His giggle, his laugh, his voice, the way he handles tiny Mia so delicately while gushing completely on the floor with that adorable smile of his about how cute she is, LIKE BRUH. 😍


Guys, my heart is seriously melting right now, holy fuck.

Being a part of the Omaha Squad would involve...

#1 hacking their insta and twitter / them hacking you back

#2 Sammy being all flirty

#3 Having those days where you all just laze around in one room the whole day, dealing with your hangovers

#4 Nate constantly teasing you

#5 being mistaken for their girlfriend

#6 “Gilinsky, I need to talk to you about that last snap”

#7 Gilinsky being goofy with you

#8 wearing their clothes whenever they leave something at your house

#9 Johnson giving you advice

#10 getting high together

#11 them asking for your opinion on new music

#12 “Sammy, pull your pants up”

#13 them giving you the dumbest nicknames

#14 being in their snapchats

#15 skating with Sammy and Nate

#16 playing basketball

#17 being good friends with Gilinskys sisters

#18 them randomly showing up at your place and convincing you to come along with them

#19 having long talks with Sammys mom whenever you’re at his place

#20 them having serious discussions about your ass

#21 “No Nate, I haven’t seen your bob marley lighter”

#22 Gilinsky playing your boyfriend whenever you don’t want a guy flirting with you

#23 “Hey Jack?… no, the other Jack.”

#24 having seen each of them naked at some point, because of different drunk/high stories

#25 “Samuel, what the hell are you wearing?”

#26 them getting you the most random birthday presents nobody else would think of giving you, just because you never wish for anything and they know you prefer those random, funny presents

#27 shopping and girl nights out with Emily Wilk

#28 fans asking you to tell them hi / make them recognize em

#29 John being like a brother to you

#30 making fun of Nates clumsiness

#31 Nates younger brother having a crush on you and Nate being annoyed about it

#32 helping Jack & Jack making vines

#33 “Whoa Johnson, you need to talk slower, this is not a rap battle”

#34 “Nice boxers, Nate“

(I added numbers so you can tell me your favs haha ❤️)

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God bless whoever took these🙌🏻🙌🏻



Kian Lawley 
Abusive Father
Maybe I Need You
Ex Girlfriend
Trevor’s Sister
Are You Breaking Up With Me?
I Can’t Lose Her
Throw Your Ex Here

Jack Gilinsky
Want You Back
We Have A Family
I’ll Still Be In Love With You
Cheaters / PART 2
Bad Boy / PART 2
So Flirty (+Derek Luh and Sammy Wilk)

Sammy Wilkinson
She Likes You
This Is Not The End / PART 2
Almost Caught
Friends With Benefits? (+Stassie, Nate and Derek) (smutty)/PART 2 / PART 3
Sam’s Baby
So Flirty (+Derek Luh and Jack Gilinsky)

Derek Luh
Don’t Test My Patience
I Thought I Lost You
I Thank God For You 
You Missed Me?
What Do You Mean?
I Need To Make It Up To You (smut)
Internet Friends / PART 2 / PART 3
So Flirty (+Jack Gilinsky and Sammy Wilk)
Babe, It’s A Prank

Luke Hemmings 
Taking Care Of His Baby Girl
We Can Make It Work / PART 2
Jealous, Labrinth / PART 2 / PART 3


OGOC Squad 
We Miss You
Haters (+ Derek Luh)
Only Love For This Girl (+ Derek Luh)

Sammy Wilkinson
“Just Friends”

Cameron Dallas
I Still Care

Kian Lawley 
Shaved Eyebrows

Derek Luh
“Best Friends”
Haters (+ OGOC Squad)
Only Love For This Girl (+ OGOC Squad)
Embarrassing Each Other
You And Me In The End?
Party Couple

Jack Gilinsky
Your Relationship
Twitter Fight
More Than Friends

Nate Maloley
Twitter Fight


Derek Luh
Are you okay?
We’re Keeping The Baby

Jack Gilinsky 
Sammy’s Girl


Kian Lawley/Jack Gilinsky Fanfic (All Parts)
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New Years

Don’t lie to me



one rule

back off

first holiday


Hate / part II // part III

Late Night Fights



Holidays at Home

Hurtful words and Broken plates

Not your toy


leave me alone please

shut up and…

bubble bath


the three best friends

public disturbance




Nudes feat. feelings / part II

we fight, we makeup

clothes off, now

fuck, i love you

have you been drinking again

she’s mine

stuck with you

mine and only mine

shut up and…

love you

unwanted company

everything reminds me of you

friends & feels

the waitress

started with a goodnight kiss


The Jacket / part II

best friends

back off

empty bed / part II


unspoken feelings

the three best friends

brothers best friend

Derek (my mf daddy)

its luh, bitch

tease / part II

that grin

is everything okay

someone else / part II

mami & daddy

unwanted company

mine again

a good feeling


6 months / part II - Beau Brooks/Nash Grier

ex-girlfriend - Jai Brooks

which one - KDL

crush - Ben Wilkinson

double date - Jai Brooks

from the club, to the car, to the crib, to the bed - deejay rupp


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