 

Nate’s arm flew around you and he pulled you back into his chest more, you snuggling into him more.

“who was that?” he muttered.

“no one important.” you whispered a bit.

“alright.” he let out a little raspy chuckle. “let’s go back to bed for a bit, and then how about we go get something to eat afterwards.”

“perfect” you muttered, closing your eyes again, but feeling Nate’s lips push against your forehead.

A Letter to my Ex Best Friend

Sorry for any grammatical errors. I haven’t edited it yet so I’m sorry in advance lolll. But this is something very personal that I wrote today and hopefully someone else could relate. 


I was going through my memory box today and a lot of stuff that involved you came up.  It brought me back to the good times and I almost texted you but then I remembered that you’re just a stranger now. It’s been a couple months since we last talked. Crazy huh? How in just a year we went from being inseperable to complete strangers. If someone had asked us a year or two ago if we could see our life without each other in it, we would have laughed and said no; Now here we are.

I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about you or that I didn’t miss you. I do miss you, a lot. So much has happened since we last talked, and I wish I could share it all with you. There has been times where I picked up my phone to text you but then I would remember you’re not that person anymore; And it’s sad because for the longest time it seemed like you’d be that person who stayed in my life for a long while. I miss being close with your family and being able to call your home my home as well. I miss having the privilege of saying I had more than one family. It’s crazy how much can change in a short amount of time.

I hope you don’t hate me for walking away when I did. I hope one day you understand that I had to or else we would have never known just how toxic our friendship had been. There is quite a few things I know I could have done better and shouldn’t have done, same goes for you. We are both to blame for our friendship being as unhealthy as it was. Though it was so unhealthy, we shared a lot of great memories and I’d like to think it was equally good as it was bad.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry we’re not best friends anymore and I’m sorry I had to be the one to walk away. I’m sorry for any pain I caused. I’m sorry I couldn’t be your person anymore. I’m sorry we couldn’t do everything we wanted to. I’m sorry I tried to blame you for our friendship ending. I’m sorry I tried to hate you because damn did I try. I tried so hard and for awhile it worked because hating you and being mad at you was easier than missing you. But I realize that I could never hate you, no matter how mad I am about what happened. I’m sorry this is how it had to end for us, but that’s life for you. Not everything goes the way it should or how you want it to.

But I would like to thank you. Thank you for being my person for as long as you were. Thank you for being patient with me while I learned how to trust another person. Thank you for the memories I will never forget. Thank you for caring enough to break through the walls I had worked so hard to build over the years. Thank you for being the person I could run to for everything and anything. Thank you for being the person I could count on. Thank you for being the person I could confide in without the fear of judgement. Thank you for teaching me how to love and be loved. Thank you for showing me that I can still trust others and be trusted. Thank you for proving to me that people come into our lives for a reason and though they may not stay, the lessons learned are a blessing.

I would like to say I can see us being friends again in the future but I’d only be spitting out false hope. It would never be the same and if I happen to see you one day, I’ll smile and walk away. My heart will break a little and all our memories will hit me like a train but I’ll feel grateful for the time we did have together. Some people aren’t meant to stay in your life forever and unfortunately I learned you are one of those people. They say some people only come into your life to teach you a lesson and leave, but the most important people leave a mark. Well you left a mark and I am thankful for you coming into my life when you did.

I know you may never see this but I needed to get it off my chest. There were a lot of words unsaid and a lot of words I wish I could have said. I guess I’m writing this to get a small sense of closure for myself.

I hope you and your family are doing well. I hope you get everything you want and more in the life you chose for yourself.

You’ll always hold a place in my heart.


Your Ex Best Friend

Relax Baby- Jack Gilinsky Imagine

HIII! So I did it! I wrote a Jack G smut and I don’t know how good it is, considering it’s been a while since I wrote something Jack G. But send me your thoughts and all that joy!

      “You’ve got to be joking.” You laughed almost humorlessly at Jack as he smirked at you with his hazel eyes shining.
       “Aw, come on baby.” Jack drawled as he walked towards you in nothing but his white board shorts that hung lowly on his hips, a navy blue towel hung over his shoulder. He grabbed the end of the towel and ran it through his dark hair, after he finished he dropped it to the floor and made his way over to you.
      You were standing in the middle of your hotel room, in nothing but your bikini and a skimpy, almost see-through cover up and it had been teasing Jack all damn day. You shook your head and turned your back to him, looking at the clothes in the dresser, you guys had about an hour to get ready and meet Johnson and his girlfriend in the lobby for dinner. You grabbed the white romper that had pink flowers on it with the lace around the legs, it had a deep neck line and while Jack lifted up your cover up and placed his slightly warm hands on your hips, pulling you into his body, you wondered if you should go braless or grab the adhesive cutlets you brought just incase.
      “Baby…” Jack groaned, his lips skimming the skin of your neck. 
      “You’re not getting laid, Jack.” You said feeling your cheeks heat up at the idea of you and Jack getting intimate. 
       “You shouldn’t have worn this bikini if you didn’t want to turn me on, Y/N.” Jack said before pressing a kiss just underneath your ear, igniting flames inside your whole body, the shivers taking over your body.
      You fought against your body’s needs and continued to look down at your clothes, “The last time we had sex, your sister walked in on us. You really think I want to risk that again, but this time with Johnson and his girlfriend?”
      You felt Jack’s chest rumble with laughter and heard it as it brushed against your skin, your stomach squeezed because that laugh could do so much damage and it was already starting to do damage on you. “Aw, come on, Y/N, Laur didn’t see anything.”
      “That’s bullshit and you know it.” You said, pushing him away from you and grabbing your nude underwear and nude adhesive bra along with the romper. You headed towards the bathroom, “I’m going to get ready, you can take care of what you have going on down there.”
       You didn’t need to look at Jack to know that he was watching you walk away with a shocked expression, that would turn into a smirk. You closed the door behind you and took a deep breath as you rested against the closed door, you felt as though every muscle inside your body was shaking uncontrollably. Jack just had that kind of hold over you, any brush of his lips against your skin, the sound of his voice or laugh, just sent your body into a frenzy but it all changed with his older sister, Laura, walked in on you two having pretty wild sex.
      You got into the shower and began washing the salt away from your hair and body as you thought back on that day. You guys had been so into each other that you hadn’t heard her calling for him, her footsteps getting closer to his door or his door opening. The one thing you did hear was the shocked noise Laura made as she found her younger brother basically pounding his girlfriend.
     In all honesty, that was only the second time you met her.
     That weekend you were supposed to be staying in the guest room at Jack’s hometown house, meeting his family and enjoying yourself, but after that you couldn’t finish the two week stay so you went home five states away from Jack’s new home in California, and three weeks after that Jack showed up at your house with tickets to Hawaii, where he and Johnson would do a couple shows and do a music video with a friend. And here you two were, in a hotel room, not have had sex for three weeks.
      You were too shy, too embarrassed to open yourself up to Jack like that again. You never realized that sex was just full of mind games.
     You were in the middle of putting on lotion, with a plush white towel wrapped around your body, when Jack opened up the door and turned on the shower.       You watched out of the corner of your eye as he instantly dropped his board shorts, sporting every single inch of his toned skin with complete confidence.     You nearly dropped your towel at the mere sight of your boyfriend’s thick length standing to attention.
      Jack jumped into the shower and swore. You stood in front of the mirror, having a clear view of Jack in the shower behind glass doors. He had a hand leaning against the wall, beneath the shower head, while his other hand gripped his hard length. The brush nearly slipped out of your hands when you saw slowly start to take care of business, you whirled around when you heard him groan.
     “What’re you doing?” You asked, almost breathless, as if his hands had been making quick work of taking care of your pulsing clit.
     Jack looked up at you through the glass but then moved the door aside, “I’m doing what you said, baby girl, I’m taking care of myself.”
      “I…” You stuttered, “I didn’t mean like this!”
      “What?” He smirked, “Is it turning you on?”
       You held the towel tighter against your body, as if the thick towel would give away your hardened nipples. Jack knew what was happening, what he was doing to you, you guys had only been dating for five months but he still knew how your body and mind worked like the back of his hand. He smirked and watched from inside the shower, the wheels turned inside your head as your eyes roamed over his naked body, staring a little too long at his length. The water poured over his body, his dark hair drenched, but his eyes were wild with fire.
       He slid the door open fully and pushed his hair away from his forehead, “Why don’t you come help me, baby girl?”
      It was like the butterflies screamed at you, screaming to go and hurry up so he could ease the ache in between your legs. The second his hand wrapped around his dick, you dropped your towel slowly. You became completely bare to him, like he was to you, showing him all your new tan lines and your hardened nipples. Jack’s smirk disappeared as his mouth fell open into an awed expression, watching you walk towards him like that was something he’d probably never forget and something he would replay over and over in his mind until the day he died.
       He backed into the shower, to make more room for you, and kept himself from attacking you as you closed the shower door. Feeling your confidence boost, you moved his hand away from his dick and gripped the hard piece in one hand while looking up at him, his eyes instantly shutting at the beautiful feeling of his girlfriend tugging on him in the most delicious way.
       “Starting to feel better?” You teased as you squeezed and moved your hand up, rubbing your thumb on the sensitive skin just below the head. His hand reached out and smacked the shower tiles, attempting to keep himself up.
Jack opened his eyes and saw you smirking at him, with his other hand he weaved his fingers through your hair and pulled your lips to his, crushing your naked body to his bare skin, the cold water doing little to stop either of you. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip and slipped inside your mouth as you released his hard dick and slipped your arms over his shoulders, his hands reaching around and grab ahold of your ass. He pulled you closer, if that were possible, also pulling you a little off your feet to the point you stood on your tippy toes just to make sure that the kiss was broken. His dick was pressed against both of your stomachs, almost painfully, but he didn’t seem to care as he continued to assault your mouth.
       He squeezed your ass one more time before he began lifting you up, your legs instantly wrapping around his waist. You let out a small moan when his dick brushed against your center for a split second, Jack groaned at the sound of your sweet moan and the feel of you wet and ready for him but he wanted to have some fun with you before he sunk in deep and took what he wanted from you. He walked three steps and slammed you into the wall, the tiles cold against your back, the water now running down Jack’s back. He wrapped your wet hair in his hands and tugged harshly but just enough to cause a certain pull inside your lower belly, a smirk touching your lips as he stared at you.
      “You’re so fucking wet. You naughty girl, lying and making it seem like you weren’t turned on.” At his words you pushed your hips into his, looking for any sort of relief, even if it was the head of his dick brushing against your clit. Jack hummed in approval of your movements and smirked down at you, “You’re such a needy girl, Y/N.”
     Before you could beg him to put his hands on you, or place his dick inside you, he moved to the left, with you still in his hands, and placed you on the back ledge right in front of a window that over looked a beach, the blinds still pulled down. Your eyes rolled back as one hand rested against the window ledge behind you, while the other one disappeared between your thighs, teasing your folds before slipping inside and coming in direct contact with your clit.
      “Fuck,” He drawled out, “yeah, that’s it baby.”
     Your head dipped back as he drew slow circles on your clit, only for a couple seconds, because what he really wanted to do was slide his finger inside you, so slowly, because he knew that was how to really turn you on. Slow at first and then fast and wild. You moaned and he watched your legs fall open, completely ready for him.
       But this isn’t what you wanted, yes you wanted his hands on you, but what you really wanted was his hard length sliding inside of you. You opened your eyes and found his on your pussy, watching his finger disappear inside you, his other hand moving to brush against your clit. You pushed through the pleasure and gripped the hair at the back of his head, pulling his lips close to yours, staring at his dark eyes, “Fuck me, Jack. Please, just fuck me.”
      You wanted to see his control snap, but it didn’t. He bit your bottom lip as he flicked your clit faster, making your heart slam against your chest, “I don’t have a condom, baby, they’re in the room in some random suitcase.”
     “I don’t care,” You said breathlessly as he started to toy with your orgasm.       “I’ve been on the pill for two months, Jack please!”
      “Fuck, alright.” Jack groaned and grabbed his dick, he placed the head at your entrance and looked up at you, the anticipation was killing you so you started to close your eyes but Jack wrapped his hands in your hair and pulled until your chest was against his. “Eyes on me, baby girl.”
       How could you argue when he called you that?
      You opened your eyes and he slowly started to push inside you, gliding in at ease while the water continued to pour over both of you, he bit his lower lip when he filled you in completely. “Jack,” You gripped his hair tightly, “fuck me, hard. Now.”
      That control that had been inside his eyes snapped instantly, and he moved both hands to your waist so he could fuck you just the way both of you loved. The feel of him inside of you was something you couldn’t describe to anyone, even yourself, it was just delicious and dirty, full of pleasure and passion inside every thrust of his hips. The way he watched you, enjoying the sight in front of him your boobs right in front of him and every moan spilling from your mouth egged him on. He wanted to find that high for both of you, he was starting to chase his and by the sounds you made, the way you squeezed him, he knew you were seconds away from losing control of your body.
       “Jack, yes!” You moaned, not caring if you were being too loud. I mean, you cared a little, but Jack was fucking you in just the right place so who could really care at this point?
     “Fuck, come on, baby.” Jack moaned while moving one hand so that his thumb brushed hard circles on your clit and he instantly felt you contract around him.
     “FUCK!” You yelled as you caught up to your orgasm, “I’m coming!”
    Jack slammed into you, his orgasm not far behind, he held his back and watched you ride out your orgasm and when you released your hold on his hair and slumped back against the window ledge, he pulled out of you and spilled his cum all over your stomach with a loud curse.
    Your body had no energy left, but you had just enough to straighten your back up and wrap your arms around his neck, feeling him collapse into your body, after Jack washed the cum away from your tan belly. Jack’s chest heaved, you could actually feel his heart pounding against your skin. “Fucking hell.” He breathed into your shoulder and you lazily smiled. “I’m never letting three weeks go without sex. Fuck.”
      “I don’t think I can move.” You said honestly as your pussy was still clenching from the aftershocks of that amazing orgasm, and you felt as though your muscles were shaking, like earlier, but you didn’t know for sure.
     Jack’s chest rumbled with laughter and he began massaging your legs and back, he pressed a kiss to your shoulder and goosebumps broke out. He pulled back, just enough to look down at your eyes with tenderness. He smiled and brushed his knuckles down your rib cage, “I’m so fucking in love with you, Y/N.”
     Butterflies danced around in your stomach. You smiled through the blush on your cheeks, “I’m in love with you too, Jack.”


Love/hate relationship (requested)// {Can you do a fake text/twitter/ig based on Marvins room by Teyana Taylor? Happy ending please? Love your AUs 💕}
I also had like 5 requests for a Jack G au so here you go. I might do a part 2 so let me know if you want one xx

sneaking out?

You were in your room laying on your bed and staring up at the ceiling while music flowed out of your laptop. You were annoyed at your brother Jack. Your parents were out of town for the week and they left you two alone, and although you were 20, just a year younger than your brother, and he still treated you like a child. Like, when you walked downstairs in your outfit, which was just a pair of shorts and a tank top, ready to head over to your friend Andrea’s house for a party she was having, he quickly told you ‘no’ and ‘forbid’ you from going, hiding your keys from you.

You were so annoyed because he was having a bunch of friends over, like Nate, Sammy, John, Gilinksy, Matt, Nash and Hayes. You liked all the guys and were cool and everything, but you just wanted to go to the party. So you decided you were gonna go. All his friends were coming over and they would soon be loud, it’s not like they would hear you climb out your window, and knowing the mood you were in when you last talked to your brother, he wouldn’t bother you, so you decided to just wait until you heard all the boys, knowing their conversations would soon flow through the house, and the music they were bound to play would soon fill the house a bit more too. He wouldn’t even notice you were gone.


Jack had to stop at the store to pick up some beer and snacks before heading over to the Johnson residence, so he was running a bit late. But when he got there, all the guys greeted him, but Jack didn’t see you anywhere.

“yo, J, where’s Lia?” 

“oh, we got into a bit of a fight, she’s in her room, probably gonna be there all night” Johnson spoke. “you know her.”

“yeah, I’m just gonna go say hi real quick.”

“yeah man! Try to get her to come and hang out with us.” Johnson smiled briefly before turning his attention back to the game of 2k17 he was playing.

Jack made his way down the hall towards your room, the noise from all the guys and the music still pretty loud at this end of the house. Jack knocked on the door, calling out your name. He heard ruffling around in your room, so he opened the door and peaked his head in before stepping in and seeing you halfway out the window.


“Lia?” you heard, and as you looked up you saw Gilinsky, and a small smile made its way onto your face.

“ummm, hi” you muttered shyly.

Jack closed your bedroom door and walked over to the window and pulled you back in.

“what the hell are you doing?” you asked as Jack stood between you and the window.

“sneaking out? really Lia?” he asked.

“yeah. In case you haven’t noticed, my brother’s an asshole.” you spoke, folding your arms across your chest.

“c’mon, he’s only watching out for you.”

“I’m not a child, I can take care of myself.” you spoke.

“Yeah, but Lia-”

“but nothing. Tell him I’m fine, but I’m going” you spoke, going to walk past Jack and back out the window, but he grabbed you.

“No Lia.”

“Jack just let me go” you fought in his arms.

Jack ended up carrying you a bit and threw you on your bed, straddling you so you couldn’t get up.


your brother and Jack had been friends since kindergarten, so you grew up Gilinsky, so you and him were pretty close. He was like another older brother for the longest time, like, up until your freshman year of high school, now he was more like a friend.

“Jack Gilinsky, get off me” you tried to push him off, but he wasn’t moving.

He grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head on your pillow, so he was now leaning down, and your guys’ faces’ were closer.

“I’m not getting off you unless you agree to stay.” his breath fanned your face, giving you chills.

“so what? you’re just gonna sit on me all night then?” you raised your brow up at him.

“if that’s what it takes.” he flashed a smile at you that made you smile in return. He had such a gorgeous smile.

“is that a smile on your face?” Jack teased.

“shut up” you laughed.

“you can’t make me” he smiled proudly.

You two were so close, his face just an inch or two away from yours. You were always a little daring, and you thought of something that he wouldn’t expect, something that would catch him off guard.

You lifted your head a bit and caught his lips in between your own. You felt him tense up for a second, but immediately relax. His lips moving against yours.

You got caught up in the moment, and soon your guys’ tongues were slipping into the other’s mouth, fighting for dominance. Jack let go of your hands, moving one down grab your face, his hand moving from your cheek to your jaw, then down along your neck as you two sloppily made out.

You took your hand and placed it over his, and put a little pressure on it, his hand tightening around your neck just a bit. A little bit of choking turned you on. The whole situation turned you on kinda. The fact that someone could walk in at any second. The way his lips felt against yours. The way his hand was around your throat.

“so. are you still thinking about leaving?” Jack mumbled against your lips, moving his along your jaw now.

“mmmm. I’m thinking about it” you teased, loving everything about this.

“well. I think it’s time I give you a reason to stay” he whispered hotly in your ear, his lips grazing against your lobe, giving you chills, yet you felt your body heat up.

Jack started kissing your neck, causing you to let out a little gasp. You arched your back, your hands gripping his shoulders, a moan escaping your lips as you felt his teeth sink into your skin a bit.

Your skin was on fire where Jack’s hand rested against your waist, a small sliver of skin showing between the bottom of your shirt and the top of your shorts. He started to push the bottom of your top up more until you sat up and he pulled it off you, throwing it somewhere in the room, taking a second to admire the black lacy bra you were wearing.

While he stared at your chest, you reached down and tugged his shirt up over his head. And the second his shirt was gone your back was against the bed while Jack was still on top, his lips now attached to your collar bone, a hand sliding under your arched back to unclip your bra, before you took it upon yourself to pull the straps down your arms and throw it across the room as well.

Jack’s hand went from your side up to cup one of your boobs, going to roughly massage it, but that’s when he felt it. Lifting his head from your collar bone he looked down to your boob and then back up at you.

“they’re pierced?” he asked.

“yeah” you let out a shaky little laugh and bit your lip, unsure of how he would feel about that.

“god, that’s hot” he muttered before attaching his lips back onto your skin, making a trail of small little hickies down to your boob, which he made sure to leave a bigger hickie there. Jack licked your nipple before taking it into his mouth, still running his tongue over it and nipping at it a bit.

You loved it. Every single second of it. You loved it even more when, while he had his mouth around your chest, he reached down and undid your shorts, sliding his hand past the waistband and he started to rub you through your panties.


Jack loved everything about this. He’s honestly always had some sort of thing for you, but he never would have acted on it, but then you kissed him and here you guys were.

But Jack loved how you reacted to his touch, and the way you let out shaky little breaths in his ear or quiet moans of his name. It was driving him mad. He could already feel himself getting harder and harder by the second.

He felt how wet you were through your panties, and as soon as he inserted a finger into you the moan you let out was enough to make him cum right then and there.

Being somewhat constricted by the shorts you still had on though, he quickly removed his finger completely only to pull your shorts and panties off, leaving you completely bare. He sat and stared at you laying there, waiting for him to touch you again somehow, chest littered with small purple marks.

Jack somewhat laid down next to you, turning your face towards his and capturing your lips while his hand reached down in-between your legs. 

He ran a finger along your folds, collecting some of your wetness before he slid two fingers into you, stretching you a bit more. He started to slowly slide them in and out, using his thumb to rub your clit causing you to hum against his lips. 

Soon he started to pick up his pace, and curling his fingers up inside you. Jack loved how into it you were. He was making you feel so good that you started to grind against his fingers, needing more.

“Please. Jack” you gasped as his thumb started rubbing harder circles over your clit while his fingers continued inside of you. He was building you up, and you were so close to being pushed over the edge. Your back arched up off the bed as you reached your climax.

Jack removed his fingers and brought them up to your mouth, you immediately taking them into your mouth, sucking whatever juices were left, moaning around his fingers.

Jack looked at you and he admired you. You were so beautiful, and the way your mouth was wrapped around his fingers, and the way your tongue moved along them was making Jack hard.

“so was that the reason why I should stay?” you teased, “because I’m still thinking I should leave” you smirked, only to have Jack laugh and climb over top of you again, immediately pushing his lips against yours.

You reached down and fumbled with Jack’s sweats, trying to push them down, Jack smiling against your lips and reaching down to help you get his pants off, which wasn’t as smooth as either of you planned, causing you to let out a little giggle and Jack to just roll his eyes, but nevertheless he had a smile on his face.

The two of you looked at each other, and your hands around the back of his neck gently pulled his face down to yours, not that he resisted at all, and your lips met his.

As the two of you sloppily made out you felt his tip at your entrance causing you to let out a little whine against his lips. Jack smiled against your lips, one of his hands reaching down to guide him in.

He pushed in slowly, causing you to let out a little gasp as he filled you up completely.

Jack’s head dipped down into the crevice of your neck, his breath hot against your skin. He slowly started to thrust in and out, having him stretch your walls in a completely satisfying way.

Your nails dug into his shoulders as he started to pick up his pace. You let out a few shaky breaths with each thrust, and Jack let out low grunts in your ear.

You pulled Jack’s face back up to yours, locking your guys’ lips together, moaning against each other’s lips.

You felt so good around Jack. He was practically losing his mind. You were so tight around him, and you kept clenching around him.

You arched your back up off the bed as Jack thrusted harder, causing you to gasp as he hit your g-spot. A steady series of shaky little moans left your mouth as Jack kept thrusting harder.

You were close. With Jack’s thrusts getting harder, faster, and deeper, you were right on the edge ready to be pushed over.

With a few more thrusts you were pushed over the edge. Eyes rolling and body shaking as you came, Jack riding out your high.

Jack pulled out after you came down from your high and you pushed him off of you so he was laying on his back before you moved your position. You moved between his legs, lowering your head and taking his length into your mouth.

Jack immediately took a fistful of your hair, guiding your head up and down his shaft. You had no control as Jack was getting closer to his own release.

Taking your head and shoving it down, making you take his whole entire length into your mouth, you couldn’t help but gag around him. He was basically face fucking you, but you loved it. You didn’t care that you could hardly breathe and had tears falling from your eyes from gagging on his dick every time he shoved your head down on him.

His member started to twitch in your mouth so you knew he was close. Jack let go of your hair and with a few more bobs of your head he was moaning out as his load filled your mouth, you humming around him milking out his whole release.

Swallowing it all, you pulled your mouth off of him and sat up, Jack’s chest moving up and down as he calmed down from his high. He looked at you with hooded eyes and you just smiled innocently at him.

“god. That was…incredible” he breathed out.

“yeah.” you smiled, climbing off your bed now and searching around for something to throw on.

Jack stayed laid back on your bed with his eyes closed, trying to recover from what just happened.

“Jack” you laughed, turning to see him sprawled out in your bed on full display, but you threw his boxers at him, causing him to open his eyes.

he laughed a bit but slid his boxers on, getting off your bed and searching for his other clothes while you stood in front of your mirror and threw your hair up in a bun, turning around to see him pulling on his shirt, but not before you caught a glimpse of all the marks you left on his back.

“well we should probably get out there before they start to wonder what’s taking so long” you spoke, walking towards the door.

“yeah…I guess we should.” Jack spoke, scratching the back of his neck and following you out of your room.


if you want a part 2 let me know. I know I’ve been MIA for like…ever, but I’m back, slowly but surely. And I always appreciate your feedback, especially because I’m never sure of what I’m writing, so let me know what you think.

i wonder who the girl is

Dilemma - Jack Gilinsky Imagine (requested)


I was working on some stuff for work as I heard the sound of the door open and, subsequently close. I barely glanced up as Jack planted himself heavily on the bed. “Hey, babe.” I said, quickly turning around to peck Jack on the lips before going back to my work.

“I’m facing a dilemma, y/n.” Jack says, taking off his jacket and throwing it across the chair in our room. “And what might that be?” I reply, barely looking up from my laptop. “Well,” he begins running his index finger along my mostly bare thigh, “I’ve been at the studio all day you see, and so of course I’m extremely tired but as I come home my beautiful girlfriend is only wearing a crop top and shorts, which she looks quite delicious in, might I add.”

“Okay Jack, but what exactly is the dilemma you are facing?” I ask him, as I raise one of my eyebrows slightly. “You see, I have a choice y/n I can either enjoy a well deserved rest or I can just as easily explore the wonderland that is your body.” He says causing me to laugh slightly as I move his hand off of my thigh.

“How about I make the decision for you? I’m a little busy right now so you can just get that rest, ok.”

“But y/n” Jack whines as I simply continue to do my work.

“No, Jack. I’m working, you’re tired just go to sleep ok.”

I receive no reply so I assume Jack has followed my advice. Until, around for minutes later I feel a shift in the mattress and Jack begins to pepper small kisses along my neck and collarbone, causing me to sigh in both aggravation and pleasure.

“Jack, please.” I beg as my eyes begin to flutter closed.

“Please, stop or please continue?” Jack asks his voice slightly raspy, turning me on slightly, which I’m sure is no accident.

I finally give in and take my books and laptop off of the bed, making a big show of me bending over the bed, to tease Jack. I pull him into a quick but passionate kiss before breaking away and telling him, “But it’s only a quickie ok.”. To which he rolls his eyes and replies, “I don’t think so, if I’m gonna do you, I’m gonna do you right.”


This was a request and so I hope you like it. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should actually go ahead and write the smut, so sorry if it’s short. But, let me know if you want a part 2 of the smutty stuff after this. ❤️

When I hear someone say Jack Gilinsky

J.G| It Doesn’t Get Much Better

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Word Count: 1,321

Originally posted by gilinskyluh

 I was exhausted. I had just spent the last hour arguing with my Jack. I hated arguing with him. Despite anything that he may say out of anger, it pained me to see him so bothered. But he could have a temper and from time to time it absolutely got the best of him.

“You didn’t even think about me or how I might feel,” Jack exclaimed with his voice slightly higher than normal. He was upset that I had spent the afternoon with a dear friend of mine. The problem was that this friend happened to be a guy. However, Brandon truly was just a friend. He was nothing more and never would be. Honestly, Jack had no reason to be angry.

“Dammit Jack! I can’t read your mind, if it was going to bother you that I was going to lunch with Brandon then you should have said something.” A jealous boyfriend was anything but attractive in my opinion. But with that being said, if Jack had spoken up then I wouldn’t have gone. I would have respected his opinion, I could have waited to see my friend at time where Jack could have been there.

“You shouldn’t even have to ask. How would you like it if I went to dinner with some girl?” Jack seemed to be becoming more and more aggravated.

I shook my head. Jack wasn’t getting it. “Well for starters, I trust you. Just because you share a meal with someone one minute doesn’t mean you have to jump their bones the next.” I was so irritated. I shouldn’t even have to be explaining myself. “As far as that goes,” I said, “Brandon isn’t just a “random guy”. I was friends with him way before I started dating you.”

“Do you not understand that a guy and a girl can never be “just friends”? He doesn’t look at you and see a friend, he wants to get in your damn pants.” Was Jack being serious? He sounded ridiculous at this point.

“Do you not trust me? Do you really think I would sleep with him or any other guy?” I was truly astonished. It hurt to think that Jack believed I was capable of such an awful thing. I would never in a million years cheat on him.

“I,” he paused for a moment, “I don’t know.”

I shook my head at him. There was nothing else left for me to day. I lifted my hands up, “I give up. I’m going home.” If he didn’t trust me, then there was nothing I could do. “I’m sorry that you’re jealous, but Jack, I have never done a single thing to cause you to not trust me. And I’m not going to stand here and beg for you to trust me.”

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